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And Speaking Of Stupid! Let’s Talk About The Democrats!

6 Nov

OK, so clearly I’m a bit cranky today. 

Stupid seems to be on my mind, having just pointed out Ohio Republican John Boehner’s ignorance, I feel compelled to highlight the shortcomings of his opponents in Congress.

Maybe the reason I’m cranky is that I spent some time earlier today reading reaction to this week’s election results.  Some pundits and a number of (stupid) Democrats have made the case that Democrats should run for the hills.

The theory goes that two Republican wins in Governor’s races in Virginia and New Jersey show that the public is unsure about President Obama’s agenda.  Of course, it shows nothing of the kind.

First off, why the focus on these two races.? Didn’t any of them read about the race for the Rep seat for New York’s 23rd District?  In can you didn’t, in that one, a super conservative forced out the Republican’s nominee only to be trounced by off all things the Democrat in the race.  And this was in a very conservative district!  So essentially in a lay up situation, the GOP clanged it off the rim.  So, why no stories about the end of conservatives?

Getting back to the governor’s races, it’s fair to ask if Obama can take any hint from the results.  There’s a saying that all politics are local and some pundits and Democrats are saying that people were voting on local issues  in VA and NJ and not on the President’s agenda. 

I know people in NJ.  Many.  And I can tell you that Corzine could have been a Republican or Independent and still lost.  NJ simply didn’t like John Corzine.  Whether bad timing or simply bad performance, Garden Staters simply didn’t see many accomplishments.  People in NJ voted against a sitting governor who could not lower the nation’s HIGHEST property taxes and who’s party has a fantastic track record of corruption.  Many of the people I know in NJ voted against Corzine and still support the President. 

As for Virginia, from everything I’ve read the Democrat there simply ran an awful race while his Republican opponent ran a smart race focused on the issues people care most about.  But, bottom line is that despite Democrat’s significant gains there, is it really a surprise when Virginia goes to the GOP??

So back to stupid Democrats…  I read earlier today that this week’s election losses suggested a change in tactics.  They felt they should perhaps not be so on board the Obama bandwagon. 

Nothing could be stupider.

Hear me now, Democrats.  The people voted you in for change.  And that’s what you need to deliver.  The answer is not backing down, but standing up for what you believe in and delivering on the promises you made to your constituents.

I belive John Warner made a very fair point that the climate change bill (as well-intentioned as it may be) might not be the very best use of Congresses’ time when people are struggling to keep their houses, jobs and lives.

So, if Democrats must change tactics, then follow that line of thinking.  Make changes, but make them about what matters most to Americans right now, pocketbook issues.  Work to create jobs and opportunities.

I believe healthcare reform is a big part of that.  It’s time  for Democrats to be bold, get it passed on move on to tackling other big issues that will affect the quality of all our lives.

Better to have an imperfect victory or two to bring to voters in 2010’s midterm elections than the same old same old.

Once In A While, Even A Jack Ass Can Be Useful! Thank You, Joe Wilson!

11 Sep

Rep. Joe Wilson speaks to reporters outside of his office on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday.

Despite his best intentions, South Carolina’s Rep. Joe Wilson is going to go down as a health care reform hero.  The American public is a lot of things.  We’re easily manipulated on health care reform or for that matter practically any new social programs. 

Ironically, once we have a social program in place like say social security, the American public will fight like hell to make sure it doesn’t get taken away.  So, yes, we do flip flop, especially when we  see the benefit that our admittedly imperfect government can make in our lives.

What the American public does not flip flop on is rudeness toward the president of the United States.  Sure, there are some who will see Joe Wilson as a hero for echoing what they feel, whether what he said was true or not.  And for the record it was NOT.

But, for the overwhelming amount of Americans, there’s a time and a place to heckle an American president.  During an address to Congress while you’re actually a member of Congress, is NOT one of those times.

Joe Wilson is learning that the hard way.  He also fumbled away the political football and with it very precious momentum. 

Coming into his speech last night, President Obama was the man under pressure.  There’s no putting a good face on the ugliness of August.  Clearly, the drive for health care, upon which Obama has placed so much of the future of his administration lost steam.

But, last night the game changed.  The president gave a convincing performance and got a big assistant from Joe Wilson on two fronts.  First, Wilson’s boorish behavior swung public sympathy toward the president.  We simply don’t want our leader treated that way.

Second, Wilson’s fellow conservatives (who should give him a severe beat down politically) were forced all day to answer questions about Joe Wilson.  That, of course, saps their momentum.  Every second conservatives in congress have to answer Joe Wilson questions is a second they can’t be spreading the fear and falsehoods upon which reform opposition is based.

Further, in the president’s speech and the administration’s comments since it was clearly signaled that the public option many people have been worried about is not a “must have”.

So let’s review…

Obama was calm.  Rational.  He adopted a John McCain idea.  He is also willing to go without a public option.  All while his party has majorities in both houses.  He even accepted Wilson’s apology gracefully saying we all make mistakes.  Finally, as if on cue, stats came out today that reported the number of people with out health insurance increased AGAIN this past year.  President Obama has clearly regained some momentum and is looking like the bigger (perhaps slightly) bi-partisan man. 

Joe Wilson lost his cool.  Joe Wilson spent the day apologizing as did his cronies. 

Joe Wilson made a big mistake.  And now it’s going to cost him politically. Health care reform is that much closer to a reality.

And it’s thanks to Joe Wilson’s inability to stop behaving like a jackass.  I knew that’d come in useful some day!

Congress Yucks It Up While Wasting Our Time & Money! Proof!

24 May

Republicans in the House recently tried a stalling tactic that the Democrats got around by hiring a speed reader.   In the end, everyone had a bi-partisan laugh riot.  And the American people have the proof that both parties aren’t working hard enough to get us back on track…

Republicans Still Foxy After All! In Shocker They Pause Spending Bill!

7 Mar

Let’s put it out there.  I think a lot of what the GOP has done since the election of our new president is wrongheaded.  They have seemed tone deaf and in denial about the desire for change the election signaled.  I get that they were shut out of drafting the stimulus legislation in the House, but giving only 3 GOP votes on the stimulus bill strikes me as self-defeating.  When our economic nightmare is over, people will remember who was helping and who was playing politics. 

For the GOP there will be a price to pay at the polls.

So it struck me as quite a shock to find out the GOP is still foxy after all.

This morning I read how the Republicans had stopped a $400 billion spending bill pregnant with 8,000 earmarks in its tracks.  I had recently written that Obama was making a mistake not challenging all the earmarks in this bill and that the representatives involved should be ashamed.  How, at this time of crisis, do we let business as usual play out to the tunes of several billion dollars of unnecessary spending I asked. 

I guess the GOP was asking for the same question.  At this point, they’ve stalled the legislation.  Good for them and maybe us.   Stopping earmarks now has to be a winning political issue and if we can chisel out a few billion of waste from the $400 billion in spending than perhaps we can put it to better use or at least into my bank account (that last part is a joke for those of you from the IRS…)

Anyway, the president is pretty foxy too or slick as I also recently wrote.  He’s a bright guy.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see him turn around on this bill and join the Republicans fighting against that bill.

That’d be bipartisan after all….

This Just In! McCain Consistent! Obama A Little Slick!

5 Mar

As I type there’s a $400 billion spending bill winding its way through Congress that’s telling us a little bit about both John McCain, President Barack Obama and the way business is getting done in DC these days.  The bill includes about 9,000 earmarks (for those who don’t know, earmarks are those little perks for the folks back home that politicians insist on putting in bills in exchange for their support of  someone else’s bill).  Anyway, those 9,000 earmarks, it turns out  add up to approximately $8 billion  out of the total of $400 billion. 

According to one Republican, Rep. Paul Ryan, his party is responsible for about 4,000 of the earmarks.  Whether Ryan’s number is exactly accurate or not is debatable.  Maybe you could find a Democrat who’d say he’s way off and that Republicans are behind 60% rather than 40% of the earmarks.   The point is that when you’re talking 9,000 earmarks it’s pretty clear both parties are still doing business as usual. 

And for that I say HOW DARE THEY!  Here we are in the worst ecomonic situation since the Great Depression and our representatives in Congress are busy padding spending bills with goodies to make sure they get re-elected by the voters back home.  When will both parties get their heads out of their collective ass and realize that we can’t go on wasting money this way?  WHEN?  I say!

Look, I took junior high math and I even passed it.  I know that $8 billion out of a $400 billion spending bill is a small fraction.  But, this isn’t about math.  This is about real lives.

At a time when America is struggling to make ends meet how do our representatives in DC justify blowing $8 billion?  Think of all the good that this small fraction of the gigantic spending bill could have done if actually applied to things we REALLY need.

On the flip-side of all of this is Senator John McCain.  McCain hates earmarks.  And he’s remarkably consistent about talking about it.  I’m sure he’s signed off on some in his past, but he’s done a good job this week railing against them.  I think he did America a favor by taking the president to task for supporting this bill when President Obama has pledged to change the way these things go down in Washington.  So cheers to John McCain.  Let’s hope he keeps on fighting against business as usual.

That all said, I’m still glad Senator McCain didn’t win this past fall.  I think it’s one thing to take positions like his as a senator.  It’s a whole other thing to stay so strong in your positions when you’re the president and the country is counting on you to get things done, which brings us to one Barack Obama…

What does the Obama Administration have to say about their support off a bill laden with pork and clearly against the spirit of what they sold the American people?  It’s interesting.  President Obama and his team are taking a slick approach on this one.  The spin is that this is actually a spending bill that had been hammered out under President Bush and so they’re letting it get through “as is” due to the dire circumstances of our economy requiring swift action.  But, they are promising that moving forward they’ll be fighting earmarks with ever fiber of their being.

Nice spin, but total bull-@@@@! 

The fact is that President Obama has had no trouble turning over his predecessor’s rulings previously.  Why the problem now? 

Furthermore, the president blew an opportunity to really set a tone.  There’s still time.  As someone who thinks the president is doing a good job so far and was happy to see him elected in the first place (I’m no Rush Limbaugh…), I encourage him to think seriously about re-visiting  his support of this spending bill.

Whether he was president or not when the bill was written, it’s his responsibility to make sure it’s a good piece of legislation when he signs it into law.  Obama is clearly trying to have it both ways here.  That move may end up costing him down the line.

It’s good to be a little slick after all, but you’ve got to be careful you don’t end up getting lost on a slippery slope…

Andy Pettitte is a Liar & You Heard It Here First!

14 Feb

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Yes, today it was confirmed that while Andy Pettitte may be a Christian, he is in fact a liar nonetheless.Of course, if you’ve been stopping by Full Contact, then you knew this already because you’d read this post:

In my original post on Pettitte, I railed against the notion that just cause Andy comes off like a nice guy & claims to be religious that his admission of using HGH only twice should be unchallenged.  I could not have been more on the money.

It turns out that Pettitte admitted to Congress that he in fact had used HGH again in 2004.  And for good measure, he noted that he got the HGH from his sick father.  What a hero.  Not only is he a cheater, but now he’s taking his father down with him.

Go to fullsize imageFor his admission of being less than honest with the Mitchell Report investigators, what do you think Andy Pettitte’s reward was?  Praise.  It’s incredible.  John Gotti died in jail, but Andy Pettitte is still Teflon.  Everyone keeps falling for this nice guy defense.

Go to fullsize imageHenry Waxman, a Congressman investigating this mess and apparently not such a bright guy, went so far as to say “Mr. Pettitte’s consistency makes him a role model on and off the field”.

Which Mr. Pettitte was he talking about?  Maybe he meant Andy’s dad.  I can only hope so because so far the last thing that Andy Pettitte has been in this situation is consistent. Unless you’re talking about the lying.

Not Even Congress Can Touch Andy Pettitte When It Comes To Drug Abuse!

12 Feb

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While Andy Pettitte has always been a notch or two below a front of the rotation ace on the mound, it’s becoming increasingly clear that when it comes to drug abuse no one can touch Andy Pettitte.  Pettitte is known as a good guy, people say he takes his Christian faith very seriously and because of that people trust that he’ll do what’s right.  I’m a Christian too and I’m not seeing it that way.Let’s examine…

Go to fullsize imageFirst, the Mitchell Report comes out and shock of shocks Andy’s name is on it.  Pettitte immediately comes out to confirm that he did in fact use HGH but only for a few days.  His public statement, which may or may not be true, is brilliant.  He’s either one smart cookie or he got himself a great group of advisers.

Pettitte’s explanation was effective because it got him out in front of the story.  He admitted he did it.  However, he was able to say that it was a for a short time only and for a very good reason. Pettitte’s spin or logic (you call it) was that he was injured and simply took the HGH to try to get back sooner to help his team.  What a team guy!

People loved his explanation because it fit public perception of him.  Not only was he doing the honorable thing in admitting it, but his motivation was for love of his team.  He wanted to help.  What people are missing is that he wanted to help anyway he could even if it meant cheating.  That doesn’t fit Andy’s public persona so people just throw that part of the story out.

Go to fullsize imageEqually infuriating to no now but me is that legions of fans, talk radio hosts and other assorted geniuses, have relied on Pettitte’s deep religious beliefs as a reason to believe that he’s telling the truth now.  I’ve got news, people.  Christians lie.  So do Jews, Muslims and Buddhists.  Human beings lie.  In a world where we’ve seen Jim Bakker and Jimmy Swaggart have to publicly repent for their sins, in a world where Newt Gingrich now admits that he was cheating on his wife while pursuing his nemesis Bill Clinton for the Lewinski scandal, why do we so easily swallow that Andy Pettitte is so religious that he wouldn’t lie?

Go to fullsize imageFinally, today comes the news that Pettitte will now NOT appear before Congress with ex-pal Roger Clemens.  It seems that Andy has answered all of Congress’s questions to their satisfaction already.  As a reward, Andy will not be forced to say something potentially damaging in public about his former workout buddy.  I guess it wouldn’t be “Christian” for Pettitte to have to tell the truth about the Rocket and say something that casts the legendary pitcher in a bad light.

As a fellow Christian, it doesn’t strike me as very brave or morally right to duck a chance to truly set the record straight. Your mom and mine told us if we have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all.  I don’t think, however, that they were thinking about us talking to Congress about performance enhancing drugs.  I think a good Christian goes before Congress and tells all.  That’s what I think Jesus would do.  After all, he was all about  throwing your best fastball down the middle no matter what the consequences.