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Suck It, Health Reform Opponents! Concrete Proof Big Government Can Work! And It Comes From One Of Your Own!

2 Sep

There are few thinking people that won’t cop to the fact that the health care system in this country has some big problems.  Costs keep going up.  Many are uninsured and our outcomes keep getting worse.

I know we Americans love to think of ourselves as number one.  And in many areas, we are.  The cold hard truth is that in health care we can’t make that claim.  Yes, we’ve got some of the best doctors in the world, but despite that we still come up short in many categories.

By now, we’ve all heard the panic about the government taking over health care.  On top of that, we’ve been told/brainwashed for the last three decades by conservatives that government can never EVER work.  This, despite the fact that conservatives have often been in power at the head of our government during the last three decades.  Talk about a hypocritcal message!

When Barack Obama started pressing for health care reform, it looked like it might come about easier than expected.  That, of course, was never to be the case.  Conservatives are back to their usual scare tactics and Americans seemingly spent the summer falling for them.

Only, it turns out that, they’re wrong.  Not only are they off the mark, but it’s a conservative president’s actions that prove conservative dogma wrong-headed.  Government intervention can work and is sometimes in fact needed.

When George W. Bush started bailing out banks left and right this past fall, he had many critics.  Bush was going against the conservative ideals he’s preached and actually used the government in a very activist way to try and save our financial system.  (Snarky aside – after all, for conservatives the health of our banks is way more important than our population’s health)

Many questioned whether the US tax payer would ever see the money handed over to banks again.

Yesterday, came news that to date the bank bailouts have netted about 4 BILLION DOLLARS profit so far.  Something like eight truly big banks have totally repaid their bailouts and another 14 or so smaller banks have too, which adds another 35 MILLION DOLLARS in profits for you and me to the previously mentioned 4 BILLION DOLLARS.  Not a bad return for Joe & Jane Taxpayer and all while suring up our financial system.

Don’t believe me?  Here’s a link to a newspaper article with all the details:

Here’s the point.,. Don’t believe that government intervention is never warranted or can never work.  After all, the government won World War II, put a man on the Moon, has kept social security a float for years, and on and on. 

Yes, the government also has the ability to squander ga-gillions.  87 Dollar hammer anyone??  And please!  Keep Senator Byrd away from any chance to name yet another building in West Virginia after himself…

But, Summer is ending.  It’s take to wake up and really think through the issues related to health care.  I’m not sure what all the solutions are.  I do think there may be places where the private sector can do it better than the government.

But, there’s no debating that MILLIONS of people are uninsured.  And those of us who are lucky enough to have insurance are more worried about losing that than even losing our jobs.

We can no longer fall easy prey to scare tactics.  Americans can do anything, including reform health care.

This is the moment.  For all our common good, don’t be fooled by the very same people who opposed social security.  Can you imagine America without social security today?

If we think this through together, if we don’t fall victim to scare tactics, someday our children will feel the same way about universal health care.

First President Bush Shocks Everyone With Latest Stunt!

11 Jun

President Bush The First has been know to surprise people with stunts like skydiving and other feats not usually accomplished by men his age.  But, I have to admit I didn’t see this one coming.

TMZ caught him getting a lap dance.  Ok, it was an actress in a bikini sitting on his lap, but still it’s surprising for Poppa Bush.

George H.W. Bush

Guessing this would have been less surprising had the former president in question been that guy married to Hillary…

President Bush Hasn’t Lost His Fastball! Video Proof!

8 Apr

George W hasn’t lost his fastball.   In fact, he might have improved it!

Want proof?

Here’s the former president back in ’92 throwing at a Texas Rangers practice:

And here’s Bush just the other day throwing out the first pitch for the Rangers’ opener:

I guess Texans will cheer wildly at anything…

President Bush Ducks A Shoe!

15 Dec

First of all, I’m no fan of the current president, but I am thankful that it was only a shoe that was thrown at him in Iraq.

What a way to go out of office, huh?  Guess the shoe thrower couldn’t take anymore of Bush re-defining his legacy by telling lies about it.  Wall Street probelms?  Wasn’t Bush’s fault, according to him they started ten years ago when coincidentally he wasn’t in office.  Convenient.

Oh, and Iraq.  Not his fault either.  He’s now telling us that his one big regret while in office is that he wishes the weapons of mass destruction intel wasn’t more accurate.  This after years of telling us that it was correct, even when it was proven that it wasn’t.  I guess he figures if you repeat lies often enough they become true.  And really why would I expect him to change a strategy that’s worked out so well for him?

That all said, I guess I should look at the positives.  Bush is exiting the White House soon and from this video it’s clear he’s still got all his moves left in tact.   Nice ducking, Mr. President.  And I mean it.

Also, I do give George W.  a heck of a lot of credit for staying pretty calm while the shoe attack was unfolding.  I will be completely honest that had I been in his shoes (pardon the hideous pun), I would have ducked under the lectern crying like a baby “please don’t hurt me, please don’t hurt me, somebody DOOOOOOO something”.

And none of us want to see a U.S. President doing that!

So This Is How John Ashcroft Sleeps At Night!

13 Dec

Take a look and listen in horror as John Ashcroft rationalizes his role in one of the darkest chapters in American history.

Ashcrost, who you may recall served as Attorney General during the first term of our current lame duck president, displays an almost complete ignorance of what America is supposed to stand for.  Ladies and gentlemen, this was the guy charged with above all enforcing the law of the land.

Mr. Ashcroft compares the detaining of millions of German military officers in WWII to the current disappearing of terror suspects.  His argument is based on practicality.  But, the former Attorney General fails to realize that his analogy is utterly misguided.

No one has a problem with America detaining her battlefield enemies during an actual war.  There is a problem with the detainment of people for years without any actual charges in this never to end “war against terror”.  And it should keep you and the former AG up at night.

Many of the detainees probably aren’t good guys.  I realize that.  However, how can we hold these people indefinitely without charges and without any true public record of who or where they are?  And you wonder why America’s rep has suffered under President Bush?  What would we say if the Russians were the ones doing this?

The American system has certainly never faced this kind of challenge before, but we need to have confidence that the American system and what America stands for can rise to this challenge.  It’s been long enough.  It’s time to figure out a system for trying and punishing the guilty detainees.  And for letting those found not guilty or dangerous to go back to their lives.

If you don’t worry about our government doing this today with foreign enemies, maybe someday the government will decide the “war on terror” merits doling out the same treatment to those it views as its domestic enemies.  On that day, let’s hope they don’t come calling for you.

Mostly, you would think an accomplished man like John Ashcroft realizes the conflict between America’s ideals and the indefinite detentions he has sanctioned.  After all, Ashcroft has not only been the AG, but he’s been a governor and senator.  Ok, he’s from Missouri, but still….  you’d think he’d know better.

And perhaps he does.  Maybe these kinds of rationalizations allow him to sleep at night.  History, however, doesn’t sleep and it will not judge him kindly.

Bush & Streisand Kiss! Worlds Collide!

9 Dec

Don’t think you would have seen this happen prior to election day.

Lame ducks are so cute…

Face The Facts! The World Loves President Bush! (Video proof)!

26 Nov

Wow!  This piece of video goes a long way towards illustrating how the current administration & America is viewed by the rest of the world.  I realize that America must go it alone at times when pursuing our self interest.  But, the plain fact is even the mightiest nation on the planet (and its president) needs some friends to get things done.  Think our current president has figured that out yet?

PS – to the regular readers, my apologies for rarely posting over the last few weeks.  I wish I could say it was a result of drunken partying during an extended celebration of Barack Obama’s victory, but I can not.  Truth is that work has been really busy.  And as much as I love this blog, Daddy’s got bills to pay…

I’m sure you can relate and hope you will return now that I’ve got some time back to dedicate to Full Contact Sports, Politics & Nonsense!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

OBAMA WINS! Why We Are Safer Tonight, How I Was Right & Other Observations!

5 Nov

Like the true political junkie I am, I spent the entire night watching the results come in by channel surfing the broadcast & cable news outlets and checking my Blackberry for online updates during commercial breaks. 

Maybe I just drank the Kool-aid, but what a great night for America.  I am proud of both candidates tonight.  I am proud of my fellow Americans tonight.  Turnout levels were high and old myths have been shattered.  I’m glad the guy I voted for won, but I’m more glad that I live in a nation like America where we can peacefully chose our leaders.  And i’m glad the outcome was decisive and pray it will help us move on together as a nation.

Months and months ago, I wrote on this blog that America was ready for a woman or an African American to be president.  I heard many women and African Americans say that was not the case.  My point was that it had to be the right woman or African American.  I went on record saying that Hillary Clinton was not the right woman.  I left the door open to Barack Obama’s becoming the first African American President.  Tonight, I’m so happy to say to America “I TOLD YOU SO…”

Now a few observations from all my TV watching & Blackberry checking:

America IS safer tonight.  Sarah Palin is not a heartbeat away.  Yes, technically, Barack Obama doesn’t have her executive experience in government, although he did spend the last two years running the most complex and successful political campaign in history.  But, whether that counts or not, I think what is obvious to most fair minded individuals is that Sarah Palin is not up to leading this country.  A few weeks of cram session simply didn’t get her sufficiently prepped.  And to be fair to her, a few weeks of prep was never going to be enough.  Barack Obama has intensively prepared for this moment.  He may or may not become an effective president, but I completely believe we are better off with him leading us than having a 72 year old John McCain lead us with Sarah Palin as his emergency replacement.  Imagine THAT 3AM call?  I don’t want to.  And now America doesn’t have to.

More on Sarah Palin.  In his concession speech, Senator McCain hailed his running mate’s future in American politics and as a leader in his party.  Here’s the truth.  She has crested.  This is as far as she will ever rise and now she’s done.  It was nice of McCain to say, but the truth is that Palin dragged him only down.  While she initially energized the base, it quickly became obvious that she was oblivious and turned off Clinton supporters, independents and other non-committed voters in drove.  But that’s not the only reason I say she is done.  Palin has cold hard history against her.  Almost no person in her expensive shoes (a losing VP candidate on a non-incumbent campaign ticket) has ever come back to capture the White House or for that matter the top spot on their party’s ticket.  Want proof?  Take a look at people like John Edwards, Sargeant Shriver, Lloyd Benson, etc.  If you’re asking “who’s that” then you get my point.  Bye bye Sarah…

On CNN, commentator Bill Bennett made the point that he doesn’t think this election means that America has shifted from center-right to center-left.  He’s still clinging to the idea that America is center-right. Give Bennett this much, he’s right it’s not this election.  It’s actually the last two elections that have shown us that America is shifting politically.  In these last two elections, the GOP has lost a ton of seats in both house of Congress and now the presidency.  What more proof does Bennett need??

That all said, let’s talk about the center.  My firm hope is that President-Elect Obama keeps the emphasis on the center.  Yes, he’ll have the power to rule from the center-left.  I hope he will have the wisdom not to.  The best thing Obama can do is keep his campaign pledge of trying to unite this country together.  As Obama has said, I truly believe that we have much more in common than the things that divide us.  It’s too important a time in our history not to focus on working together and getting things done.  Let’s hope Obama backs up his words.  From his stirring speech tonight, I for one am feeling hopeful.

So happy to write this.  GOODBYE Joe the plumber.  Your 15 minutes is officially at 15:01. 

I like John McCain again tonight.  His concession speech was class all the way.  This is the John McCain so many of us admire.  Sadly, he seemed to lose his way a bit during the campaign and attacked his opponent in personal ways not to be admired while often stretching the truth beyond its breaking point.  Yet, McCain may have saved his soul and the soul of the GOP in the bargain.  McCain resisted the temptation to play the race card in a major way.  His decision to not bring Reverend Wright back into the campaign debate will be questioned by pundits for a long time.  But, it seems to me that McCain simply was uncomfortable going there because in addition to being old news, it risked a major backfire.  McCain put country first by not inflaming racial tensions needlessly and setting back the GOP in the process.  Clearly the demographics of our nation have changed and along with it racial attitudes.  If the Republican Party is to continue to compete, it will have to widen its base beyond the wealthy and the Joe The Plumber (semi-angry white guy) types.  McCain saw that clearly.

Speaking of race.  What an important night.  Perhaps now African Americans and other minorities believe the American Dream is truly possible for everyone.  Perhaps it’s chrystal clear now that not all or perhaps even most whites are racists.  What a chance for our country to heal and come together.  I have never been the hugest Jesse Jackson fan, but I have to admit seeing him on TV in the Obama crowd with a tear rolling down his cheek was moving sight.

Finally, one last note and it’s a Bush bash.  Watching Barack Obama speak it was so refreshing to hear the future leader of our nation demonstrate his understanding of what America truly stands for.  Both here and across the world, America’s greatest gift to this planet has been her ideals.  During his eight years, the current president has often failed to demonstrate a deep understanding of America’s ideals and focused more on rigid political agendas.  Finally, we will again have a president who gets the big picture.

Ok, I lied, here’s the final point.  Not sure if it was this campaign or the Wall Street mess, but I’m thrilled that Americans are coming around to the idea that government is not always the problem.  Reagan sold on us that false idea.  Yes, the government can mess things up.  YOu only need to take a look at the current administration to see that.  And no, I don’t want higher taxes.  What I do want is a government that gives a damn about all its people.  What I do want is a government that plays a role where needed rather than starting needless wars.  Here’s hoping that’s what we got tonight.

May God Bless America and all of us.  And please allow Senators Obama & McCain some much needed rest.  They’ve both earned it.

Breaking News! Turns Out Economy Is Not Cyclical!! It’s Just Shaq-tastic!

18 Oct

When talking to my many Republican leaning friends and acquaintances over the years, I’ve often heard about all the good Ronald Reagan (may he rest in peace) did for the U.S. economy.  When I inevitably bring up Bill Clinton’s economic record to these same friends, I usually get dismissed very quickly.  It’s typically with something along the lines of “everyone knows the economy is cyclical.”  Then when further pressed, these same Reagan fans will go to statements like “the president has nothing to do with the economy”.

And that’s when they’re in my trap.

I usually bust out something like, “OK, so if the president has nothing to do with the economy than how can you give credit to Reagan for America’s boom in the ’80s?”.  Most of the time, there’s some hemming and hawing, but pretty quickly most Republicans throw Reagan under a bus and chose to defend the position that the economy is cyclical.  Among my Republican pals, this belief is more closely held than even the esteem in which President Reagan is held.

So, for a lot of people, “the economy is cyclical”.  Free markets are the key to everyone’s prosperity goes the thinking.  Suddenly though, a lot of these GOP types are re-thinking.  Re-thinking to the tune of billions and billions of dollars.

President Bush and his cronies as well as the Democrats in government are doing an awful lot to try to right the economic situation.  Are they doing the right things?  Darned if I know.  Like John McCain, the economy isn’t my bag, man.

That said, I think that for those people who believe the economy is simply cyclical this has to be a wake up call.  The reality is that our markets never were and will never be 100% free markets.  Government has a role to play.

It’s like a playoff game in the NBA or NHL or any sport.  You want the refs to let the guys play the game.  You don’t want the championship to be decided on some tippy tap lame as@ foul call.  On the flip side, you don’t want to let the game degenerate where someone like let’s say Shaq can just run over people at will with no risk of a foul being called.  That’s not fair either.

So, it’s a fine line for sports’ refs.  And it’s a finer line for the government.  The government should have a role in the free markets that we Americans hold dear.  The government, like an NBA ref, needs to make sure to let business do what businesses need to do in order to succeed.  But, like not letting Shaq steamroll his way to an NBA championship, the government needs to curb the excesses of the companies that choose to undermine the free markets America provides by cheating their way to success.

The government needs to be involved, which means the president needs to be involved.  It’s even better when he or she actually understands the issues related to the economy.  Ultimately, it does matter who’s president.

Americans have found that out the hard way recently.  Eight years of bad Bush policies along with plenty of blame to go around to the Democrats in Congress, have helped us get into this financial mess our nation is currently in.

Suddenly, President Bush has discovered that he matters when it comes to the economy and it’s not ALL just about cyclical turns in the almighty free markets.  He’s got a job to do and he seems to be trying to do his best at it.

I don’t know whether to be happy or scared…

BFD!! So What If John McCain Can’t Remember How Many Houses He Owns?

22 Aug

I  know I’m late to the parade on this story, blame my full time job.  But what’s the big deal that John McCain isn’t sure how many houses he owns?

I myself often have trouble remembering if it’s one or zero.  When asked, I usually have to pull out my checkbook and see who I made the check out to.  Is it a bank or a private individual?  A bank is usually the answer.  Hmmmm….  Guess that makes it likely I’m paying a mortgage rather than rent.  But, you never really know.  See?  That’s pretty tough to remember while balancing your pesky job, your relationship with your bride and trying to be a fully involved Dad.  I’m not complaining.  I love my life but it just gets tough remembering little details like how many houses I own.

That said and despite my kinship with John McCain on the dilemma of remembering your property portfolio in exacting detail, clearly his not knowing hurt him this week.  The Obama campaign has properly seized on it to try to break up some of McCain’s recent momentum.

It was inarguably a gaffe.  But in the bigger picture, what’s the big deal?

In American politics today, we are always going to be left with the choice of choosing between a rich and a richer guy or gal.  I don’t think it’s right but that’s the system we’ve got.  I don’t think it’s possible for someone who isn’t already wealthy or at least very well off to make a serious run at the presidency.  It’s likely been that way since the founding of our nation over two million years ago (kidding, I realize we’ve only been around for 1,012 years).

The shame of it is that the rich guy requirement has spread to lower levels of government increasingly.  Do you think it’s any coincidence that the respective governors of California and New Jersey are multi-millionaires who could easily afford to self-fiance their campaigns?  Try running against that from a campaign based out of your middle class living room!

More and more, we’ve see rich guys going into public service.  And when they get there, who do they service?  Their friends and themselves.  Maybe that’s the reason that the average American income hasn’t increased since the 70s.  Since the ’70s!!  And maybe that’s the reason there’s a well documented and on going increase in the gap between the rich and the rest of us.

President Bush addresses his base by referring to them as the “haves and have-mores”.  It always gets a laugh, but the joke’s on us.  He’s not kidding…

Where’s the outrage? 

Whatever, it’s the end of the summer and I’m not going to let a bunch of rich guys ruin it for me.  I’m going to go relax my populist as# in a fat lounge chair in the living room of the house or houses I own.