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Why Nuclear Weapons Prove Obama Is A Faithful Husband!

6 Apr

I’ll give the president this.  He does NOT like to take the easy way out. 

Case in point, today I read that he’s revamping US nuclear weapons strategy to make it less vague.  He’s going to move the US towards a policy of a more narrow use of nuclear weapons. 

According to this NY Times article online at MSNBC:


the president even has the US not using nuclear weapons in the case of certain biological attacks.

Now I’m no blood-loving hawk and I generally think the less we rely on nukes the better.  On the other hand, I’m not some hippy dippie tree hugger who doesn’t believe that we in fact have some enemies that look to hurt us.  9/11 taught us that much.

Mostly, I’m no expert on nuclear weapons as effective deterrents, but I kind of liked a vagueness to our policy.  Sure, it’s not the perfect moral policy. But, I do think it helps to keep our enemies a little unsure of what our exact policy is.  Why spell out when we wouldn’t use nukes?  Isn’t that just asking for trouble?

For all any of us know, this may in fact be the right policy decision.  I for, one, was none to comfortable with the last adminstration’s attitude of shooting first and asking questions later. 

But, if I’m asking questions then I can only begin to imagine what mileage the talk radio right will be getting out of this.

President Obama’s decision on nuclear policy is debatable.  What’s not debatable is that short-term it’s awful politics.  It plays right into the hands of the stereotypes the right-wing media loves to dole out. 

It wasn’t the easy road.  That would have been doing 800 other smaller and non-controversial things.  In the president’s mind though, I’m guessing it was the right road.

And so here’s the point.   Long wait!  I know. 

But, if this president is so willing to take on the tough tasks, not take the easy way out, and stay committed to doing what’s right, than I’ve got one last guess about him. 

This is probably a man who is faithful to his wife. 

Either that or he’s addicted to taking huge risks.   Wait, that would be another of my favorite presidents, Bill Clinton.

How To Become Parent Of The Year In 5 Easy Steps! (Must read if you love your children!!)

3 Mar

This is a true story.   Welcome concerned parents.

Here’s how you become a parent of the year candidate.

1 – Rob a convenience story with your husband, wife, partner, etc

2 – Keeping ever mindful of the learning opportunities of a “bring your son or daughter to work day”.  Bring your child with you.

3 – Make a clean get away.

4 – Take a moment to celebrate with aforementioned son or daughter along with spouse

5 – Come to the shocking (although some day even you will see some humor in it) realization, that during the getaway you forgot to take your kid with you.

Said kid is now in care of the authorities and you are certain to be caught and potentially give up your parenting rights.  Which, if you think of the first five steps you took, is probably the greatest favor you could do for your offspring.

That’s it.  Simple.

(Source for the original story came from Mike & Mike this morning on ESPN Sports Talk Radio – so blame them if not completely accurate.  The list on the other hand, is all me…)

Dammit!! I Miss The Old Days When Politicians Just Cheated And Didn’t Say Sorry!

3 Jul

Bill Clinton got spiritual counseling.  Eliot Spitzer dragged his poor shell shocked wife to the podium with him as he let the world know he’d been spending time and money with call girls.  Jim McGreevey decided he was a gay American.

And now South Carolina’s sometimes absent Governor Mark Sanford is taking it all to a new level.  First, he’s caught in a more dramatic way than anyone before him.  But that’s nothing compared to when he got started talking!

Here’s just a bit of what we’ve learned so far.  The affair in question was no run of the mill booty call.  No.  This was a love story.  I’m sure his wife was glad to hear that.  Then, he referred to his mistress as his soul mate.  Again, not thrilling for Sanford’s wife to hear. 

Sanford admitting trying to break off the affair multiple times, but he just couldn’t.  You know, cause this was his soul mate after all.  Soon after coming out with all those beauties, the governor admitted crossing the line (but NOT SEX) with other women.  That was restricted to the soul mate, who was not his wife.

And now, just moments ago, I saw a web headline stating that Sanford is saying he thinks it’s possible that his wife might forgive the affair.  Perhaps she’s coming around to understanding that what this is is indeed a tragic love story in which the gov just could resist pursuing his one true love?  Seems like a long shot to me.  But what do I know about their marriage?

I try really hard not to attack people’s personal lives, but Sanford is making it trulyimpossible to avoid commenting.  His behavior is unbelievable.  At minimum, he’s showing a true disregard for his wife and family by continuing to talk and reveal personal  business in a misguided attempt to save his political future.

On the other hand, his strategy seems so ill advised that it’s got me thinking the goal isn’t to repair his future prospects so much as to get his wife to dump him.  Maybe he’s a romantic after all and just does want to be with his Argentinian lover.

Whatever the case may be, I’m fed up with cheating politicians who feel they must apologize and share details with the public that the public has little right to know. 

Kennedy never apologized.  Sure the press was different back then, but the point’s the same.  Kennedy, for whatever his flaws, was a man who stood by his decisions and actions.

Just once I’d like to hear a politician say “you know what, I did it and it’s none of your business why”  or if he/she had to reveal info than I’d like it go more like this:

“I cheated cause my partner and I are done.  Our marriage is a shell.  There’s no more sex between so went looking elsewhere in a misguided attempt to find affection”


“You know what?  Sex with one person for the rest of my life just wasn’t my bag, man.”


“No freaking comment!”

Now THAT would be refreshing.

The Perfect Father’s Day Gift!

19 Jun

I want one!!

How To Help Kick Autism’s Ass! My Shocking Confession!

19 May

Let’s get this out of the way.  I vote.  And I’ve got lots of opinions.  And a little free time (not much), so that’s why I blog.

But today I did something I’ve never done before.  I actually wrote to my rep in the House.  A friend of mine is spearheading a campaign to get support for a bill coming up that would require insurance companies to pay for treatments that can really help autistic children.

My friend lept into action once his child was diagnosed.  Sadly, his is not the only family I have met touched by autism.  I’m sure you can say the same.

What the cause is we don’t know.  What the cure is we can’t say, yet. 

What we do know is that more and more cases are being diagnosed.  And while there’s not a cure, there are some things that can help.  Unfortunately, loving parents are finding out that their health insurance is not always set up to cover the expenses.  So, children and families suffer.

Now is an incredibly tough time for all of us.  Yet, I think we should all be able to agree that we should take care of kids first and foremost no matter what. 

Here’s how you can do your part.  Click on the link below for the Autism Votes website.


From there all you have to do is send one little email to your representative in the House.  Took me all of 3 and a half minutes.

I thank you for your consideration.

The Opposite of Hot!

19 Feb

Let me preface by saying that I always feel creepy when I post anything that smacks of a personal attack on someone for something they can not control like their looks.

That said, I must report that last night I discovered what the opposite of hot is while watching a re-run of 80’s sitcom Family Ties.  In the episode, the plot revolved around mom Elyse Keaton re-starting her folk singing career.

And there it was…. The opposite of hot is Meredith Baxter-Birney playing AND singing folk music.  As repulsed as I was, I could not turn away.  Maybe it was like slowing down to check out a highway accident as you drive by, but I couldn’t change the channel as Baxter-Birney sang snippets of five or more folk songs each one worse than the one before. 


Maybe I’m just a masochist.  Anyway, a couple of post scripts.

First, I think I was moved to write this post because the episode combined two things that I’ve never understood the appeal of:  Meredith Baxter-Birney and folk music.  Neither have ever done it for me and combining the two made it hypnotically bad and as a result, almost addictive.  It was like the evil twin of peanut butter cups, which of course combine two great things.

Second, while I’ll never apologize for my negativity toward folk music, it must be noted that my feelings on Ms. Baxter-Birney are just that, my personal reaction to her. 

Clearly, had we ever been single in Hollywood at the same time, Baxter-Birney would have thought herself out of my league.  And perhaps she would have been right.  Ms. Baxter-Birney has had an accomplished acting career and at least some of that is due to people generally finding her appealing and perhaps even attractive.  Again, I can’t really say as she just doesn’t do it for me.

I think the root of my problem with Baxter-Birney may go to my high school geometry teacher.  Let’s call her Ms. Geometry.  Ms. Geometry looked like Baxter-Birney and came off a bit like the ex-hippie that Baxter-Birney played in Family Ties. 

Ms. Geometry came into my life just as I was in the midst of full blown puberty.  She was attractive, but completely humorless and seemingly devoid of any personality.  The combination was mighty confusing to this teenage boy.  At a time when my hormones made almost any breathing human female not related to me seem HOTT, Ms. Geometry’s lack of personality actually turned me off.  During this time, she was probably the first attractive woman I knew to be able to accomplish that feat.

So there it it.  That’s the reason I don’t find Meredith Baxer-Birney attractive.  She reminds me of my high school geometry teacher.

And they say teachers don’t have an impact…

10 Chick Flick Cliches! (Video)

15 Feb

Sure, it’s a blatant promotion for a movie, but it’s worth a look cause it’s funny and true!