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Hey Idiot Democrats! Don’t Let Abortion Kill Health Care For All!

6 Mar

I believe that abortion should be legal.  I also believe everyone should have access to decent health care.   But now, there are some abortion rights supporters in the House of Representatives who are willing to see health care reform go down the tubes if the reform legislation bans federal dollars from paying for abortions.  Not making it illegal just not paying for it, mind you.

These are people who are willing to keep 30 or so million people shut out of access to healthcare unless it covers abortions.

Is abortion really the issue to get stuck on?

As I said, I believe in the right of a woman to abort her pregnancy and don’t want to see women have to resort to back alley abortionists.  But, honestly why should 30 million people suffer if the federal government isn’t willing to cover what was ultimately a personal mistake made by two people that they after the fact want to undo.

I’m not judging here.  Mistakes happen.  I get it and I’m no saint.  But, for the 30 million not covered by health insurance right now, the mistake isn’t theirs so much as a function of our broken health care system and values.

What we’ve lost both between our two major parties and EVEN WORSE within each party itself, is the art of compromise.  This will never be a perfect bill.  No one is going to be 100% happy with it.  That’s just the fact if it stands any chance of being passed.

So, for the idiot House Democrats threatening to vote no over abortion coverage I suggest this or a lobotomy. 

Why not pass the bill which benefits all of us ultimately by giving 30 million access and getting rid of pre-existing condition bans now and continue the debate of abortion coverage after health care reform is enacted? 

After all, something is better than nothing here and it’s always easier to tweak something once it’s law than starting all over.  Anyone for another year of health care debate?  Nah?  Didn’t think so.

A lot of Democrats are nervous about their election prospects in November should health care reform become law.  The political truth is that it’s a lot easier to go before the voters as a winner versus a “politician who tried to engineer a government takeover of healthcare but lost“, which will be the Republican spin.

If on the other hand Democrats go to the polls as winners in the health care battle, the Republicans will have to take a moment to explain how they fought against eliminating pre-existing condition bans.   Good luck on that one, GOP!

When Barak Obama was elected he talked a lot about bringing people together.   We assumed he was talking about Democrats & Republicans. 

The reality now is that he must unite Democrats.  He must turn them into winner even if the victory isn’t perfect.  And even the ones who are idiots and are willing to squander the opportunity to achieve something of historic benefit in the name of a objections based on a narrow interest group.

Let common sense  and compromise prevail!

Once In A While, Even A Jack Ass Can Be Useful! Thank You, Joe Wilson!

11 Sep

Rep. Joe Wilson speaks to reporters outside of his office on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday.

Despite his best intentions, South Carolina’s Rep. Joe Wilson is going to go down as a health care reform hero.  The American public is a lot of things.  We’re easily manipulated on health care reform or for that matter practically any new social programs. 

Ironically, once we have a social program in place like say social security, the American public will fight like hell to make sure it doesn’t get taken away.  So, yes, we do flip flop, especially when we  see the benefit that our admittedly imperfect government can make in our lives.

What the American public does not flip flop on is rudeness toward the president of the United States.  Sure, there are some who will see Joe Wilson as a hero for echoing what they feel, whether what he said was true or not.  And for the record it was NOT.

But, for the overwhelming amount of Americans, there’s a time and a place to heckle an American president.  During an address to Congress while you’re actually a member of Congress, is NOT one of those times.

Joe Wilson is learning that the hard way.  He also fumbled away the political football and with it very precious momentum. 

Coming into his speech last night, President Obama was the man under pressure.  There’s no putting a good face on the ugliness of August.  Clearly, the drive for health care, upon which Obama has placed so much of the future of his administration lost steam.

But, last night the game changed.  The president gave a convincing performance and got a big assistant from Joe Wilson on two fronts.  First, Wilson’s boorish behavior swung public sympathy toward the president.  We simply don’t want our leader treated that way.

Second, Wilson’s fellow conservatives (who should give him a severe beat down politically) were forced all day to answer questions about Joe Wilson.  That, of course, saps their momentum.  Every second conservatives in congress have to answer Joe Wilson questions is a second they can’t be spreading the fear and falsehoods upon which reform opposition is based.

Further, in the president’s speech and the administration’s comments since it was clearly signaled that the public option many people have been worried about is not a “must have”.

So let’s review…

Obama was calm.  Rational.  He adopted a John McCain idea.  He is also willing to go without a public option.  All while his party has majorities in both houses.  He even accepted Wilson’s apology gracefully saying we all make mistakes.  Finally, as if on cue, stats came out today that reported the number of people with out health insurance increased AGAIN this past year.  President Obama has clearly regained some momentum and is looking like the bigger (perhaps slightly) bi-partisan man. 

Joe Wilson lost his cool.  Joe Wilson spent the day apologizing as did his cronies. 

Joe Wilson made a big mistake.  And now it’s going to cost him politically. Health care reform is that much closer to a reality.

And it’s thanks to Joe Wilson’s inability to stop behaving like a jackass.  I knew that’d come in useful some day!

Suck It, Health Reform Opponents! Concrete Proof Big Government Can Work! And It Comes From One Of Your Own!

2 Sep

There are few thinking people that won’t cop to the fact that the health care system in this country has some big problems.  Costs keep going up.  Many are uninsured and our outcomes keep getting worse.

I know we Americans love to think of ourselves as number one.  And in many areas, we are.  The cold hard truth is that in health care we can’t make that claim.  Yes, we’ve got some of the best doctors in the world, but despite that we still come up short in many categories.

By now, we’ve all heard the panic about the government taking over health care.  On top of that, we’ve been told/brainwashed for the last three decades by conservatives that government can never EVER work.  This, despite the fact that conservatives have often been in power at the head of our government during the last three decades.  Talk about a hypocritcal message!

When Barack Obama started pressing for health care reform, it looked like it might come about easier than expected.  That, of course, was never to be the case.  Conservatives are back to their usual scare tactics and Americans seemingly spent the summer falling for them.

Only, it turns out that, they’re wrong.  Not only are they off the mark, but it’s a conservative president’s actions that prove conservative dogma wrong-headed.  Government intervention can work and is sometimes in fact needed.

When George W. Bush started bailing out banks left and right this past fall, he had many critics.  Bush was going against the conservative ideals he’s preached and actually used the government in a very activist way to try and save our financial system.  (Snarky aside – after all, for conservatives the health of our banks is way more important than our population’s health)

Many questioned whether the US tax payer would ever see the money handed over to banks again.

Yesterday, came news that to date the bank bailouts have netted about 4 BILLION DOLLARS profit so far.  Something like eight truly big banks have totally repaid their bailouts and another 14 or so smaller banks have too, which adds another 35 MILLION DOLLARS in profits for you and me to the previously mentioned 4 BILLION DOLLARS.  Not a bad return for Joe & Jane Taxpayer and all while suring up our financial system.

Don’t believe me?  Here’s a link to a newspaper article with all the details:

Here’s the point.,. Don’t believe that government intervention is never warranted or can never work.  After all, the government won World War II, put a man on the Moon, has kept social security a float for years, and on and on. 

Yes, the government also has the ability to squander ga-gillions.  87 Dollar hammer anyone??  And please!  Keep Senator Byrd away from any chance to name yet another building in West Virginia after himself…

But, Summer is ending.  It’s take to wake up and really think through the issues related to health care.  I’m not sure what all the solutions are.  I do think there may be places where the private sector can do it better than the government.

But, there’s no debating that MILLIONS of people are uninsured.  And those of us who are lucky enough to have insurance are more worried about losing that than even losing our jobs.

We can no longer fall easy prey to scare tactics.  Americans can do anything, including reform health care.

This is the moment.  For all our common good, don’t be fooled by the very same people who opposed social security.  Can you imagine America without social security today?

If we think this through together, if we don’t fall victim to scare tactics, someday our children will feel the same way about universal health care.

Obama Kills! (Video Proof)

17 Jun

The President has catlike reflexes. 

Who knew?

Am I A Bad Person For Being Happy That Someone Died?

14 Apr

When I heard the news today that the pirates who were holding an American captain hostage had been killed by U.S. Navy snipers, I felt happy.  I know in a god and Jesus view, this probably wasn’t my finest hour.

Yet, the news that the captain was freed and the threat vanquished was just what the doctor ordered for us all.  First off, perhaps because of the success of the Johnny Depp movies, someone didn’t get the message that piracy went out of fashion hundreds of years ago.  It was high time that this message was delivered clearly.

Second, it was such a tidy ending.  Life is so complicated these days.  And here was a movie scripted ending for all of us Americans (and many other nation’s citizens who have also been victimized by these thugs) to cheer on.

It was also a great beginning for President Obama.  Joe Biden said he’d be tested.  And, while it wasn’t done for the purpose of challenging Obama, it was the President’s first foreign policy test.  Consider him as passed with flying colors.  Here was a anti-Iraq War candidate not hesitating to use force when appropriate.  I suspect any terrorists or thugs with anti-American agendas took note. 

But it really is just a beginning.  My hope is that nations working together can find a way to solve the problem of piracy.  Perhaps installing a working government in Somalia would be a good first step.

Finally, there is definitely a skit or at least a funny movie scene in the fate of the fourth pirate.  The way I read it the fourth pirate didn’t die with his comrades because he was on board a Navy vessel negotiating with the U.S. military.  Can’t you just see the scene where the Navy guys get the news that all the pirates have been shot dead and the last pirate is oblivious to his absolute loss of leverage and still demanding things?  Talk about being Punk’d!

Of course, laughing at the loss of any human life is not a good thing.  The three dead men probably had people who cared for them and for the religiously inclined, souls as well.  It’s a tragedy it ever got to where it got to.  That said, I simply don’t think the President or military had much other choice.  And those signing up to pirate have seen confirmation that when you play with fire, sometimes you will get burned.

So That’s What The President Is Supposed To Do!

8 Apr

What’s that you smell in the air, America?  Breathe it in deep and maybe you’ll remember.

It’s old fashioned leadership.

Barack Obama is only in office for 11 weeks so far and so he’s got lots of time to screw things up.  But, you’ve got to give it to the president for his strong start.

Yesterday, he goes to Iraq where he’s cheered by the troops he’s putting a reasonable plan in action to remove from danger.  A few days before he got the G-20 to commit to pumping a trillion dollars into the world economy.  And over a coffee break, he started working on getting the world rid of nuclear weapons.

Critics say the president is trying to do to much.  Perhaps they’ve got some valid concerns, but I think Obama himself answered those best.  To paraphrase, the president said you’ve got to aim high and try to do the tough things that need to be done when you’re president.  You may not accomplish all your goals but you stand a better chance if you actually aspire to high levels of achievement in the first place.

Wow!  That sure is refreshing.  After eight years of that other guy, we’re way past due for some real leadership based on intelligence and a larger understanding of the world.

And it may be paying off already for this administration.  Recent polls indicate the public solidly backs the president while giving low numbers to the GOP.

More importantly, Obama’s strong start may be benefiting the rest of us too.  You’re starting to see web headlines pop up about how people are feeling more confident about the economic future and how maybe things have started to come back a little.  It’s early and there’s still a lot of economic pain on the horizon, but my guess is that a big part of recovery is belief. 

It seems right now America has found someone to believe in and that is Barack Obama.

Dan Rooney Could Be This Blog’s Man Of The Year! Plus Nonsense About A Rod & Twitter!

18 Mar

President Obama today named Steelers’ owner Dan Rooney as the US Ambassador to Ireland.  Fitting that it was on St. Patrick’s Day.

Congrats to Dan Rooney who epitomizes what this blog stands for.  Passion for sports and politics.

I’m not sure where he stands on nonsense.  But, we like that too.  So here’s some more of that:

A-Rod – Crazy pictures from upcoming Details magazine came out today.  Do you have to love or hate this guy?  Is he misguided or mentally ill?  For what it’s worth, I’ve rarely seen an athlete gifted with so much work so hard to find ways to get people not to love him while not being a really bad guy. Anyway, here’s a link – you decide!  http://men.style.com/details/features/landing?id=content_8397

Charlie Villanueva– Speaking of crazy and nonsense… Villanueva tweeted during half time of a recent game against the Celtics.  The Bucks, fighting for their playoff lives, were not amused.  In fairness, he tweeted that he had to step it up and then did in the second half.

Not sure if Villanueva or the NBA looks dumber here.  Villanueva had to know it wouldn’t look good for him to tweet at halftime.  On the other hand, maybe the NBA is missing a golden opportunity.  If football coaches are forced to give sideline interviews at half time and hockey players do interviews between periods, than maybe the NBA should be encouraging all its players to follow in Villanueva’s footsteps.

Nothing like giving the fan an inside view after all…  Just ask A Rod!

Professor Calls Out Obama On Sharpton’s Show!

18 Mar

I was driving home tonight and heard some of Al Sharpton’s daily radio show.  Tonight’s topic was what is President Obama doing for the Black community.

One of Al Sharpton’s guests was a professor from Northwestern named Steven Rogers.  According to Professor Rogers, Barack Obama is not doing nearly enough for African Americans.  Leaving aside for the moment that Obama has barely been in the office two months and that he’s been grappling with massive problems in our economy and two wars, Rogers feels that enough time has gone by to prove that the President has turned his back on Blacks.

Professor Rogers sites as evidence what he views as a lack of Blacks in the administration.  He even put it this way that Blacks had been “relegated to the Attorney General (spot) and Ambassador to the UN”.

In fairness, even Al Sharpton felt forced to play defense attorney for the president.

Steven Rogers is clearly off base if not just plain crazy.  I know a lot of ethnic groups that would love to be shunned by holding the top law enforcement spot, the face of the US to the UN and of course the presidency itself.

Rogers is upset that Obama did not name an African American to head Commerce and two other departments he named but that I can not honestly remember at this late hour.  Rogers’ rationale is that the three cabinet spots he would have liked to have seen Blacks in have a lot of impact on the Black community.

I think the president should send Professor Rogers an apology card that simply says in the words of 70’s Steve Martin “Well excuse me!”

First of all, Commerce or the other departments he named don’t just impact one community or group.  They impact all Americans.

Second, is this really where we still are?  We have the first African American president, something many said we’d never see in our combined lifetimes, and he’s got to deal with charges that he doesn’t care about Blacks because he didn’t appoint enough on some professor’s arbitrary score card?

Maybe Professor Rogers should spend more time studying history and less time trying to boost his profile by making ridiculously misguided comments on talk radio.

This Just In! McCain Consistent! Obama A Little Slick!

5 Mar

As I type there’s a $400 billion spending bill winding its way through Congress that’s telling us a little bit about both John McCain, President Barack Obama and the way business is getting done in DC these days.  The bill includes about 9,000 earmarks (for those who don’t know, earmarks are those little perks for the folks back home that politicians insist on putting in bills in exchange for their support of  someone else’s bill).  Anyway, those 9,000 earmarks, it turns out  add up to approximately $8 billion  out of the total of $400 billion. 

According to one Republican, Rep. Paul Ryan, his party is responsible for about 4,000 of the earmarks.  Whether Ryan’s number is exactly accurate or not is debatable.  Maybe you could find a Democrat who’d say he’s way off and that Republicans are behind 60% rather than 40% of the earmarks.   The point is that when you’re talking 9,000 earmarks it’s pretty clear both parties are still doing business as usual. 

And for that I say HOW DARE THEY!  Here we are in the worst ecomonic situation since the Great Depression and our representatives in Congress are busy padding spending bills with goodies to make sure they get re-elected by the voters back home.  When will both parties get their heads out of their collective ass and realize that we can’t go on wasting money this way?  WHEN?  I say!

Look, I took junior high math and I even passed it.  I know that $8 billion out of a $400 billion spending bill is a small fraction.  But, this isn’t about math.  This is about real lives.

At a time when America is struggling to make ends meet how do our representatives in DC justify blowing $8 billion?  Think of all the good that this small fraction of the gigantic spending bill could have done if actually applied to things we REALLY need.

On the flip-side of all of this is Senator John McCain.  McCain hates earmarks.  And he’s remarkably consistent about talking about it.  I’m sure he’s signed off on some in his past, but he’s done a good job this week railing against them.  I think he did America a favor by taking the president to task for supporting this bill when President Obama has pledged to change the way these things go down in Washington.  So cheers to John McCain.  Let’s hope he keeps on fighting against business as usual.

That all said, I’m still glad Senator McCain didn’t win this past fall.  I think it’s one thing to take positions like his as a senator.  It’s a whole other thing to stay so strong in your positions when you’re the president and the country is counting on you to get things done, which brings us to one Barack Obama…

What does the Obama Administration have to say about their support off a bill laden with pork and clearly against the spirit of what they sold the American people?  It’s interesting.  President Obama and his team are taking a slick approach on this one.  The spin is that this is actually a spending bill that had been hammered out under President Bush and so they’re letting it get through “as is” due to the dire circumstances of our economy requiring swift action.  But, they are promising that moving forward they’ll be fighting earmarks with ever fiber of their being.

Nice spin, but total bull-@@@@! 

The fact is that President Obama has had no trouble turning over his predecessor’s rulings previously.  Why the problem now? 

Furthermore, the president blew an opportunity to really set a tone.  There’s still time.  As someone who thinks the president is doing a good job so far and was happy to see him elected in the first place (I’m no Rush Limbaugh…), I encourage him to think seriously about re-visiting  his support of this spending bill.

Whether he was president or not when the bill was written, it’s his responsibility to make sure it’s a good piece of legislation when he signs it into law.  Obama is clearly trying to have it both ways here.  That move may end up costing him down the line.

It’s good to be a little slick after all, but you’ve got to be careful you don’t end up getting lost on a slippery slope…

A Shock Jock Runs The Republican Party! And That’s Only The Second Worst Thing To Happen To Republicans This Week!

4 Mar

On the heels of the ELECTED head of the Republican Party apologizing for nothing to blowhard Rush Limbaugh comes more bad news for the GOP.  A Wall Street Journal poll reports that the president that Limbaugh hopes fails currently has his highest approval ratings ever.

After six weeks on the job, according to this poll, Americans overwhelmingly approve of the job the Obama Administration is doing.  Americans, the poll finds, are blaming Republicans for the lack of bipartisanship in our nation’s capitol.

Boy oh boy, that’s bad news for the GOP.  Looks like the GOP’s “principled stand” against Obama’s stimulus package is being read by Americans for what it truly is… politics as usual.  Republican leadership just doesn’t get it.  Now is not the time for back in the day politics.  Now is the time for new ideas not old platitudes.

No amount of election losses  can get it through the thick heads of the GOP elite.  The mood in the country has changed and it’s not changing back quickly.

Michael Steele would have been much better off telling Rush he’d never cow tow to him rather than embarrassing himself by apologizing to a guy who is busy defending the polices that most Americans think got us into this economic mess in the first place.

It’s too bad because America could use a second party of new ideas right about now…