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Bob Grant Proves Republicans Have It Tougher Than African Americans!

21 Oct

Bob Grant is about a 110 years old.  For what seems like at least half that time, he’s been busy polluting the air waves of the New York area and beyond.  Currently, he’s on WABC Talk Radio out of that great bastion of Conservative Though, New York City.

I was driving home tonight and listening to Mr. Grant discuss Colin Powell’s recent endorsement of Barack Obama.  More specifically, he was following up on fellow blowhard Rush Limbaugh’s comments that Powell was endorsing Obama cause it was a Black thing (I’m paraphrasing but that was the sentiment).

Anyway, Grant was talking about how it didn’t matter since Democrats get about 94% of the Black vote in each presidential election.  Then, he followed that up with saying that if an African American ran for president as a Republican that he/she would certainly get less than 94% of the Black vote.

Grant than used the argument in the above paragraph to twist it into the following thought.  Grant said that since less Blacks would vote for a Black Republican than they would for a Black Democrat running for president that this proved that Republicans are more discriminated against than African Americans.

And that’s blowhard logic for you.  What Grant conveniently ignores is the fact that his party’s extreme wing is made up of intolerant people.  Often, when listening to that part of the GOP, I am amazed at how good they are at saying what they are against (the rest of the world, liberals, democrats, liberal democrats, gays, the non-religious, lots of times the non-Christian, pre-marital sex unless it involves Sarah Palin’s daughter and on and on).  I’m equally amazed at how bad they are at making a strong case for what they seem to be for (war, a Jesus that is into war and wants you, but only you and your friends to be rich).

So, yes, Grant’s example may be correct.  Blacks might be less inclined to support a Black Republican versus a Black Democrat.  But, that in no way proves that Republicans are more discriminated against than African Americans.  What it proves is that the GOP has a terrible history of being inclusive and coming up with any message that resonates in minority communities in general.

And just so Grant can understand.  Let’s compare what Republicans and African Americans have had to endure in recent years.  You make your own conclusions.

Republicans belong to country clubs.  African Americans have been denied admission to those same clubs – sometimes by (gasp) Republicans.  Republicans opposed the Civil Rights Movement.  African Americans used the Civil Rights Movement to advance the cause of American ideals.  Republicans do not get racially profiled, but sometimes support laws that result in African Americans being unfairly profiled.

I could go on, but it’s late and after all Republicans have been discriminated against enough already.  Just ask Bob Grant.

BFD… Colin Powell May Not Vote For GOP

10 Feb

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Colin Powell announced he might not vote for the Republican candidate this November.  Then again, he just may.If this was 1994, I guess I might care.  Unfortunately for Powell, it’s 2008.  Having been used and abused by a Bush Administration that made him the front man in the argument for a faulty war, these days the former general is mostly irrelevant.

Powell is left to wonder what might have been.  What if he had decided to launch his own bid for the presidency back when he was America’s hero?  What if he had not accepted a post in the Bush White House?  What if I could think of a stronger question to end this post with?

Oh yeah, here’s one to go out on.

Go to fullsize imageWho in America is going to be swayed by Colin Powell’s endorsement of a presidential candidate?

Answer:  Sadly, no one.

Powell has only himself to blame.