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Grant Hill Loses His Damn Mind!

8 Jul

Grant Hill has always seemed a class act to me.  While injuries stopped him from fulfilling his promise as one of the first “next Jordan’s”, Hill has to be admired for the way he’s battled back.

He actually played a ton of games last year for Phoenix and was an effective member of the Suns’ squad.  At an advanced age and having made a bunch of money in his career, you’d think the last motivation left for Grant Hill would be a championship.

And you’d be wrong.

Rumors are swirling that Hill is going to sign with the New York Knicks.


Even if everything breaks the Knicks’ way, LeBron won’t even be in Manhattan for another year.  By then the brittle Hill will be one year closer to 40.  How much will he have left?

And has he looked at the Knicks’ roster recently?  That team is more than a LeBron James and old version of Grant Hill away from a title.

Apparently, the Celtics are in the Hill chase too.   Here’s hoping Grant Hill regains his sanity long enough to sign on with Garnett and the gang.

Playing in Boston would give him a much better chance to go out a champion.  And not even Michael Jordan did that….

Are Eight Points Worth The End Of A Dynasty?

28 Feb

Stephon Marbury scored eight points last night off the bench in his first game for the reigning NBA champion Boston Celtics.  In 13 minutes, Marbury rang up 8 points that included six points during a 9-0.  Sounds good and Marbury said all the right things about just wanting to win after the game.

Then, you find out that Marbury was a minus seven for the game.  Following in hockey’s footsteps, basketball is now placing increased importance on plus/minus averages.  We could debate all night how valuable plus/minus truly is.

In this case, I think the plus/minus says it all. 

Marbury will score some points for the C’s, but in the end the negative will outweigh the good.  That’s the way it’s been for all the pro teams he’s played for so why would it change now?

Boston is going to find out the hard way that a dynasty can easily end before it ever really gets started.

There’s No Crying In Basketball (Except Boston)!

9 Dec

So that’s why they call Glen Davis “Big Baby”…

No shame in a man crying.  Unless it’s over a basketball game your team is up double digits in.

Never Like To See Anyone Lose Their Job, But!!! (Part 2)

9 Oct

The Berlin Wall fell.  The Red Sox won not one but two championships.  Matt Millen finally took the fall in Detroit.  And now this!

Elgin Baylor is out as the GM/VP of Ops for the LA Clippers.  Baylor had been with the Clippers since the mid ’80s.  1986 to be exact.  Twenty two years of Donald T. Sterling.  Elgin Baylor should probably get a medal for that.

Elgin Baylor, with Donald Sterling, is responsible for twenty two years of mostly REALLY bad basketball.  A few years ago, the Clips woke up a little bit and Baylor even got Exec of the Year honors.  But, a winning tradition still hasn’t taken hold.  At 74, Baylor decided he’d seen enough losing and resigned.

As some of you who read this blog know, I’m in my early 40s (yet still incredibly sexy).  The unfortunate part of all this to me isn’t that Elgin Baylor lost his job.  It’s that since I’ve been following basketball Mr. Baylor has become synonymous with losing.  The Clips are a joke and he’s been a bigger joke as a GM regardless of his one Exec of the Year trophy.

Elgin Baylor deserves more than that.  For people older than me, Elgin Baylor is more than that. 

Elgin Baylor is an NBA legend.  He was Dr. J before Dr. J.  And he was a winner.  Although, in a cruel twist of fate, he never played for a team that won it all in the finals.  As if to rub it in, following his in season retirement, his Lakers teammates went on to win it all without him. 

Elgin Baylor was a great NBA player, but he had horrible luck including the misfortune of coming up against Bill Russell way too often.  It’s too bad more of us don’t remember him as a fantastic player rather than an overmatched GM.

To start correcting that, here’s a quick NBA bio and shots of Elgin Baylor at his best:

Enjoy your retirement, Mr. Baylor.  You’ve earned it!

The Classiest Moment In Sports (and we needed it)!

22 Jun

Hey kids!  Ignore the first 2:20 of this clip and check out NBA Champ Kevin Garnett get over his euphoria enough to bear hug All Timer Bill Russell.  Whether you’re a Celtics fan or not, you have to get goose bumps over KG asking Russell (who has 11 titles by the way – look it up, youngsters!) if KG and his teammates made Russell proud.  This is the kind of a moment we should see far more often in sports.  Savor it cause you won’t see another like it for too long!


A Celtics Fan Confesses It’s Good Being Back On The Bandwagon!

14 Jun

Well, I’ve got to admit it.  I’m officially a bandwagon jumper.  The greatest NBA Finals comeback off all time got me back on the Celtic bandwagon after more than a decade away.  And the kicker is I really didn’t even see it!

I guess the first step in my re-dedication to the Boston Celtics took place when it became clear it was going to be a Celtics Lakers Finals this year.  Growing up during the time of Bird and Magic, I couldn’t help but be curious about this series.  I rooted for the Celtics’ then Big Three of Bird, McHale and Parrish way back when.  Still, there was no way I could hate Magic or Kareem not with the great brand of basketball they played.  Sure, I wanted the Celtics to beat the brains out of the Lakers every time they matched up against them, but I never actually hated LA.  To me, those were the best years of the NBA.

What of the Jordan years?  Good question!  No doubt Michael gave us lots of thrills over the years and it’s hard to argue against such excellence.  But, I have two problems with the Jordan era.

First, everybody is so busy anointing MJ as the greatest ever that they forget that Bird and Magic were pretty darn good too.  Magic played center in a Finals game as a rookie and scored something like  40 points.  The man could do it all at will with a smile on his face.  As for Bird, was anyone ever as competitive and as smart on the court while shooting, rebounding and passing so well?  It’s worth noting that Michael won exactly nothing when he faced Magic and Bird in their primes. 

For me, what made the Bird-Magic years so (yes I’m gonna say it..) MAGIC was that they were two once in a lifetime talents whose careers completely paralleled.  As fans, we were lucky to see two great players go against each other for years.  It gave us great basketball.  The problem with Jordan is his timing.  Michael never ran up against a worthy adversary in his career. (Remember how The Mailman failed to deliver for Utah?) Doesn’t mean that there couldn’t be anyone how’d give him a run for his money.  It’s just that it worked out that there was no Bird or Magic or Wilt in their prime when MJ came along.  Good for him.  Bad for us as fans.  Frankly, six championships is pretty boring unless of course you happen to be a Bulls fan.

My second problem with the Jordan years is Scottie Pippen.  If Michael is slightly overrated than I can’t even begin to describe how overrated Scottie Pippen is.  He made the Top 50 All Time NBA Team.  He’s a guy who never won anything without Michael.  He’s also a guy who refused to enter a playoff game because his coach dared to draw up a last minute play in which he wasn’t the guy taking the shot.  Yup, that sounds like one of the 50 greatest ever to lace ’em up in the NBA…

Anyway, back to me and the bandwagon.  I tuned in late in the first quarter to see that the Celtics were down by about twenty.  At that point, I shut the TV, chalked it up to being in LA and went back to being productive around the house.  Of course being a man, I can only be productive for so long and eventually I put the game back on.  It was early in the fourth and I was shocked to see the Celtics down by only two.  I was hooked.  I wanted to go to bed, but I just had to stick around to see if the Celtics could complete the greatest comeback ever.  You know how this ends.  They did.  I go to bed happy.  And the Celtic Bandwagon just got a little more crowded.

One great comeback in a marquee finals match up washed away the deaths of Len Bias and Reggie Lewis, Larry Bird’s bad back, and years and years of futility.  All of a sudden, I’m a Celtics fan again!  Beat LA!

I know.  I’m as surprised as you are.

Are The Pistons Crafting a Brave Legacy?

15 May

At first blush, you might think that the NBA’s Detroit Pistons and MLB’s Atlanta Braves have nothing in common.  You’d, of course, be wrong.

The Pistons and Braves have success in common.  Long term success.  We all know the Braves’ story.  Something like 14 straight division titles.  All they’ve done since the 90s is win, win and win some more.

It might have slipped past you, but that’s all Detroit’s done for this Millennium.  After eliminating Orlando recently, Motown’s Bad Boys earned their (are you sitting for this?) SIXTH straight Eastern Conference Finals appearance.  Sure the East has been down in quality for a while, but you’ve got to give it to Detroit for their consistency and success.  Six straight anything is not an easy thing.

Here’s the catch.  There’s a dark side to this tale of accomplishment.  During Atlanta’s winning run, they made won exactly one World Series.  Think about that.  Smoltz, Glavine, Maddux, not to mention the Jones boys added up to exactly one world series title.  Unlike say the Buffalo Bills in the NFL, the Braves actually did break through to win one.  Still, the Braves lack of championships puts a damper on almost twenty straight years of phenomenal regular seasons.

Back to Detroit.  Six straight conference titles later and how many NBA titles do they own?  One.  And after that one, they still couldn’t keep Larry Brown from leaving town.  Detroit needs to step it up title wise or they’ll soon have their legacy tainted by thoughts of what could of been like the Braves.

What are their chances this year?  Who knows? 

They’ll either face LeBron and Co or a Boston team that ripped through the regular season only to struggle on the road during the playoffs.  The Pistons beating either wouldn’t be the greatest upset ever. 

Following that, they’d rep the East against one of this quartet:  New Orleans, Utah, LA or San Antonio.  There’s no easy road here.  Chris Paul is killing everyone he’s been up against.  Utah has the biggest home court advantage in the league.  LA’s got Kobe playing like an MVP, even if Chris Paul should have gotten the trophy.  And, well, San Antonio is the flip side of the Pistons.  They’ve made the most of their playoff runs.

If the Pistons can somehow break through, they’ll have earned the right to no longer be compared to the Braves as well as a proud legacy all of their own.

Me and Maddux are betting against them.

Rockets Win 20 Straight! Is It time to Take Them Seriously?

13 Mar


Here’s the deal.  I used to be a big time NBA fan.  Truth is I haven’t been that in a long while.  However, tonight, something caught my eye.  The Houston Rockets just won their 20th straight game.


To put this in perspective, only two other NBA teams have ever achieved this long a win streak before.  During the 70-71 season the Milwaukee Bucks won 20 in a row.  A year later, the Los Angeles Lakers shattered that mark by winning a mind blowing 33 straight. 

 Now, the Rockets are on pare with those two legendary squads.  Don’t remember those teams?  Here’s a quick refresher both the Bucks and Laker teams in question went on to win NBA titles.  The Bucks had two all time greats in Lew Alcindor (or was he already Kareem by then?) and long suffering but supremely gifted veteran Oscar Robertson. 

As for the Lakers, in 71-72 they set the then regular season record with 69 wins and had a all star squad that included two 25 point per game scorers in Gail Goodrich and Jerry West, who you may remember from the NBA logo plus an older Wilt Chamberlain playing a different and very effective kind of ball.

Did I mention the Rockets are doing this without Yao Ming, who was injured in mid-streak?  Incredible, right?  T-Mac may yet shed his loser label.

Although, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  Last time I checked Rick Adelman hadn’t won anything as a head coach.  And come playoff time, are you really taking the Rockets versus the Spurs or Lakers?  Besides those two, there’s a lot of talent still in old standbys Phoenix and Dallas while not even mentioning that New Orleans, Utah and,yes, Golden State are all playing at over a .600 winning clip. 

With the tough level of competition in the West and the Celtics revival in the East, it’s no cinch that the Rockets will be any more than a footnote by season’s end.  Take heart though, Houston, you’ve revived an old time fan’s interest in the NBA.

And that should count for something.