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Why Nuclear Weapons Prove Obama Is A Faithful Husband!

6 Apr

I’ll give the president this.  He does NOT like to take the easy way out. 

Case in point, today I read that he’s revamping US nuclear weapons strategy to make it less vague.  He’s going to move the US towards a policy of a more narrow use of nuclear weapons. 

According to this NY Times article online at MSNBC:


the president even has the US not using nuclear weapons in the case of certain biological attacks.

Now I’m no blood-loving hawk and I generally think the less we rely on nukes the better.  On the other hand, I’m not some hippy dippie tree hugger who doesn’t believe that we in fact have some enemies that look to hurt us.  9/11 taught us that much.

Mostly, I’m no expert on nuclear weapons as effective deterrents, but I kind of liked a vagueness to our policy.  Sure, it’s not the perfect moral policy. But, I do think it helps to keep our enemies a little unsure of what our exact policy is.  Why spell out when we wouldn’t use nukes?  Isn’t that just asking for trouble?

For all any of us know, this may in fact be the right policy decision.  I for, one, was none to comfortable with the last adminstration’s attitude of shooting first and asking questions later. 

But, if I’m asking questions then I can only begin to imagine what mileage the talk radio right will be getting out of this.

President Obama’s decision on nuclear policy is debatable.  What’s not debatable is that short-term it’s awful politics.  It plays right into the hands of the stereotypes the right-wing media loves to dole out. 

It wasn’t the easy road.  That would have been doing 800 other smaller and non-controversial things.  In the president’s mind though, I’m guessing it was the right road.

And so here’s the point.   Long wait!  I know. 

But, if this president is so willing to take on the tough tasks, not take the easy way out, and stay committed to doing what’s right, than I’ve got one last guess about him. 

This is probably a man who is faithful to his wife. 

Either that or he’s addicted to taking huge risks.   Wait, that would be another of my favorite presidents, Bill Clinton.

Maybe Democrats Aren’t Stupid After All!

22 Mar

With tonight’s historic votes, Democrats may have finally pushed healthcare reform across. In the process, they might have also proven that they’re not completely stupid after all.

On this blog, I’ve argued that Democrats had no choice but to vote yes and get healthcare reform done.  After all, this November they’ll be facing Republicans reminding all of America about the Democrats’ push for healthcare win or lose.

The fact is that history is written by the winners.  So, as I see it Democrats had a choice, they could either run in November as the majority party who failed to pass healthcare reform, which the Republicans would have spun as a failure to impose socialism or worse on America thanks to the kindly GOP.

OR… They could go into November’s elections as the majority party who actually got something done.  Sure, half the country is pissed right now.  But, that won’t last.  Already on the local news, I saw a woman interviewed on the street who opposed healthcare reform but now that it passed said “she hoped it would be good for the country.”  That sentiment will be more and more the case as time goes by.

What people are REALLY mad at is incumbents on both sides who seem to be less and less able to get anything of real substance done.  Well, wake up America.  The Democrats just got substantial.  They’ll now go to the polls as the party that opened up health care to 30 million people AND got rid of the whole “pre-existing conditions” thing.   Not too shabby.

So, yes, there will still be people angry about this so-called “power grab” and expansion of government intrusion into our lives come November.  My guess is that that group is the fringe.  A very very large fringe, but a fringe none the less.  And remember, you don’t have to win elections by anything more than one vote. 

Now, the president needs to focus even more on jobs and the economy.  Then, the Democrats can claim true momentum come  November.

And the GOP?  Oh yeah, they’re the ones who are fine with the government requiring us to buy auto insurance, but feel that requiring that everyone has health care coverage is a nake power grab.  Nevermind that that naked power grab just opened up health care to millions and made it illegal for your insurance company to deny you coverage due to “pre-existing conditions” also known as “you might cost us too much money so we’d rather than you die as soon as possible”.

I think we’ll be talking more about that fractured logic come November.

Damn You, Geno Auriemma! My Terrifying Commute From Hell!

10 Mar

This morning I left for work never realizing I’d soon be in hell….

For ten minutes straight the two sports talk stations in town (ESPN & The Fan) were talking Connecticut woman’s basketball at exactly the same time.  Seriously ten minutes.  How is that even possible?  And it was timed perfectly so I was stuck in traffic to boot.

Damn you, Geno Auriemma!

There’s only so much time in my life and I already spend too much of it on sports.  There’s no way I’m getting interested in women’s college basketball.

There are two exceptions to this.  Either, A, my daughter will go on to play college basketball, in which case I will become the game’s biggest fan.  (PS – I see her as a heady point guard, tougher than she looks, usually more concerned about getting her teammates involved, but not afraid to take the big shot)

Or, B, I’m offered a head coaching job at a division one woman’s basketball program.  Two words on that.  Not. Likely.

How To Become Parent Of The Year In 5 Easy Steps! (Must read if you love your children!!)

3 Mar

This is a true story.   Welcome concerned parents.

Here’s how you become a parent of the year candidate.

1 – Rob a convenience story with your husband, wife, partner, etc

2 – Keeping ever mindful of the learning opportunities of a “bring your son or daughter to work day”.  Bring your child with you.

3 – Make a clean get away.

4 – Take a moment to celebrate with aforementioned son or daughter along with spouse

5 – Come to the shocking (although some day even you will see some humor in it) realization, that during the getaway you forgot to take your kid with you.

Said kid is now in care of the authorities and you are certain to be caught and potentially give up your parenting rights.  Which, if you think of the first five steps you took, is probably the greatest favor you could do for your offspring.

That’s it.  Simple.

(Source for the original story came from Mike & Mike this morning on ESPN Sports Talk Radio – so blame them if not completely accurate.  The list on the other hand, is all me…)

Once In A While, Even A Jack Ass Can Be Useful! Thank You, Joe Wilson!

11 Sep

Rep. Joe Wilson speaks to reporters outside of his office on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday.

Despite his best intentions, South Carolina’s Rep. Joe Wilson is going to go down as a health care reform hero.  The American public is a lot of things.  We’re easily manipulated on health care reform or for that matter practically any new social programs. 

Ironically, once we have a social program in place like say social security, the American public will fight like hell to make sure it doesn’t get taken away.  So, yes, we do flip flop, especially when we  see the benefit that our admittedly imperfect government can make in our lives.

What the American public does not flip flop on is rudeness toward the president of the United States.  Sure, there are some who will see Joe Wilson as a hero for echoing what they feel, whether what he said was true or not.  And for the record it was NOT.

But, for the overwhelming amount of Americans, there’s a time and a place to heckle an American president.  During an address to Congress while you’re actually a member of Congress, is NOT one of those times.

Joe Wilson is learning that the hard way.  He also fumbled away the political football and with it very precious momentum. 

Coming into his speech last night, President Obama was the man under pressure.  There’s no putting a good face on the ugliness of August.  Clearly, the drive for health care, upon which Obama has placed so much of the future of his administration lost steam.

But, last night the game changed.  The president gave a convincing performance and got a big assistant from Joe Wilson on two fronts.  First, Wilson’s boorish behavior swung public sympathy toward the president.  We simply don’t want our leader treated that way.

Second, Wilson’s fellow conservatives (who should give him a severe beat down politically) were forced all day to answer questions about Joe Wilson.  That, of course, saps their momentum.  Every second conservatives in congress have to answer Joe Wilson questions is a second they can’t be spreading the fear and falsehoods upon which reform opposition is based.

Further, in the president’s speech and the administration’s comments since it was clearly signaled that the public option many people have been worried about is not a “must have”.

So let’s review…

Obama was calm.  Rational.  He adopted a John McCain idea.  He is also willing to go without a public option.  All while his party has majorities in both houses.  He even accepted Wilson’s apology gracefully saying we all make mistakes.  Finally, as if on cue, stats came out today that reported the number of people with out health insurance increased AGAIN this past year.  President Obama has clearly regained some momentum and is looking like the bigger (perhaps slightly) bi-partisan man. 

Joe Wilson lost his cool.  Joe Wilson spent the day apologizing as did his cronies. 

Joe Wilson made a big mistake.  And now it’s going to cost him politically. Health care reform is that much closer to a reality.

And it’s thanks to Joe Wilson’s inability to stop behaving like a jackass.  I knew that’d come in useful some day!

Tonight, My DVR Killed The Red Sox!

11 Aug

Yes, I’m a Red Sox fan.  Yes, getting swept in the Bronx this past weekend was pretty hard to take, but my DVR made it even worse tonight.

Earlier this evening, I was watching a show called “Baseball Seasons” on one of the many sports channels my TV package includes.  My seven year old son, who all of a sudden is getting very into baseball, loves this show.  He’s very into history too and this show combines them both.  Each episode tells the story of one season in baseball history.

The episode we watched tonight highlighted 1993, in which the Toronto Blue Jays became the first repeat World Series Champions since the late 70’s Yankees.

Anyway, there I was happily watching the show with my seven year old when I start seeing scores at the bottom of the screen.  I forget that I’m watching a show recorded days earlier on my DVR.  I see the Red Sox losing to Roy Halladay and this year’s version of the Blue Jays.  To my horror, I also see the Yankees picking up a win.

I have no idea these scores aren’t live.  I think the Red Sox have now fallen 7 1/2 games behind the hated Yankees.  I pray that my son doesn’t notice the results as they’ll break his little heart.  Luckily, he doesn’t notice a thing, but asks lots of questions about 1993.

I answer all of his questions, put him and his sister to bed, hang out with my wife, and then it’s not til just a few minutes ago that I see that the Red Sox situation is in fact exactly the opposite of what I thought it was.

Tonight, the Sox in actuality bounced back against the Tigers, while the Yankees played and lost to those same Blue Jays I thought the BoSox had lost to.  All of a sudden, the Sox are only five and a half behind the Yankees rather than 7 1/2 out.

Hope springs a new.  And that’s what’s great about baseball.  It’s a cliche, but it’s true.  The baseball season is a marathon, not a sprint.

In fact, the show I watched tonight reminded me of that.  In 1993, the Braves trailed the Giants by almost double figures at one point in their race for the NL West title.  With the addition of Fred McGriff, great pitching and some luck, Atlanta ended up catching San Fran and winning the division title by one game.  104 wins to 103.  (In those days, there was no wildcard, so the Giants just got to go home despite winning 103 ball games.  Ouch!)

Anyway, here’s the point.  The DVR could not kill my Red Sox.  There is a wildcard and there’s about 50 games left.  The Yankees and the Red Sox have a lot of games left.  The Sox have been injured and are beginning to heal.  The Yanks have been relatively healthy, but are an old team.

You see where I’m going with this.  Yes, Yankee fans should be very pleased with their team.  The Bombers are going to be in the playoffs.  They’ll probably win the division.

But, they’re probably not done with the Red Sox.  And that’s what’s great about this rivalry.

Update! My Huge Facebook News!

21 Jul

Last night, I wrote a post saying that Facebook sucks.

This morning, I woke up to my first friend request. 

All is good with the world.  Facebook is awesome and clear proof of my dynamic personality.  I knew people would flock to it.  It just took a little time for the word to get out.  Maybe now that I’m validated and all, I’ll be able to stop checking it every 5 minutes.

Thanks, Facebook.  All is forgiven.


Tidewater Jackson

Why Facebook Sucks!

21 Jul

Facebook is amazing.

Facebook sucks.

This past weekend my lovely wife joined Facebook.  So, she sent me a friend request and it got me too.  Hard to turn down the wife after all.

 OK, the truth is I eagerly asked her to send me a friend request. 

As embarrassed as I am to admit it, I was excited and confident.  I’m a fairly adaptable guy.  I write this blog.  I get the internets…

Anyway, I went through the sign up process.  There is no orientation.  Nothing.  Just confusion.  I’ve got a wall.  I’ve got a home page.  Which can people see?  You got me.

As the Facebook software guided me through the sign up process, it became very clear that the only thing Facebook really cares about is getting me to invite as many people as I know to use their service.  They’re not even subtle about it.  I’m guessing this is all about eye balls for advertisers, which is fine, but at least pay some mind to basic customer service first.

Everywhere I clicked, there was another prompt to look up people I know. Facebook can search my high school, college, company and even my address book, if I let them.  Wonderful!

Now can they please spend a few moments telling me how to use the service and what people will and won’t be able to see?

The other reason Ive discovered that Facebook sucks is shocking.  The service proves that people clearly don’t see the genius that is me and my amazing personality.

I’ve been on Facebook for just about 24 hours and NO ONE has asked me to be their friend.  Contrast this with the daily requests I used to get from complete strangers to be their friend on Facebook.

Down right odd!

I was under the grand illusion that the moment I set foot in the Facebook party, people would come out of every nook and cranny of my past to be my friend again.  Guess I’m not as magnetic a personality as I think I am.

And then it hit me.  Facebook is work.  If I want to amass a ton of friends and I’m again embarrassed to admit I do.  I’m going to have to work at it. 

Facebook is amazing.  It’s never been so easy to keep in touch.  And I’ve never been so tired.

Hey!  You seem nice?  Wanna be my friend?

Sorry To Bring The Party Down, But Let Al Sharpton Have His Kids Share A Bed With Michael Jackson! And other MJ Thoughts!

8 Jul

Today, we said goodbye to Michael Jackson.  Again. 

Yes, the coverage has been nonstop and I do mean it that way.  But, also, I think in a sense we said goodbye to Michael Jackson a looooooong time ago. 

Despite what Al Sharpton thinks or what we’re told he endured, Michael Jackson was odd.  Long ago his behavior verved off into the kind of territory that all his friends at today’s memorial should have challenged.

Leaving aside the very real possibility that Michael Jackson hurt kids, at the very least, by his own admission, Jackson engaged in conduct that was indefensible.  Can you think of another adult male that people would actually bother trying to defend if he admitted to having other people’s kids routinely sleep in his bed?  I can’t.

The deification of Michael Jackson is of course ridiculous.  He was a terrific entertainer and a pop icon who will long be remembered.  He did not, however, save the world.  The closest he got was writing “Man In The Mirror” in which he urged us to look inward to bring change to this planet. 

Good advice.  He should have heeded it more strongly too.

I understand that people are hurting and some of them actually even knew Michael Jackson.  I wish nothing but peace and comfort to his children, family and friends, I really do.

Still, I can’t help but point out some of the hypocrisy at today’s ceremony. 

First off, Al Sharpton.  I think his telling Jackson’s kids that there was nothing strange about their daddy was understandable if he was only trying to make them feel better.  But come on.  Jackson was strange.  He did strange things.  There’s simply no disputing that.  Would Al Sharpton let his kids have a sleepover at Jackson’s house were he still alive?  I’m guessing not.

A lot of the tone of people’s comments had to do with ALL that he endured.  First off, once Michael Jackson was an adult, he brought ALL of that on himself.  Nothing bothers me more than people who are driven to seek fame only to complain about its  horrible downside.

It’s not like Michael pulled a Greta Garbo.  He didn’t leave the spotlight.  His own friends will tell you he was a genius at self-promotion.  Just before he died, in fact, we all know he was rehearsing for a 50 night stand in London.

So which is it?  Did Michael want to be famous or was it all too much for him?  I’m betting on the first option.

Finally, people speak about Jackson’s childhood and how much he had to go through that a kid just should have to deal with.  I don’t dispute any of that.  From what we hear, Jackson did have a pretty crummy childhood and was forced to grow up way too soon.  So, what would that lead us to believe?

Hmmmm…. Perhaps children are best left out of the spotlight.  Jackson, in his own wacky way, seemed to understand that keeping his own kids out of the public eye by having them wear masks.

So, who do you get to sing at the memorial?  Some 12 year old singing sensation from the UK. 

And the cycle goes on…

How To Help Kick Autism’s Ass! My Shocking Confession!

19 May

Let’s get this out of the way.  I vote.  And I’ve got lots of opinions.  And a little free time (not much), so that’s why I blog.

But today I did something I’ve never done before.  I actually wrote to my rep in the House.  A friend of mine is spearheading a campaign to get support for a bill coming up that would require insurance companies to pay for treatments that can really help autistic children.

My friend lept into action once his child was diagnosed.  Sadly, his is not the only family I have met touched by autism.  I’m sure you can say the same.

What the cause is we don’t know.  What the cure is we can’t say, yet. 

What we do know is that more and more cases are being diagnosed.  And while there’s not a cure, there are some things that can help.  Unfortunately, loving parents are finding out that their health insurance is not always set up to cover the expenses.  So, children and families suffer.

Now is an incredibly tough time for all of us.  Yet, I think we should all be able to agree that we should take care of kids first and foremost no matter what. 

Here’s how you can do your part.  Click on the link below for the Autism Votes website.


From there all you have to do is send one little email to your representative in the House.  Took me all of 3 and a half minutes.

I thank you for your consideration.