The World According To Sarah Palin! Which Is Worse The N-Word Or The R-Word??

20 Aug

I’m pretty queasy whenever a topic related to censorship is brought up.  After all, this is America and the way I understand it unless you’re advocating for someone to get hurt, you’re allowed to say what you want.

That said, there are clearly a few words that are mostly better left unsaid.  Two of them are in the title of this post.

Read a great column from Alfred Doblin today where he takes on a certain former vice presidential candidates’ hypocrisy related to both words. 

Here it is:

Call me naive, but could Sarah Palin just be playing politics? 

Say it ain’t so, mama grizzly!

2 Responses to “The World According To Sarah Palin! Which Is Worse The N-Word Or The R-Word??”

  1. Ryan Kantor August 29, 2010 at 1:34 am #

    What a great article. I am not a Palin hater or lover. I am a the rare person who is apathetic towards her, but that article made so many good points.

    The R-word and the N-word have gotta be over blown because my roommate subjects me to terrible rap that says the N-word 25 times person song and the R-word was an everday word back in highschool.

    While I don’t want a Mosque in Park Place (Arabs are already calling it the “Victory Mosque”) the constitution is pretty clear, is it not?

    Also of note. I would like to know how the taging feature on wordpress works. Does it help you on search engines?

  2. tidewaterjackson August 30, 2010 at 2:39 pm #

    Hi Ryan,

    First off, thanks for taking time to check out this blog and comment. Even more so, thanks for clicking through to Alfred Doblin’s article and reading it with an open mind. I don’t link to other’s work too often, but agree with you that he makes so many excellent points and that’s why I had to share it.

    As for the mosque issue, I’m still processing. It’s a complex issue and I don’t want to write about it without time to really think it through.

    On tags – yes, think they help people find your posts at least if they’re looking on wordpress.

    Thanks again,
    Tidewater Jackson

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