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Obama Learns A Lesson! Never Say You’re A Fan Unless You Actually Can Name A Player On Your Favorite Team!

8 Apr

I love this video.  You get at least three things out of it.  First, the president may prove to be a better president than his predecessor, but clearly he’s NOT the better pitcher.

Second, President Obama learns a key lesson.  If you’re going to represent yourself as a “southside kid” and a Chicago White Sox fan, good to have your staff brief you on some names of actually Sox players first!

Finally, I like the president, but this video proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that he’s in fact a politician.  Look no further than him wearing a Nationals jacket, but putting on a White Sox hat.  You know, the team that’s his favorite, but he can’t remember any players…   Typical politician, trying to have it both ways.

President Bush Hasn’t Lost His Fastball! Video Proof!

8 Apr

George W hasn’t lost his fastball.   In fact, he might have improved it!

Want proof?

Here’s the former president back in ’92 throwing at a Texas Rangers practice:

And here’s Bush just the other day throwing out the first pitch for the Rangers’ opener:

I guess Texans will cheer wildly at anything…