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Shocker! Republican Leadership Is Racist!!

27 Dec

John "Chip" Saltsman, campaign manager for Former Arkansas Gov. and Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee, attends a Little Rock, Ark., news conference, Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2007. From AP Photo by Danny Johnston.

(Mr. Chip Saltsman, self-appointed polical satire expert and apparently a bit of a douchebag)

There’s an old saying that you might have heard in a mafia movie somewhere along the line.  It goes like this “the fish stinks from the head.”  What it means is that if an organization has troubles or problems functioning properly, you can be sure that the people at the top are part of the problem.

On Friday, we found out that the old saying certainly applies to the troubled Republican Party.  Back in Karl Rove’s day, the GOP was quite effective in getting elected by going negative.  Unfortunately for Rove’s party and America, when you run an almost entirely negative campaign, you end up polarizing the country and being unable to govern effectively.

The fact is that to truly cause change in any direction, it’s not enough to define strongly what you’re against.  You’ve actually got to stand for something.  Both Barack Obama and Rick Warren seem to understand that and as a result, despite their political differences, they see the advantages of aligning with each other for the inauguration ceremony.

Unfortunately, for rank and file Republicans (many of whom actually believe in stuff and are not racists), the GOP leadership is still stuck in the negative mindset.

This past Friday it was reported that Chip Saltsman, a Tennessee Republican who is running for the top spot of the Republican National Committee, sent RNC members a special Christmas gift, the gift of racism and negativity.  Nice holiday spirit all round, Chipster!

 The CD, which is titled “We Hate America” includes a song “Barack the Magic Negro” set to the tune of “Puff the Magic Dragon”.  Apparently the song has been played on Rush Limbaugh’s very negative radio show since 2007 and according to the Saltsman, it’s clearly political satire. 

You know what?  I’m willing to buy that.  If that was the only song on the CD that veered into hate mongering territory than I’d be happy to believe that Saltsman is just a fun loving guy who enjoys a good political satire, even when set to a lame song like “Puff The Magic Dragon.”

Then, I found out that the rest of the “We Hate America” CD  includes songs such as “John Edwards’ Poverty Tour,” “Wright place, Wrong  Pastor,” “Love Client #9,” “Ivory and Ebony” and “The Star Spanglish Banner”.   
Hmmmmm….  Sure they all have catchy beats, but….
Not being completely naive, it seems to me that whoever wrote this CD and whoever would feel comfortable enough to send it around to their friends, might just have a problem with African Americans and Spanish people.  The CD title along with their song titles reflects a great deal of negativity and fear.  It’s all about what someone is against.  It’s all about who someone is against.  It’s not the kind of CD anyone should be proud to share or defend as political satire.
But remember, Mr. Chip Saltsman isn’t just no one.  He was the national campaign manager for Mike Huckabee’s presidential campain  AND he’s currently running for the head of the RNC!  Is this who ordinary Republicans want  leading their way?
And what does it say about the atmosphere among Republican leadership when Saltsman felt so comfortable sharing the CD with other top Republican leaders?  This is why the GOP is stuck in negativity and hate.
This is why I will continue to hope Barack Obama proves to be the real deal and governs by standing for something and giving us something to rally toward rather than rally against.
As for the GOP, rank and file Republicans should do America and their party a favor and chop the head off of their stinking fish…

Six Shocking Ways John McCain Can Lose My Vote!

12 Apr

Here’s my opinion.  America is going to be better off no matter who wins this presidential election.  I truly believe John McCain, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton would all be better at the whole “president-ing” thing than the current president.

I’m also one of those true independents, at least in this election.  I am more likely to vote Democratic to be 100% honest.  But, there is a realistic chance for John McCain to capture my vote.

Off the top of my head, here’s a few ways he can lose it:

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#6 – Make a bad VP choice.  If there’s a Huckabee on the ticket.  I’m outta there.

#5 – Surround himself with people tight with President George W. Bush.  My feeling is Bush and his crew have had their shot.  They’ve left us with the mess in Iraq.  If McCain has to go with Bush loyalists and wants my vote, he’d better go for the pragmatists that hung out with George W’s daddy.

#4 – Keep confusing Shiites and Sunnis.  When one of your key strengths is supposed to be foreign relations, it’s not good to keep making that error.  Once was enough, but it was plain embarrassing when it happened again in Congress this week.

#3 – Keep racking up endorsements from crackpot religious leaders like the infamous Reverend Hagee, who delights in calling the Catholic Church “a whore” among other things.  (PS – Barack Obama please read this paragraph closely)

#2 – Campaign using the usual Republican/Conservative playbook.  Demonizing and swiftboating isn’t gonna get this vote.

#1 – Keep lying about watching shows like “The Hills”.  It was unbelievable to begin with and so typical of a politician.  Not a good moment for the senator.

I’m sure there’s lots more, but for Senator McCain’s sake, here’s hoping he doesn’t find them.


BFD. John McCain Clinches The Nom!

5 Mar

McCain wins 4 states, clinches  nomination, CNN projects

Doing what everyone fully expected, John McCain sewed up the GOP nomination tonight.  Now, for McCain, it’s on to the general election!  If only, the Democrats would hurry up and let him know who to concentrate fire at… 

Ok, so McClain clinched.  Now what? 

Let’s talk VPs!  Who will McCain pick?

Darned if I know, but one has to wonder if Huckabee stayed in the race as long as he did just to be able to say he got the second most amount of delegates and thus has a case for the #2 slot on the GOP ticket.  Even though Huckabee undeniably would have appeal in certain parts of our great nation, I can’t see McCain going in that direction.  I suspect that whatever voters Huckabee would be able to bring to McCain’s campaign, he’d also cost McCain in independent voters who are scared of Huckabee’s penchant for wanting to remake our constitution courtesy of his bible.

BFD… Mitt Romney Endorses John McCain! World Yawns…

15 Feb

Today’s BFD… Mitt Romney endorses John McCain.  Wow!  I’m shocked. 

You mean after all that bad blood, Romney is going to turn around and say that John McCain is the best guy to lead our country after all?  Romney changing positions, that’s new…

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But really what choice was Mitt Romney left with?  Was he really going to bet his political future on “Miracle” Mike Huckabee?  Don’t think so.

Romney is a flipper but an endorsement of Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama seems a stretch even for him.

Everyone loves a winner and of course, so does Romney.  It’s his best shot of staying relavant.

So, it’s no surprise that Romney has endorsed McCain.  But, what exact value does the Romney endorsement bring to the McCain camp?

Hmmm…  Guess we’ll put Utah in the McCain camp. 

Other than that, with a campaign that sqaundered away tens of millions only to find a complete lack of enthusiasm for his candidacy, I don’t see how a Mitt Romney stamp of approval is going to help McCain.

Mitt Romney Needs A Celebrity Tough Guy Endorsement. Stat!

1 Feb

Mike Huckabee started it off with Chuck Norris. Today, John McCain jumped on board with Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Governator of California.

If you’re a Republican presidential candidate in 2008, an endorsement from a celebrity tough guy is a must have.

You know Mitt Romney, currently running second to McCain and with no tough guy endorsement, has to have staff scouring ’80s action films and TV series.  Given that I spent a lot of the ’80s (OK, who’s kidding, a lot of my life) watching bad TV and film, who better than me to lend the beleaguered Romney campaign a little free advice?

Here’s one man’s short list of action stars that Romney could draft to support him along with some pros and cons for each:

Sly Stallone

Pros: Plays not one but two iconic figures, Rocky & Rambo, both of which start with the letter “R” as in Romney or “Reagan” who “R”epublicans worship.  Also, both of his characters are underdogs who win in all at the end, which would dovetail nicely with a Romney comeback.

Cons: Rambo couldn’t take the top box office spot this past weekend, coming in second to Meet The Spartans.  Could Stallone’s appeal be slipping?  Then, there’s the baggage of his recent admission of human growth hormone usage.  Why would Romney risk getting caught up in that mess?

Steven Seagal

Pros: Still has wide appeal with straight to DVD audience.  Speaking of wide, has put on some pounds and would be slimming next to Romney.

Cons: There’s the hair.  There’s his ambition to make music.  And simply doesn’t have the name recognition of a Stallone.

 Jackie Chan

Pros: Known world around.  Does his own stunts.

Cons: There’s the language issue.  And he’s not an American citizen, which could backfire on Romney given his stance on immigration.

Jean-Claude Van Damme

Pros: I see the bumper sticker already.  Dammit all, I like Romney!

Cons: Another non-U.S. citizen.  In fact, he’s from Belgium, which most Americans don’t believe exists and would find confusing. In addition, he’s been married like 30 times, which would be awkward for Romney’s family values platform.

If none of the above work, don’t panic.  Romney could always set his sights on A-Lister Bruce Willis or go real old school with pistol packing Chuck Heston.  That’s old testament conservative, baby!

Is Conservatism Dying? 2008 Rocks!

31 Jan

This election already ranks as  the most interesting in my four decades on the planet and it’s not close to over yet.  It’s truly exciting to think about how many firsts we’ve seen so far.

The big headline of course is of what may be.  2008 may give America our first female or first African American President.  I keep hearing from people  (among them women and African Americans) that Americans are not ready to vote either a woman or an African American into the White House. 

Hear it here and here it clear.  America’s ready.  I think the turn out on the Democratic side proves it.  Those people in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina among other places, weren’t coming out for Republicans in that same way.  And they certainly weren’t coming out to vote for John Edwards.  They were coming out for Clinton and Obama.  We are a nation ready for change and hoping it’s going to happen.  The only question is whether Clinton and Obama are respectively the right woman and African American.

Though we are a nation looking for new direction, that does not guarantee a Democrat is going to get into the White House.  On the Republican side, while the possibility of the first Italian American President is temporarily gone, John McCain may yet prove to be the first candidate to rise from the dead to claim the title of Commander In Chief.  Of course, if McCain fails, we may get our first ever Morman President.  Governor Romney may also prove to be the first presidential candidate to at one point have supported every position possible on every issue.  Let’s just say he keeps all his basis covered.

Taking another second on the conservative side of things, another first is that no matter who leads the Republicans, it will be the first time in decades that the Republican candidate has questionable conservative credentials.  McCain is many Democrats favorite Republican for his stands on immigration, ethics reform and general willingness to break ranks with his own party.  Romney, despite his current protests, wasn’t particularly conservative while serving as governor.  And though he’s in need of a miracle, it’s worth noting that Huckabee too has been accused of liberal views. 

When you add it up, it looks like conservatism may be fracturing making it a tough year to be Rush Limbaugh.  Even if his side wins, he loses.  Then again, on some level, I guess that every year is a tough year to be Rush Limbaugh.

New Hampshire Is Very Good To John McCain

9 Jan

Go to fullsize imageCall him the new comeback kid.  McCain wins New Hampshire for the second time and completes his comeback to front-runner status.  What an amazing ride for the Senator.  His campaign was left for dead this summer and now thanks to the Granite State, he’s out in front of the pack despite being outspent something like two to one by rival Mitt Romney.

Given that independents can vote in either the Republican or Democratic primary, I wonder if McCain’s big win at all affected the votes that came Barrack Obama’s way.

With Huckabee winning Iowa, McCain taking New Hampshire, Romney loaded with money and Giuliani still pinning his hopes on Florida, this contest (like the Democrat’s) won’t be over for a while.   Is Fred Thompson just napping or is he still in the race?

Huckabee & Obama Win Iowa – You Heard Half of It Here First!

4 Jan

29667577731.jpgHate to say I told you so, especially when I didn’t.  You can check the post below and confirm that my predictions last night were on the money 50% of the time.  (About the same level of success as a typical Shaq foul shot.) Mike Huckabee took the Iowa Republican Caucus as I predicted.  He did so by a rather large margin that has to leave Mitt Romney feeling discouraged.


On the Democratic side, Barack Obama won in a much tighter race. As this is being written, Hillary Clinton and John Edwards, who I predicted to take Iowa, are still fighting it out for second place.

While I’m upset at not nailing both contests, I’m happy at how it turned out.  I was hoping for Huckabee and Edwards victories because I felt they would keep both races wide open, which would be good for the nation.  I think Obama winning and Edwards’ showing strong showing will keep things interesting on the Democratic side for a while.  Hillary conceded as much moments ago in a speech rallying supporters to prepare for a nationwide (read LONG) fight for the nomination. 

And clearly things will stay interesting on the Republican side too for the forseeable future.  Romney has to figure out how to beat John McCain in New Hampshire or risk falling too far behind to catch up despite his massive personal fortune.

Start the countdown to Fred Thompson dropping out!                                                                                 

Mike Huckabee & John Edwards Win Iowa Caucus Races

3 Jan

That’s right.  You heard it here first (or maybe you didn’t – let’s not fight).2008_01_02t124926_450x307_us_usa_politics1.jpg 

Mike Huckabee (rocking out at left) and John Edwards both will claim the top spot in their respective Iowa Caucus races. 

What’s this based on?  A complex process that involves a dart board, three and a half beers and my friend’s pet monkey, but more about that later.

Huckabee will win simply because he has the fervent support of the conservative Christian voters in the Hawkeye state.  They will show up for their boy.  Not only that, but fighting off Mitt Romney’s millions, makes Huckabee an underdog.  And people love an underdog.  Think about it, who roots for Darth Vader except Yankee fans?  This may be voters last chance to vote for someone who isn’t one of the big money candidates and they will take the opportunity now that Huckabee’s poll numbers make him viable in Iowa.

3670618811.jpgAs for Edwards (show apparently demonstrating a choke hold on his wife), no one has spent more time in Iowa since 2004 including most of the state’s population.  Depending on the poll you look at, Edwards is close.  His supporters will come out and given the way Democrats caucus in Iowa his chances are strong.  All his hard work will pay off as votes for other non-viable candidates will switch to Johnny Hair Cut & he will claim victory in the end.

The good news is that Huckabee and Edwards winning means both races will stay open a while longer, which is a good thing for this country.  We are at a critical juncture and all of us should think long and hard about who we vote for in the upcoming primaries and the general election.

In the interest of fairness, the monkey demanded a better picture of John Edwards than the headlock one I used above.  Who am I to argue?