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Why Nuclear Weapons Prove Obama Is A Faithful Husband!

6 Apr

I’ll give the president this.  He does NOT like to take the easy way out. 

Case in point, today I read that he’s revamping US nuclear weapons strategy to make it less vague.  He’s going to move the US towards a policy of a more narrow use of nuclear weapons. 

According to this NY Times article online at MSNBC:


the president even has the US not using nuclear weapons in the case of certain biological attacks.

Now I’m no blood-loving hawk and I generally think the less we rely on nukes the better.  On the other hand, I’m not some hippy dippie tree hugger who doesn’t believe that we in fact have some enemies that look to hurt us.  9/11 taught us that much.

Mostly, I’m no expert on nuclear weapons as effective deterrents, but I kind of liked a vagueness to our policy.  Sure, it’s not the perfect moral policy. But, I do think it helps to keep our enemies a little unsure of what our exact policy is.  Why spell out when we wouldn’t use nukes?  Isn’t that just asking for trouble?

For all any of us know, this may in fact be the right policy decision.  I for, one, was none to comfortable with the last adminstration’s attitude of shooting first and asking questions later. 

But, if I’m asking questions then I can only begin to imagine what mileage the talk radio right will be getting out of this.

President Obama’s decision on nuclear policy is debatable.  What’s not debatable is that short-term it’s awful politics.  It plays right into the hands of the stereotypes the right-wing media loves to dole out. 

It wasn’t the easy road.  That would have been doing 800 other smaller and non-controversial things.  In the president’s mind though, I’m guessing it was the right road.

And so here’s the point.   Long wait!  I know. 

But, if this president is so willing to take on the tough tasks, not take the easy way out, and stay committed to doing what’s right, than I’ve got one last guess about him. 

This is probably a man who is faithful to his wife. 

Either that or he’s addicted to taking huge risks.   Wait, that would be another of my favorite presidents, Bill Clinton.

Damn You, Geno Auriemma! My Terrifying Commute From Hell!

10 Mar

This morning I left for work never realizing I’d soon be in hell….

For ten minutes straight the two sports talk stations in town (ESPN & The Fan) were talking Connecticut woman’s basketball at exactly the same time.  Seriously ten minutes.  How is that even possible?  And it was timed perfectly so I was stuck in traffic to boot.

Damn you, Geno Auriemma!

There’s only so much time in my life and I already spend too much of it on sports.  There’s no way I’m getting interested in women’s college basketball.

There are two exceptions to this.  Either, A, my daughter will go on to play college basketball, in which case I will become the game’s biggest fan.  (PS – I see her as a heady point guard, tougher than she looks, usually more concerned about getting her teammates involved, but not afraid to take the big shot)

Or, B, I’m offered a head coaching job at a division one woman’s basketball program.  Two words on that.  Not. Likely.

Update! Why Colin Cowherd Is A Genius!

23 Dec

Colin Cowherd of ESPN is a genius.  Why do a say this?

Because I am a genius.  At certain things anyway.  And geniuses think alike.

I posted this morning that I couldn’t believe how exited Yankee fans and New York sports talk show hosts (who should know better) were over the recent Yankee trade that brought the Yankees the mediocrity that is Javier Vazquez.

It’s not that it wasn’t a good trade.  It’s just that everyone seemed to be reacting like it was the biggest deal ever and ignoring the hard truth that pitching in the AL is way tougher than pitching in the NL like Vazquez did last year when he had his career year.  (Sorry for the super long sentence)

I noted in my morning post that none of the so-called experts had bothered to temper their callers excitement by suggesting that Vazquez might not be an ace in the AL East.

This morning, I tuned into Colin Cowherd on 1050 AM and he restored some of my faith in sports talk radio.  There was Colin making all the same points as me.

Good trade.  Not cause for celebration.  He won 14 games last year in a career year feasting on the Pirates and Nationals.  Now he’ll be facing the Sox and Rays.

Good luck, Javier.

Two men of genius think you’re gonna need it…

Professor Calls Out Obama On Sharpton’s Show!

18 Mar

I was driving home tonight and heard some of Al Sharpton’s daily radio show.  Tonight’s topic was what is President Obama doing for the Black community.

One of Al Sharpton’s guests was a professor from Northwestern named Steven Rogers.  According to Professor Rogers, Barack Obama is not doing nearly enough for African Americans.  Leaving aside for the moment that Obama has barely been in the office two months and that he’s been grappling with massive problems in our economy and two wars, Rogers feels that enough time has gone by to prove that the President has turned his back on Blacks.

Professor Rogers sites as evidence what he views as a lack of Blacks in the administration.  He even put it this way that Blacks had been “relegated to the Attorney General (spot) and Ambassador to the UN”.

In fairness, even Al Sharpton felt forced to play defense attorney for the president.

Steven Rogers is clearly off base if not just plain crazy.  I know a lot of ethnic groups that would love to be shunned by holding the top law enforcement spot, the face of the US to the UN and of course the presidency itself.

Rogers is upset that Obama did not name an African American to head Commerce and two other departments he named but that I can not honestly remember at this late hour.  Rogers’ rationale is that the three cabinet spots he would have liked to have seen Blacks in have a lot of impact on the Black community.

I think the president should send Professor Rogers an apology card that simply says in the words of 70’s Steve Martin “Well excuse me!”

First of all, Commerce or the other departments he named don’t just impact one community or group.  They impact all Americans.

Second, is this really where we still are?  We have the first African American president, something many said we’d never see in our combined lifetimes, and he’s got to deal with charges that he doesn’t care about Blacks because he didn’t appoint enough on some professor’s arbitrary score card?

Maybe Professor Rogers should spend more time studying history and less time trying to boost his profile by making ridiculously misguided comments on talk radio.

Bob Grant Proves Republicans Have It Tougher Than African Americans!

21 Oct

Bob Grant is about a 110 years old.  For what seems like at least half that time, he’s been busy polluting the air waves of the New York area and beyond.  Currently, he’s on WABC Talk Radio out of that great bastion of Conservative Though, New York City.

I was driving home tonight and listening to Mr. Grant discuss Colin Powell’s recent endorsement of Barack Obama.  More specifically, he was following up on fellow blowhard Rush Limbaugh’s comments that Powell was endorsing Obama cause it was a Black thing (I’m paraphrasing but that was the sentiment).

Anyway, Grant was talking about how it didn’t matter since Democrats get about 94% of the Black vote in each presidential election.  Then, he followed that up with saying that if an African American ran for president as a Republican that he/she would certainly get less than 94% of the Black vote.

Grant than used the argument in the above paragraph to twist it into the following thought.  Grant said that since less Blacks would vote for a Black Republican than they would for a Black Democrat running for president that this proved that Republicans are more discriminated against than African Americans.

And that’s blowhard logic for you.  What Grant conveniently ignores is the fact that his party’s extreme wing is made up of intolerant people.  Often, when listening to that part of the GOP, I am amazed at how good they are at saying what they are against (the rest of the world, liberals, democrats, liberal democrats, gays, the non-religious, lots of times the non-Christian, pre-marital sex unless it involves Sarah Palin’s daughter and on and on).  I’m equally amazed at how bad they are at making a strong case for what they seem to be for (war, a Jesus that is into war and wants you, but only you and your friends to be rich).

So, yes, Grant’s example may be correct.  Blacks might be less inclined to support a Black Republican versus a Black Democrat.  But, that in no way proves that Republicans are more discriminated against than African Americans.  What it proves is that the GOP has a terrible history of being inclusive and coming up with any message that resonates in minority communities in general.

And just so Grant can understand.  Let’s compare what Republicans and African Americans have had to endure in recent years.  You make your own conclusions.

Republicans belong to country clubs.  African Americans have been denied admission to those same clubs – sometimes by (gasp) Republicans.  Republicans opposed the Civil Rights Movement.  African Americans used the Civil Rights Movement to advance the cause of American ideals.  Republicans do not get racially profiled, but sometimes support laws that result in African Americans being unfairly profiled.

I could go on, but it’s late and after all Republicans have been discriminated against enough already.  Just ask Bob Grant.

What Makes A Grown Man Cry? Click Here & Find out!

16 Aug

So what is it exactly that will make a grown man cry?  And I’m not talking some kind of metrosexual, new age sensitive guy, I’m talking a New York guy’s guy.  You know the type.  Listens to a LOT of sports talk radio.   And there’s your clue.

New York’s top sports talk combo broke up today after 19 years together.  That’s right, Mike and The Mad Dog have been reduced to just Mike.  The Dog, Chris Russo, has decided to leave the show.

Mike Francesa hosted the show solo today, which featured a LONG opening monologue from Francesa about what the show has meant to him, a call in from The Dog and then hours of calls from loyal listeners.

Many of the callers were pretty distressed.  One guy admitted that he wasn’t ashamed to admit he had “shed tears” when Chris Russo did while talking to his now former co-host.  Seems that for some the connection to Mike and The Dog was much more intense than mine to them.

For the past 19 years, I’ve listened to Mike and Chris on and off.  Lately, mostly off.  Truth be told, it’s Mike who’s most soured me on the show.  Years ago, I really enjoyed him.  When he was starting out as just another stats nerd, I rooted for him big time.  Over the years though, he’s either grown more pompous or I’ve just been exposed to more of him.  It’s really brought my opinion of him way down to the point now where it’s not surprising to hear me referring to him as a “blowhard”.  All that said, I still really respect his sports knowledge.

As for Chris, I think I’ve had the opposite experience with him.  When he first started out with Mike and for many years afterwards, I just couldn’t stomach him.  It seemed like he was just doing a bad Jerry Lewis impression to me and in later years he just seemed too eager to kiss Mike’s ring.  Somewhere along the line, someone gave me one of Mad Dog’s books and I really enjoyed it and also gained a new respect for his knowledge of sports.

So, clearly these two men brought a lot of enjoyment into my sports hungry life.  I wish them both well.  But, I’m not crying over it.

I understand radio is a very personal medium where the connection between the hosts and their listeners can really deepen over time.  Still, I’m not crying over it.

I’m a guy who sees nothing at all wrong with a man crying.  Despite this, for some reason, I don’t cry easily.  Whether it’s society or whatever, most guys don’t or at least won’t admit to crying easily. 

So, being an enlightened kind of guy, when some guy admits crying, it’s usually not a negative in my book.

Until today…. The caller who called in to Mike today and admitted crying along with Chris (whose tears I completely understand, after all he’s leaving his home of two decades and that’ll get you misty) reminded me of an old SNL skit.  William Shatner was guest hosting and the skit had him appearing at a Trekkie Convention.  After listening to all kinds of lame and tedious question about every minute aspect of the show, Shatner in the skit completely loses it.  Finally, in exasperation, he tells the Trekkies to “get a life”.

Good advice for all those teary-eyed Mike & The Mad Dog Listeners today.  Save your real man tears for the birth of your children, the passing of your parents and your wife telling you she’s with child.

PS – Hear Mike & Chris together for the last time.  Click on the link below, but keep the tissues nearby!



Monica Crowley Is An Easily Excitable Woman! (About Politics – You Have A Dirty Mind)!!

24 Jun

How is it I always end up listening to Monica Crowley on the weekends?  Aren’t the weekends supposed to be fun?  Why do I torture myself?

For you, America.  Someone has to point out the problems with the baloney she spews.

This past Friday night, I was coming home to start my weekend when I got Ms. Crowley on the radio.  She was, in her usual breathless style, going on about Barack Obama.  The topic was his name change.

According to Ms. Crowley, at some point in his younger years, Barack Obama went from going by the name Barry Obama to his actual birth name of Barack Obama.  She also felt it very important to drop in his given middle name, which is the unfortunately timed Hussein according to Ms. Crowley.

Crowley’s point was that when people change their names from say Cassius Clay to a Muslim name like Muhammad Ali that they are signaling their Muslim beliefs.  She then listed numerous examples of people doing just that from Malcolm X to Mike Tyson.

 She might have mentioned Tim Conway as well or I could be making that up for a cheap joke… (FULL DISCLOSURE – the Tim Conway reference is in fact a cheap joke for those of you without a sense of humor)

Are you in a lather yet thinking that we’re about to elect a radical Muslim as President?  Well, settle down Sally and Steve, or whoever you are!

Here’s the point Crowley missed.  Barack Obama was always Barack Obama.  It’s his given name.  It’s not Barack who changed, it’s society.

Think about it. Barack is in his forties.  When he was growing up, it was all about the melting pot in America.  Geraldo Rivera was Jerry Rivers.  Everyone was trying to American-ize.  I’m not saying it’s right or wrong, but that’s just how it was.  Given that, it makes all the sense in the world that Barack was Barry way back when.

But, that’s not the world we live in anymore.  Somewhere along the way (and again I’m not arguing in this post whether it’s wrong or right), we started to celebrate diversity.  Jerry Rivers became Geraldo Rivera.  And, I suspect at that point, Barry became Barack.  He embraced his given name and decided to make his life with that as his name.

Monica Crowley knows that’s the case I’m sure.  But, she knows that panicking people about a very un-radical move is a great way to make a case for voters not to go for Barry, I mean, Barack Obama.

Still scared, Jenny or Jim?  Let me give you one more example. 

I had a friend growing up (and I’m about as old as Barack Obama but much sexier) who went by the name Paul when we were in elementary school together. I kind of lost track of him after high school, but saw Paul again after college.  Guess what he was going by then?  Paolo! 

Yup, that’s right.  As Paul was growing up he never went by his given Italian name.  Heck, I didn’t even know what it was.  He was Paul to me.  Then, somewhere in college he decided to go with the name his parent’s had given him at birth and goes by Paolo to this day.

Is he some kind of radical Italian fascist or communist?  Ms.  Crowley might have you think so.  To me, he’s an insurance executive and a dad living in the suburbs.  Maybe that’s just his cover.

I’ll have to ask Monica Crowley…

Is An “All Black” Staff the Key to Byron Scott’s Success?

10 Apr

I was listening to ESPN radio host Stephen A. Smith recently interviewing NBA head coach Byron Scott.  For those of you who keep up with this space, you know that I’m kind of a Scott fan.  As a former fan of New Jersey’s Nets, I look back on the Scott years with fondness.  Brooklyn is welcome to take the Nets away whenever they can scrape up the cash to tow them out of the impound lot.

Anyway, there I am listening to Smith when he asks Scott about the fact that he has an “all Black” coaching staff.  Smith wondered if that was helping Scott produce the terrific year he’s getting out of  the New Orleans Hornets.  The coach answered yes. 

In his own affirmative action, Scott said he purposely put together an all African American coaching staff when he got a shot with New Orleans because he felt that former players who were African American would relate better to today’s NBA players.

I must admit to a few reactions.  First, a certain smugness.  I’ve sometimes wondered if having a staff that heavily reflects the backgrounds of the players they coach would help a team do better.  According to Scott, it does and I’m right.  Always a nice feeling, by the way.

Second, I was kind of shocked Scott would come right out and say he purposely hired only Black men.  I couldn’t help but think that he was leaving himself and the organization open for some law suits.  Picture an NHL executive admitting publicly that he put together an all white staff to relate better to his largely all white team and I think you can see how that might spark some outrage if not legal action.

Finally, I was a bit confused.  What does this say about our society at the very time we’re busy trying to get the Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds to just get along?  Clearly African Americans haven’t been given the kinds of opportunities that white coaches have even in sports in which the players are now largely non-white.  African Americans have been shafted historically.   So, it’s hard for me to get worked up about Scott’s statement. 

And yet, something won’t let me let it go completely.  Is Scott throwing out the idea that sports ultimately is colorblind and based only on performance come game time?  Why shouldn’t people be able to coach even if they don’t look or come from the same background as the people they are teaching?

Ultimately, I guess I wanted Byron Scott to allow for the possibility that he might find a white guy who could relate to his players and teach them effectively despite their differences in background.

For me, a mostly but not entirely African American coaching staff would feel like the best mix for an NBA team these days.  After all, Byron Scott, somebody’s got to relate to the Peja Stojakovic’s…

The “Smoking” Gun on Barack Obama! (Courtesy of Monica Crowley)

4 Mar

Go to fullsize imageSo, I’m busy cleaning my bathroom this weekend and decide to put on the radio to help pass the time while I scrub the toilet.  As is often the case with me,  the radio is tuned to one of those conservative talk radio stations that conservatives like to pretend don’t exist when they make claims about liberals controlling the media.  I guess I just like to get my blood boiling.

Go to fullsize imageAny, on the radio that particular morning is breathless conservative radio host Monica Crowley.  In fairness, I don’t know the woman at all, but from hearing her rushed and paranoid sounding delivery, I’m not too surprised that she worked for Nixon in the 90s.  Frankly, she always sounds just a slight bit crazy.   But that’s neither here nor there.

It’s soon apparent that I’ve caught Crowley midway through her show opening rant.  Again not surprisingly, she’s taking the tack that the media hasn’t really examined Barack Obama fully.  Perhaps there is some truth to that.   According to Crowley, it’s of course due to the liberal media bias.  My perspective is that it may have something more to do with a certain compassionate conservative politician. To me, it’s not a stretch to think that the current president has bungled things so badly that many Americans need to believe there’s something or someone who can finally steer us in the right direction again.

Crowley being the great journalist that she is tells her audience that if the media isn’t going to probe Obama’s background fully than she and her show are going to do it.  Somewhere the Obama campaign is huddled together in fear…

I brace myself. I realize I’m about to hear radio history.  Monica Crowley is about to cripple Barack Obama’s candidacy.  Crowley is about to do what all of Hillary Clinton’s millions and years of experience could not.  I stop scrubbing and get closer to the speaker.And before I’ve had time to blink or think, it’s hit me.  Crowley breaks the story.  Obama smokes.  I could go on with my sarcastic tone, but I think you get the drift.

I go back to scrubbing the toilet and think if “smoking” is the worst the conservatives can hit Barack Obama with, boy are they in trouble.  Something tells me somewhere in her heart, Monica Crowley and her ilk are hoping Hillary Clinton pulls off a big surprise tomorrow.