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Why Nuclear Weapons Prove Obama Is A Faithful Husband!

6 Apr

I’ll give the president this.  He does NOT like to take the easy way out. 

Case in point, today I read that he’s revamping US nuclear weapons strategy to make it less vague.  He’s going to move the US towards a policy of a more narrow use of nuclear weapons. 

According to this NY Times article online at MSNBC:


the president even has the US not using nuclear weapons in the case of certain biological attacks.

Now I’m no blood-loving hawk and I generally think the less we rely on nukes the better.  On the other hand, I’m not some hippy dippie tree hugger who doesn’t believe that we in fact have some enemies that look to hurt us.  9/11 taught us that much.

Mostly, I’m no expert on nuclear weapons as effective deterrents, but I kind of liked a vagueness to our policy.  Sure, it’s not the perfect moral policy. But, I do think it helps to keep our enemies a little unsure of what our exact policy is.  Why spell out when we wouldn’t use nukes?  Isn’t that just asking for trouble?

For all any of us know, this may in fact be the right policy decision.  I for, one, was none to comfortable with the last adminstration’s attitude of shooting first and asking questions later. 

But, if I’m asking questions then I can only begin to imagine what mileage the talk radio right will be getting out of this.

President Obama’s decision on nuclear policy is debatable.  What’s not debatable is that short-term it’s awful politics.  It plays right into the hands of the stereotypes the right-wing media loves to dole out. 

It wasn’t the easy road.  That would have been doing 800 other smaller and non-controversial things.  In the president’s mind though, I’m guessing it was the right road.

And so here’s the point.   Long wait!  I know. 

But, if this president is so willing to take on the tough tasks, not take the easy way out, and stay committed to doing what’s right, than I’ve got one last guess about him. 

This is probably a man who is faithful to his wife. 

Either that or he’s addicted to taking huge risks.   Wait, that would be another of my favorite presidents, Bill Clinton.

Maybe Democrats Aren’t Stupid After All!

22 Mar

With tonight’s historic votes, Democrats may have finally pushed healthcare reform across. In the process, they might have also proven that they’re not completely stupid after all.

On this blog, I’ve argued that Democrats had no choice but to vote yes and get healthcare reform done.  After all, this November they’ll be facing Republicans reminding all of America about the Democrats’ push for healthcare win or lose.

The fact is that history is written by the winners.  So, as I see it Democrats had a choice, they could either run in November as the majority party who failed to pass healthcare reform, which the Republicans would have spun as a failure to impose socialism or worse on America thanks to the kindly GOP.

OR… They could go into November’s elections as the majority party who actually got something done.  Sure, half the country is pissed right now.  But, that won’t last.  Already on the local news, I saw a woman interviewed on the street who opposed healthcare reform but now that it passed said “she hoped it would be good for the country.”  That sentiment will be more and more the case as time goes by.

What people are REALLY mad at is incumbents on both sides who seem to be less and less able to get anything of real substance done.  Well, wake up America.  The Democrats just got substantial.  They’ll now go to the polls as the party that opened up health care to 30 million people AND got rid of the whole “pre-existing conditions” thing.   Not too shabby.

So, yes, there will still be people angry about this so-called “power grab” and expansion of government intrusion into our lives come November.  My guess is that that group is the fringe.  A very very large fringe, but a fringe none the less.  And remember, you don’t have to win elections by anything more than one vote. 

Now, the president needs to focus even more on jobs and the economy.  Then, the Democrats can claim true momentum come  November.

And the GOP?  Oh yeah, they’re the ones who are fine with the government requiring us to buy auto insurance, but feel that requiring that everyone has health care coverage is a nake power grab.  Nevermind that that naked power grab just opened up health care to millions and made it illegal for your insurance company to deny you coverage due to “pre-existing conditions” also known as “you might cost us too much money so we’d rather than you die as soon as possible”.

I think we’ll be talking more about that fractured logic come November.

Hey Idiot Democrats! Don’t Let Abortion Kill Health Care For All!

6 Mar

I believe that abortion should be legal.  I also believe everyone should have access to decent health care.   But now, there are some abortion rights supporters in the House of Representatives who are willing to see health care reform go down the tubes if the reform legislation bans federal dollars from paying for abortions.  Not making it illegal just not paying for it, mind you.

These are people who are willing to keep 30 or so million people shut out of access to healthcare unless it covers abortions.

Is abortion really the issue to get stuck on?

As I said, I believe in the right of a woman to abort her pregnancy and don’t want to see women have to resort to back alley abortionists.  But, honestly why should 30 million people suffer if the federal government isn’t willing to cover what was ultimately a personal mistake made by two people that they after the fact want to undo.

I’m not judging here.  Mistakes happen.  I get it and I’m no saint.  But, for the 30 million not covered by health insurance right now, the mistake isn’t theirs so much as a function of our broken health care system and values.

What we’ve lost both between our two major parties and EVEN WORSE within each party itself, is the art of compromise.  This will never be a perfect bill.  No one is going to be 100% happy with it.  That’s just the fact if it stands any chance of being passed.

So, for the idiot House Democrats threatening to vote no over abortion coverage I suggest this or a lobotomy. 

Why not pass the bill which benefits all of us ultimately by giving 30 million access and getting rid of pre-existing condition bans now and continue the debate of abortion coverage after health care reform is enacted? 

After all, something is better than nothing here and it’s always easier to tweak something once it’s law than starting all over.  Anyone for another year of health care debate?  Nah?  Didn’t think so.

A lot of Democrats are nervous about their election prospects in November should health care reform become law.  The political truth is that it’s a lot easier to go before the voters as a winner versus a “politician who tried to engineer a government takeover of healthcare but lost“, which will be the Republican spin.

If on the other hand Democrats go to the polls as winners in the health care battle, the Republicans will have to take a moment to explain how they fought against eliminating pre-existing condition bans.   Good luck on that one, GOP!

When Barak Obama was elected he talked a lot about bringing people together.   We assumed he was talking about Democrats & Republicans. 

The reality now is that he must unite Democrats.  He must turn them into winner even if the victory isn’t perfect.  And even the ones who are idiots and are willing to squander the opportunity to achieve something of historic benefit in the name of a objections based on a narrow interest group.

Let common sense  and compromise prevail!

Republican Senator’s Best Defense Again Sotomayer? Ethnic Humor!

16 Jul

Ok, you’re a Republican Senator from Oklahoma.  You know Sonia Sotomayer is going to get confirmed for the Supreme Court, but you’ve got some questions to ask first.

What’s the best approach to get the answers you need?? 

Why, of course, it’s ethnic humor!  Nothing like dropping in a Ricky Riccardo  reference while you’re grilling the likely first Hispanic Justice.

Personally, I don’t think this is the hugest deal in the world.  I’ve actually used the phrase Senator Coburn used “you’ve got some ‘splaining to do” myself to try to get a laugh.  I think it even worked, once.

Just never during Supreme Court Nomination hearings.

What GM Proves About Our Government That The GOP Doesn’t Want You To Know!

11 Jul

General Motors exited bankruptcy on Friday in just about 40 days.  That’s about two days less than it took the much small Chrysler to get out of bankruptcy.  Leaving aside whether government intervention was the right answer or not, getting both companies out of chapter 11 so quickly is amazing.

What certain Republicans would have you believe is not necessarily true.  Government can work and it can move quickly.  Granted, it doesn’t happen every time out, but GM proves that the system can work well.

Let’s keep that in mind as the health care debate continues.

Congress Yucks It Up While Wasting Our Time & Money! Proof!

24 May

Republicans in the House recently tried a stalling tactic that the Democrats got around by hiring a speed reader.   In the end, everyone had a bi-partisan laugh riot.  And the American people have the proof that both parties aren’t working hard enough to get us back on track…

Republicans Still Foxy After All! In Shocker They Pause Spending Bill!

7 Mar

Let’s put it out there.  I think a lot of what the GOP has done since the election of our new president is wrongheaded.  They have seemed tone deaf and in denial about the desire for change the election signaled.  I get that they were shut out of drafting the stimulus legislation in the House, but giving only 3 GOP votes on the stimulus bill strikes me as self-defeating.  When our economic nightmare is over, people will remember who was helping and who was playing politics. 

For the GOP there will be a price to pay at the polls.

So it struck me as quite a shock to find out the GOP is still foxy after all.

This morning I read how the Republicans had stopped a $400 billion spending bill pregnant with 8,000 earmarks in its tracks.  I had recently written that Obama was making a mistake not challenging all the earmarks in this bill and that the representatives involved should be ashamed.  How, at this time of crisis, do we let business as usual play out to the tunes of several billion dollars of unnecessary spending I asked. 

I guess the GOP was asking for the same question.  At this point, they’ve stalled the legislation.  Good for them and maybe us.   Stopping earmarks now has to be a winning political issue and if we can chisel out a few billion of waste from the $400 billion in spending than perhaps we can put it to better use or at least into my bank account (that last part is a joke for those of you from the IRS…)

Anyway, the president is pretty foxy too or slick as I also recently wrote.  He’s a bright guy.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see him turn around on this bill and join the Republicans fighting against that bill.

That’d be bipartisan after all….