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Breaking News! Turns Out Economy Is Not Cyclical!! It’s Just Shaq-tastic!

18 Oct

When talking to my many Republican leaning friends and acquaintances over the years, I’ve often heard about all the good Ronald Reagan (may he rest in peace) did for the U.S. economy.  When I inevitably bring up Bill Clinton’s economic record to these same friends, I usually get dismissed very quickly.  It’s typically with something along the lines of “everyone knows the economy is cyclical.”  Then when further pressed, these same Reagan fans will go to statements like “the president has nothing to do with the economy”.

And that’s when they’re in my trap.

I usually bust out something like, “OK, so if the president has nothing to do with the economy than how can you give credit to Reagan for America’s boom in the ’80s?”.  Most of the time, there’s some hemming and hawing, but pretty quickly most Republicans throw Reagan under a bus and chose to defend the position that the economy is cyclical.  Among my Republican pals, this belief is more closely held than even the esteem in which President Reagan is held.

So, for a lot of people, “the economy is cyclical”.  Free markets are the key to everyone’s prosperity goes the thinking.  Suddenly though, a lot of these GOP types are re-thinking.  Re-thinking to the tune of billions and billions of dollars.

President Bush and his cronies as well as the Democrats in government are doing an awful lot to try to right the economic situation.  Are they doing the right things?  Darned if I know.  Like John McCain, the economy isn’t my bag, man.

That said, I think that for those people who believe the economy is simply cyclical this has to be a wake up call.  The reality is that our markets never were and will never be 100% free markets.  Government has a role to play.

It’s like a playoff game in the NBA or NHL or any sport.  You want the refs to let the guys play the game.  You don’t want the championship to be decided on some tippy tap lame as@ foul call.  On the flip side, you don’t want to let the game degenerate where someone like let’s say Shaq can just run over people at will with no risk of a foul being called.  That’s not fair either.

So, it’s a fine line for sports’ refs.  And it’s a finer line for the government.  The government should have a role in the free markets that we Americans hold dear.  The government, like an NBA ref, needs to make sure to let business do what businesses need to do in order to succeed.  But, like not letting Shaq steamroll his way to an NBA championship, the government needs to curb the excesses of the companies that choose to undermine the free markets America provides by cheating their way to success.

The government needs to be involved, which means the president needs to be involved.  It’s even better when he or she actually understands the issues related to the economy.  Ultimately, it does matter who’s president.

Americans have found that out the hard way recently.  Eight years of bad Bush policies along with plenty of blame to go around to the Democrats in Congress, have helped us get into this financial mess our nation is currently in.

Suddenly, President Bush has discovered that he matters when it comes to the economy and it’s not ALL just about cyclical turns in the almighty free markets.  He’s got a job to do and he seems to be trying to do his best at it.

I don’t know whether to be happy or scared…

Will This Horrible Sportscaster Be Our Next VP?! (Palin Video!) DON’T CLICK HERE – VIDEO HAS BEEN PULLED!

3 Sep

Here’s John McCain’s VP candidate back in her sportscasting days.  Gotta love the 80s!

Let’s hope she’s better at the VP thing…

In fairness, many Americans (myself not included) think Ronald Reagan was a terrific president and he was a terrible actor.

The Dick Cheney Comedy Tour Rolls On!!!

3 Jun

As you might of heard, Dick Cheney recently insulted the “great state” of West Virginia and its proud people.  When going over his family history he noted that there were Cheney’s on both sides of the family tree.  He then cracked “So, I had Cheneys on both sides of the family – and we don’t even live in West Virginia!”

After the laughter subsided, Cheney explained you can make that kind of joke when you’re not running for re-election.  Being the PC culture that we’ve become, of course, Cheney was forced to apologize soon after his remarks got out.  Apparently, there are some people who can read in West Virginia after all! (Wait, I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to offend.  See? Now I’m doing it!)

Having spent a lot of my life in places that serve as comic punchlines, maybe I’ve built up a thick skin, but I thought Cheney was actually got off a funny line.  Sure, it was a kind of hacky predictable humor, but you don’t expect your politicians to be Richard Pryor, George Carlin or Robin Williams.  The best you can hope for is that the guy once starred in a movie with a monkey (may Ronald Reagan rest in peace).

Anyhoo, it got me thinking.  Cheney deserves a lot more credit for his comedy than he’s ever been given by we fellow Americans.  Sure, there was the whole shooting the guy while hunting thing.  That got a lot of attention.  But, there have been so many other priceless moments that didn’t get their just due.

So, let’s right that wrong.  Without further rambling, here are two of Cheney’s best!

In this first clip, you’ll notice that Chaney has clearly been influenced in his comedy by how Harvey Korman (may he rest in peace too – now we know Heaven is a funnier place) used to let himself crack up as Tim Conway played opposite him.  Like Korman, Cheney is secure enough to be vulnerable and acknowledge his partner’s comic genius.  In this scene, President Bush during a State of the Union address breaks up Cheney while talking about how their oil man administration is gonna reduce the nation’s dependence on, yup, you guessed it! Oil…  Enjoy!  It’s wacky stuff!

Now, in this second clip the comedy is a bit more sophisticated.  This one is all about the irony.  See how comic mastermind Cheney takes a position in 1994 which turned out to be historically correct, yet which he actually went against when it came time to decide whether to go forward with the War in Iraq.  Genius!  It’s almost like he was Punking us in 1994!


A Dream Ticket!?

3 Apr

Barack Obama let it slip recently.  For those of you still dreaming, their is hope of a dream ticket after all!  Only it won’t be Obama-Clinton.It may be Obama-Gore.

Yes, you remember Al Gore.  When last you saw him he was claiming an Oscar or a Nobel Peace Prize or maybe the number one song on the dance charts.  Whatever your last memory of Al Gore, there’s no doubt the man is a rock star.

After not losing to our current president in 2000, Gore’s gracious decision to step aside following the Supreme Court’s ruling began the transformation of Al Gore.  Since 2000, he’s made himself a lot of money, won a lot of praise and awards, and gained a respect from the general populace that he’d never had during his politician days.

Barack Obama, being a rock star in his own right, hinted that Gore could be a potential running mate.  The combination would make sense for so many reasons.  They’d have star power.  They are from different parts of the nation.  They would appeal to different voters. 

Then, there’s the experience question…

Worried about Obama getting that 3AM phone call on day 17 of his presidency?  With Al Gore on hand, there’d be nothing to fear.  Obama would have a strong bench coach to get council from.  Kind of like Torre and Zimmer during the dreaded Yankee Dynasty of the mid-Nineties.

Would Al Gore do it?  Probably not.  What’s he got to gain from it?  Nothing, unless Obama gives him “super” VP powers.

I remember when Reagan was looking for a running mate that there was flirtation with the idea of bringing former President Gerald Ford on in a kind of super VP role. 

It was intriguing then and it’s intriguing now.  Some day such an arrangement will happen.  Perhaps, sooner than we think, if the Democratic Nominating process gets really ugly this summer. 

A Dream Ticket may be the Democrats only chance of defeating John McCain this November.