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Sarah Palin Doesn’t Know Where The U.S. Is At War!

2 Nov

Either she’s easily confused, simply misspoke because she’s so tired, or is projecting the future with a war against Iran as a key part of the McCain/Palin Plan…

If McCain pulls out a win on Tuesday, I’m hoping for the middle option.

Sarah Palin Pranked!

1 Nov

Leave it to two Canadian comics to get more access to Sarah Palin than the entire American news media!

Of course, they had to pose as the President of France to do it…

Obama To Biden “Don’t Help, Joe!”

21 Oct

Here’s a clip of Joe Biden talking to fundraisers about the early days of a potential Barack Obama presidency and how the world might set out to test him:

Really and truly, I think Joe Biden is speaking truth and also believes Obama would be ready for the crisis he predicts.  But sometimes things are just better left unsaid especially when you’re trying to get yourself and your running mate voted into The White House.

PS – Is the McCain commercial using this bite out yet??

It’s Poke Fun At The VPs Day!!

17 Oct

With counting skills like these, let’s hope Obama keeps Biden busy with foreign policy stuff should the Democrats win.  No economic assignments for Joe Biden please!

Sarah Palin To Join Monty Python?!

17 Oct

John Cleese seems mighty impressed with her.   

As a comedian…

This One Goes Out To John McCain – Classic Biden Gaffe!

11 Oct

 John McCain really impressed me today.  He actually told the truth about Barack Obama.  He told a crowd that he was a decent family man, who we shouldn’t be scared of should he win the White House. 

(See that video clip in the post prior to this one)

Anyway, in an effort to encourage continued such behavior from Senator McCain and cause he’s been having a really tough time lately, I thought it only right to post the below video clip of one of Joe Biden’s classic screw ups.

Cheer up, Senator McCain!  I hope this brings a little chuckle to your face.  American War Heros deserve that much, if not an automatic pass to the White House.

All the best,

Tidewater J.

Palin Report Finds She Abused Power, But That’s Not The Real Story!

11 Oct

Guess if I’d had more time to reflect on it earlier today, I would’ve realized that the McCain Campaign putting out its own report vindicating Sarah Palin of abusing her power was a bad sign for Sarah Palin.

Now comes the news, that yes, according to the investigation commissioned by the Alaska’s bi-partisan Legislative Council, Sarah Palin abused her powers as Alaska’s Governor.  McCain supporters will point to the incredibly stupid statement of Hollis French, the state senator overseeing the investigation in early September that the result might lead to an “October Surprise” for the GOP as proof of the bias of the investigation.

Why French would have ever said something like that is beyond my understanding.  That said, I don’t think the big learning here is about whether this report is biased or whether Sarah Palin did or did not abuse her executive power.

The big story here is John McCain.  Throughout this campaign we have seen glimpses of how each candidate would lead.  In McCain’s case, more and more it seems to be that rather than being described best as maverick, the term erratic may be the best fit.

John McCain is and was a legitimate candidate for the U.S. Presidency.  He is a true American hero.  He has a long, mostly uncheckered history of service in the U.S. Senate.  He is clearly more experienced than his rival for the White House.  He has, on occasion and to his great credit, bucked his own party on matters of principle and policy.  He has at times worked effectively with members of his party’s opposition.  In short, McCain has a lot going for him.

Over the course of this campaign, however, the issues of his judgement and decision making process have clearly come into question.  Palin being found guilty today is just the most recent example of his being burned by last minute, throw anything that sticks, impulsive choices.

Let’s even suppose the report is totally biased and that Sarah Palin is completely innocent of the charges made against her.  Furthermore, let’s suppose that the entire bi-partisan commission was blatantly influenced by their desire to see Palin denied her shot at the Vice Presidency.

Ok, got that?  So, now the BIG question. Who’s fault is this mess?

Can you really blame the Democrats for jumping on such an opportunity (assuming that’s what they did and that’s why she was found guilty)?  You, can’t can you?  Would Republicans not seize a similar opportunity? 

Who handed the Democrats this opportunity?  In perhaps one of his most effective efforts at working with those across the aisle, John McCain gave Democrats this shot at Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin should never been picked as John McCain’s running mate.  First, she wasn’t ready.  Second and today, more importantly, she had some skeletons in her closet that were about to come outside and take a little walk for all to see.  Where was the vetting process?

Why would John McCain put himself and his party in this position?  Where was his judgement?

In a week in which Senator McCain needed some good news, whether this report is biased or not, he has only himself to blame for today’s bad news.

PS – In an effort to be fair, I’m including links to the coverage of the report finding from both Fox News and CNN.  Enjoy!