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A Shock Jock Runs The Republican Party! And That’s Only The Second Worst Thing To Happen To Republicans This Week!

4 Mar

On the heels of the ELECTED head of the Republican Party apologizing for nothing to blowhard Rush Limbaugh comes more bad news for the GOP.  A Wall Street Journal poll reports that the president that Limbaugh hopes fails currently has his highest approval ratings ever.

After six weeks on the job, according to this poll, Americans overwhelmingly approve of the job the Obama Administration is doing.  Americans, the poll finds, are blaming Republicans for the lack of bipartisanship in our nation’s capitol.

Boy oh boy, that’s bad news for the GOP.  Looks like the GOP’s “principled stand” against Obama’s stimulus package is being read by Americans for what it truly is… politics as usual.  Republican leadership just doesn’t get it.  Now is not the time for back in the day politics.  Now is the time for new ideas not old platitudes.

No amount of election losses  can get it through the thick heads of the GOP elite.  The mood in the country has changed and it’s not changing back quickly.

Michael Steele would have been much better off telling Rush he’d never cow tow to him rather than embarrassing himself by apologizing to a guy who is busy defending the polices that most Americans think got us into this economic mess in the first place.

It’s too bad because America could use a second party of new ideas right about now…

One Obama Supporter Asks For A Side Order Of Substance!

29 Jan

I don’t pretend to be an expert on economics or even what President Obama is advocating for in the coming massive bail out package.  I do pretend to be and am actually someone rooting hard for the new president to make good.

When Barack Obama first started talking about an economic rescue package he often referenced the things FDR did all those years ago to try to revive the battered American economy.  I’ve been reading a lot of opinions on what Obama is planning to do and one criticism keeps nagging at me.

Where is the substance?  What will be accomplished with all of the money?  Sure, we’ll spend it and hopefully it will point the economy in a better direction.  But, then what?

What will we have left behind?  I know that even FDR didn’t spend all of the cash on bricks and mortars stuff.  I also realize that this crisis gives the new president an opportunity to take on much more than the economic slump, as bad as it is.

It’s wise of President Obama and his team to think of ways to use this crisis to achieve changes to social programs and entitlements that greatly effect the American economy.

It’s just that I thought the actual investment in something concrete would be much deeper than what I’m hearing.  I may have the numbers a bit wrong but my recollection is that about $90 Billion will go toward repairing our highways and bridges and other infrastructure.

Not bad right?  Don’t be too sure.  Remember that the  recovery package is zooming past $800 Billion as I type and you read (thanks for that by the way).  So, the percentage going toward infrastructure isn’t as impressive when looked at as a percentage. 

Worse yet, let’s talk about Ike.  President Eisenhower, when he went about creating a nation highway system, funded it to the tune of $25 Billion and that was in 1950s dollars which would make it worth say 800 gajillion dollars today.  Ok, I made that gajillion thing up, but you get the point.  Again, that $90 Billion that Obama is offering isn’t so impressive in comparison.  And PS, the total cost on our highway system came to over 110 Billion.  But, aren’t we glad we have it now?

Unlike certain rotund right wing radio blowhards (yes, you Rush Limbaugh), I do want to see the president (any US president) and America win.  So, I’m rooting and hoping that Team Obama knows what they’re doing.

I just hope there’s something left over after the recovery package for future generations to remember it by.

To Seat Or Not To Seat?! The Franken, Burris, Obama Mess!

7 Jan

For the record, I’m an Al Franken fan.  I even paid top dollar back in the day to actually watch “Stewart Saves His Family” or whatever it was called in a real movie theater.

It wasn’t so much Franken’s comedy career that turned me into a fan, but rather his writing career.  I’ve read two of Franken’s books.  The first was “Rush Limbaugh Is A Big Fat Idiot”, which was very funny and made great political points.

He had me from the start when he pointed out how he (the dreaded Liberal) had been married to the same woman for over 20 years while many of the  “family values” crowd could not say the same thing.  Most of the guys in conservative leadership at that time like Bob Dole and Newt Gingrich had been married multiple times and some had cheated on their wives.  It was devastatingly funny and effective in pointing out hypocrisy of the right. 

The second Franken book I read was less funny, but he took the extradinary step of footnoting the source of every example he cited to support his arguments.  He did so to bolster his case that many in politics and the media, especially those on the right, no longer care whether what they presented as fact was actually, in fact, fact.

So having enjoyed both Franken books, I was enthused when he announced for the senate.  I’m enthused now at the prospect of him serving.  That said, I don’t think he should begin serving anytime soon.

What exactly is the big rush to seat Al Franken?  I suspect that politics has gotten the best of Al Franken on this one.  I believe that his campaign has been fighting tooth and nail to get every Franken vote counted, as well he and they should. 

However, in the process, Franken has lost perspective.  I think Franken the author and political commentator would urge that Franken the candidate let the process play out.  Franken’s challenger should have every opportunity to exhaust all of the challenges afforded him under state law.  Then and only then, should Franken be seated.

If Franken plays politics as usual and goes along with the Democratic majority in Congress to jam him in there at the first available moment, then Franken the politician will start off as a tainted senator.  Franken will be just another of the politics as usual guys.

I was hoping for more from Al Franken.

See full size imageSpeaking of which, the President-Elect is coming into office touting a new day in Washington under his watch.  Yet, he too, seems eager to seat Franken prior to Coleman exhausting all his legal options.  It would be nice and smart of Barack Obama to approach the matter in a more bi-partisan way than he currently is.  Obama ought to make the mandate about getting every vote counted rather than getting in one more Democratic senator.  After all, Obama doesn’t really need Franken in the senate, but he will need Republican goodwill if he truly wants to bring about big change in America.

And then there’s Roland Burris, who was refused a senate seat today.  I don’t even know what to say about his situation.  He sure seems desparate to be a senator.  I suspect he’s probably right that his appointment is legal.

After all, the governor is still at his desk.  He has not yet been convicted of anything.  So, shouldn’t the appointment stand?

All that being the case, it still smells of bad politics.  I almost feel sorry for Roland Burris, but then I think about his acceptance of the job under these circumstances.

And then I realize he’ll probably fit into Washington very nicely….

Shocker! Republican Leadership Is Racist!!

27 Dec

John "Chip" Saltsman, campaign manager for Former Arkansas Gov. and Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee, attends a Little Rock, Ark., news conference, Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2007. From AP Photo by Danny Johnston.

(Mr. Chip Saltsman, self-appointed polical satire expert and apparently a bit of a douchebag)

There’s an old saying that you might have heard in a mafia movie somewhere along the line.  It goes like this “the fish stinks from the head.”  What it means is that if an organization has troubles or problems functioning properly, you can be sure that the people at the top are part of the problem.

On Friday, we found out that the old saying certainly applies to the troubled Republican Party.  Back in Karl Rove’s day, the GOP was quite effective in getting elected by going negative.  Unfortunately for Rove’s party and America, when you run an almost entirely negative campaign, you end up polarizing the country and being unable to govern effectively.

The fact is that to truly cause change in any direction, it’s not enough to define strongly what you’re against.  You’ve actually got to stand for something.  Both Barack Obama and Rick Warren seem to understand that and as a result, despite their political differences, they see the advantages of aligning with each other for the inauguration ceremony.

Unfortunately, for rank and file Republicans (many of whom actually believe in stuff and are not racists), the GOP leadership is still stuck in the negative mindset.

This past Friday it was reported that Chip Saltsman, a Tennessee Republican who is running for the top spot of the Republican National Committee, sent RNC members a special Christmas gift, the gift of racism and negativity.  Nice holiday spirit all round, Chipster!

 The CD, which is titled “We Hate America” includes a song “Barack the Magic Negro” set to the tune of “Puff the Magic Dragon”.  Apparently the song has been played on Rush Limbaugh’s very negative radio show since 2007 and according to the Saltsman, it’s clearly political satire. 

You know what?  I’m willing to buy that.  If that was the only song on the CD that veered into hate mongering territory than I’d be happy to believe that Saltsman is just a fun loving guy who enjoys a good political satire, even when set to a lame song like “Puff The Magic Dragon.”

Then, I found out that the rest of the “We Hate America” CD  includes songs such as “John Edwards’ Poverty Tour,” “Wright place, Wrong  Pastor,” “Love Client #9,” “Ivory and Ebony” and “The Star Spanglish Banner”.   
Hmmmmm….  Sure they all have catchy beats, but….
Not being completely naive, it seems to me that whoever wrote this CD and whoever would feel comfortable enough to send it around to their friends, might just have a problem with African Americans and Spanish people.  The CD title along with their song titles reflects a great deal of negativity and fear.  It’s all about what someone is against.  It’s all about who someone is against.  It’s not the kind of CD anyone should be proud to share or defend as political satire.
But remember, Mr. Chip Saltsman isn’t just no one.  He was the national campaign manager for Mike Huckabee’s presidential campain  AND he’s currently running for the head of the RNC!  Is this who ordinary Republicans want  leading their way?
And what does it say about the atmosphere among Republican leadership when Saltsman felt so comfortable sharing the CD with other top Republican leaders?  This is why the GOP is stuck in negativity and hate.
This is why I will continue to hope Barack Obama proves to be the real deal and governs by standing for something and giving us something to rally toward rather than rally against.
As for the GOP, rank and file Republicans should do America and their party a favor and chop the head off of their stinking fish…

Bob Grant Proves Republicans Have It Tougher Than African Americans!

21 Oct

Bob Grant is about a 110 years old.  For what seems like at least half that time, he’s been busy polluting the air waves of the New York area and beyond.  Currently, he’s on WABC Talk Radio out of that great bastion of Conservative Though, New York City.

I was driving home tonight and listening to Mr. Grant discuss Colin Powell’s recent endorsement of Barack Obama.  More specifically, he was following up on fellow blowhard Rush Limbaugh’s comments that Powell was endorsing Obama cause it was a Black thing (I’m paraphrasing but that was the sentiment).

Anyway, Grant was talking about how it didn’t matter since Democrats get about 94% of the Black vote in each presidential election.  Then, he followed that up with saying that if an African American ran for president as a Republican that he/she would certainly get less than 94% of the Black vote.

Grant than used the argument in the above paragraph to twist it into the following thought.  Grant said that since less Blacks would vote for a Black Republican than they would for a Black Democrat running for president that this proved that Republicans are more discriminated against than African Americans.

And that’s blowhard logic for you.  What Grant conveniently ignores is the fact that his party’s extreme wing is made up of intolerant people.  Often, when listening to that part of the GOP, I am amazed at how good they are at saying what they are against (the rest of the world, liberals, democrats, liberal democrats, gays, the non-religious, lots of times the non-Christian, pre-marital sex unless it involves Sarah Palin’s daughter and on and on).  I’m equally amazed at how bad they are at making a strong case for what they seem to be for (war, a Jesus that is into war and wants you, but only you and your friends to be rich).

So, yes, Grant’s example may be correct.  Blacks might be less inclined to support a Black Republican versus a Black Democrat.  But, that in no way proves that Republicans are more discriminated against than African Americans.  What it proves is that the GOP has a terrible history of being inclusive and coming up with any message that resonates in minority communities in general.

And just so Grant can understand.  Let’s compare what Republicans and African Americans have had to endure in recent years.  You make your own conclusions.

Republicans belong to country clubs.  African Americans have been denied admission to those same clubs – sometimes by (gasp) Republicans.  Republicans opposed the Civil Rights Movement.  African Americans used the Civil Rights Movement to advance the cause of American ideals.  Republicans do not get racially profiled, but sometimes support laws that result in African Americans being unfairly profiled.

I could go on, but it’s late and after all Republicans have been discriminated against enough already.  Just ask Bob Grant.

Is Conservatism Dying? 2008 Rocks!

31 Jan

This election already ranks as  the most interesting in my four decades on the planet and it’s not close to over yet.  It’s truly exciting to think about how many firsts we’ve seen so far.

The big headline of course is of what may be.  2008 may give America our first female or first African American President.  I keep hearing from people  (among them women and African Americans) that Americans are not ready to vote either a woman or an African American into the White House. 

Hear it here and here it clear.  America’s ready.  I think the turn out on the Democratic side proves it.  Those people in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina among other places, weren’t coming out for Republicans in that same way.  And they certainly weren’t coming out to vote for John Edwards.  They were coming out for Clinton and Obama.  We are a nation ready for change and hoping it’s going to happen.  The only question is whether Clinton and Obama are respectively the right woman and African American.

Though we are a nation looking for new direction, that does not guarantee a Democrat is going to get into the White House.  On the Republican side, while the possibility of the first Italian American President is temporarily gone, John McCain may yet prove to be the first candidate to rise from the dead to claim the title of Commander In Chief.  Of course, if McCain fails, we may get our first ever Morman President.  Governor Romney may also prove to be the first presidential candidate to at one point have supported every position possible on every issue.  Let’s just say he keeps all his basis covered.

Taking another second on the conservative side of things, another first is that no matter who leads the Republicans, it will be the first time in decades that the Republican candidate has questionable conservative credentials.  McCain is many Democrats favorite Republican for his stands on immigration, ethics reform and general willingness to break ranks with his own party.  Romney, despite his current protests, wasn’t particularly conservative while serving as governor.  And though he’s in need of a miracle, it’s worth noting that Huckabee too has been accused of liberal views. 

When you add it up, it looks like conservatism may be fracturing making it a tough year to be Rush Limbaugh.  Even if his side wins, he loses.  Then again, on some level, I guess that every year is a tough year to be Rush Limbaugh.

Republicans Love Hillary Clinton

26 Jan

Image PreviewIf you watched the Republican Debate the other night, then you know who’s the Democrat most loved by Romney, McCain & friends.  It’s our former First Lady and current Senator from the great state of New York, Hillary Clinton.

Frankly, I’ve seen this coming for a long time.  Clinton is a smart woman who might make a terrific president.  I just don’t like her chances for getting there. 

Go to fullsize imageFirst, she is a very polarizing figure.  A lot of people really hate her and equate her with all that’s wrong with politics and politicians in this country.  I don’t feel that way but I can’t deny that sentiment is out there.

And second, she comes with a ton of baggage.  Baggage, which makes prospective opponents on the Republican side wake up with joy (if not an actual erection) each morning at the thought of running a campaign against her.

You know the minute (who am I kidding, it’s already started) she clinches the nomination, Republicans are going to the skeleton closet to drag out Vince Foster, Travel Gate, White Water (my favorite waste of time and massive money) and of course Monica Lewinsky.  It’s going to be like buying a Republican Greatest Hits CD.  All their old favorites are going to be on it.  Let’s just say Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and their brethren are counting down the seconds.

And the question is how is any of this going to move the country forward?

This blog was not approved by Hillary Clinton.

Bonus pic of scary right wing talk radio hosts:

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