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Palin? Obama? Or Matt Cassel? Who’s Most Ready?

10 Sep

Stepping into a big new job is always stressful.  Sarah Palin, Barack Obama and Matt Cassel are all trying to fill some big shoes, but who is the most ready?  Good question!

Since this blog is focused squarely on politics, sports and (my favorite) nonsense, who better positioned to answer the question than Full Contact? Answer – nobody!  Now, on with the show!

As you likely know Sarah Palin is the GOP’s VP nominee, Barack Obama is the Democrat’s Presidential Nominee and Matt Cassel is filling in for wonder boy QB Tom Brady beginning this Sunday.


Sarah Palin – Hockey Mom, Mayor of a small town in Alaska, Served on Alaska’s Oil & Gas Conservation Commission, Two Years as Governor of Alaska

Barack Obama – The dreaded position of community organizer, one time media darling (prior to Palin), seven years in the Illinois State Senate, Liked the job so much he became a US Senator serving since 2004

Matt Cassel – Starting high school quarterback, back up quarterback at highly regarded USC to two Heisman Trophy Winner that he cheered on, 39 or so pro passes to date with no NFL starts prior to taking over for an injured Brady in game one this season.

The Debate

When looking at all three the question is who’s past will best prepare them for the challenges each will face.  Let’s start with Palin.  Does her time as a small town Alaska Mayor or a Gas Commissioner really prep her in any way shape or form for the VP spot?  Answer, no.  But that’s not all that’s on her resume.  She’s got a whole two years (that’s over 24 months) as governor of one of our sparest states.  Does that make her worthy of VP consideration?  These days, yes.  But the first duty of the VP is to be up to the challenge of replacing the president.

Given that her running mate is 72 years young, a survivor of multiple cancers and five years of torture at the hands of America’s enemies, I believe it’s very fair game to ask if she’s ready for the top job.  So, for the purposes of this comparison, we’ll grade her heavily on that factor and spend our time prayer for John McCain’s continued well being.

What about Barack Obama?  After picking Palin, John McCain doesn’t seem so bothered by his limited political experience anymore.  And it is limited indeed.  Obama has been like a rocket rising through the Democrat ranks surging past people like Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden on the way to the nomination.  Setting aside his time as a community organizer, which the GOP convention praised (McCain in fact implored people to become community organizers) and mostly denigrated (Palin), Obama has liked the title senator.  He’s been a state senator for seven years in a very big and influential state and then he moved up to the US Senate four years ago.  Does that qualify him to be president?

Interesting question and always one that I found odd.  Jack Kennedy seemed to do fine with about the same level of experience.  For that matter, George Bush who hasn’t done all that well, didn’t carry a huge resume into the White House either and yet there didn’t seem to be the same obsession with his readiness on the GOP side.  Maybe they realize how that worked out and have learned from it??

The reality is that Barack Obama is about as ready as anyone to be president.  Not only is there his time in the state and US Senate, but the proof is in the pudding.  The man has been at the head of one of the largest and most complicated yet successful campaigns of all time.  If all of that doesn’t add up to a readiness to be president, than I don’t know where the line should be.

Matt Cassel, as mentioned above, hasn’t started a game since high school.  Think about that, the keys to the Patriot’s kingdom are being turned over to a guy who did NOT make the first team in college.  It’s a strange world.  In addition to cheerleading the guys in front of him for four years at powerhouse USC,  Cassel has spent the last three seasons prior to this one cheering on and learning from Tom Brady and Belichick’s NFL coaching staff.  So, unlike both Obama and Palin, Cassel has actually had on the job training since 2005.

And as I said above, the proof is in the pudding.  Last weekend, when Brady went down, Cassel stepped in and delivered.  The Pats, with Cassel at the controls, started the year off as they usually do, with a win.


Cassel.  And this wasn’t even close.  When you add it up, Cassel’s got three years of on the job training and has already showed he could step up when called upon.  As he transitions to the starting role, Cassel will have Bill Belichick in his corner all the way.  Something tells me that Belichick will make sure he’s ready.

Here’s hoping Sarah Palin and Barack Obama have a Bill Belichick in their corner too…

Palin Vetting Mystery Solved!

6 Sep

This explains a lot to me.

Palin’s First Impression! JUST IN… She’s Fine. GOP Fresh Out Of Ideas!

4 Sep

Governor and now Vice Presidential Nominee Sarah Palin introduced herself to America tonight.  She did OK on the big stage.  And she may yet prove to be an asset to John McCain.

It was still very surreal to see her up there.  It really felt like something out of a movie.  Here was someone coming out of nowhere to claim a 50% shot at the second spot in our society and government.  I couldn’t help feeling like I’d like the plot a lot more if she’d somehow done more to earn it. 

Despite much of the right’s protests against allegedly liberal media, it should be noted that MSNBC (not Fox News) served up tons of shots of Palin’s handsome family.  In particular, the cameras repeatedly showed Palin’s youngest daughter holding her younger brother, who has special needs.

Palin and her family came across as real, nice, and ordinary Americans.  I truly got goose bumps when she spoke about her young son and her eldest who is soon off to Iraq.  So, job well done there.

As for her speech, Palin had no major bumps despite someone having to be escorted out for trying to (I think) run toward the stage in the middle of it.  During the speech, Plain showed she wouldn’t be shy about slamming Obama with the lines provided to her by the GOP’s yucksters.  A particularly good one was the one about a community organizer being like a mayor except without any real responsibilities.  A good zinger there, but of course it ignored both Obama’s time as a State and US Senator and her own lack of credentials to be a heartbeat away from the presidency.

Mostly, and remember I’m really trying hard to stay undecided until the debates, watching her speech as well as the entire night tonight, I was struck by one major item.  This campaign and perhaps this party is flat out of ideas.  What I heard from Sarah Palin and company was a lot of negativity about their opponents, repeated promises to bring vaguely defined change and of course the same tired GOP standards.

I think if Palin is really to help McCain and frankly if McCain is to help his own cause, they need to come up with some ideas of their own.  No doubt, as we heard over and over and over again tonight, John McCain is a bonafide war hero.  America certainly owes him a debt for his service.  America does not, however, owe him the presidency no matter how honorable his service and how horribly he was tortured.  Despite his military record, McCain still has to earn the job.

Equally, it’s absolutely true that the Republican base is going to go hook, link and sinker for the following appeals that defined tonight’s session: liberals are the problem, the media is the problem, our enemies are the problem.  For the core, chanting “USA, USA” and “America First” is going to be enough to get their vote out for McCain and Palin.

My guess and hope for America is that the undecided will need more in order to commit to McCain.  McCain owes it to himself and us to define himself in terms beyond his war service no matter how honorable and the standard GOP scare tactic appeals. 

As you can probably tell from this post, tonight’s session only further drove this undecided away from McCain.  What is it about getting thousands of Republicans in a room together that results in an underlying negativity that has always scared the crap out of me?

As for the Democrats, they too issued a lot of their same cliched appeals at their convention.  But, at the end of it, I got a real sense of where Barack Obama wants to take this country.  I don’t know if he can get us there, but it was an exciting possibility and vision for tomorrow.

The vision is what McCain and Palin need.  Sarah Palin didn’t trip up tonight.  She proved likable if not presidential, but there’s still time to get her there.

The GOP tripped up tonight.  If Sarah Palin is going to be a game changer then she has to bring a vision.  For all her success tonight, I just didn’t see it.  I’m guessing it’s not there.

Rudy Giuliani said tonight that his time as a lawyer taught him that when the facts aren’t on your side you make up new ones.

Tonight, we learned that when you’re out of any new ideas or any fresh vision, you just go to the old standbys and get the crowd chanting “USA, USA”.

I love America as much and maybe more than the next guy, but here’s hoping that undecideds ask for a few more specifics from the party that plunged us into an unnecessary war before chanting along.  And I say this only because I want John McCain and America to be the best they can be.

God bless America.

On Sarah Palin, I Agree With Peggy Noonan!

4 Sep

Here’s what happens when Republican talking heads Peggy Noonan and Mike Murphy think the microphones are off.  WARNING! The truth comes out.

Things really heat up about 45 seconds in:

Fair Is Fair! Embarrassing Joe Biden Clip!

3 Sep

I’ve been piling on Sarah Palin tonight and deservedly so.  But, I’m really trying to stay undecided until the debates.  So, to make up, here’s the clip Joe Biden and Barack Obama have to keep defending:

Running mates…. Can’t live with ’em, can’t run without ’em!

Cindy McCain Tells All About Sarah Palin’s Foreign Policy Experience!

3 Sep

Watch this clip of Cindy McCain describing Sarah Palin’s foreign policy experience and YOU TOO WILL BELIEVE!!

Where I come from they call this grasping at straws. 

Why, oh why, would McCain choose a VP candidate that completely takes the wind out of his best argument against Barack Obama?

Will This Horrible Sportscaster Be Our Next VP?! (Palin Video!) DON’T CLICK HERE – VIDEO HAS BEEN PULLED!

3 Sep

Here’s John McCain’s VP candidate back in her sportscasting days.  Gotta love the 80s!

Let’s hope she’s better at the VP thing…

In fairness, many Americans (myself not included) think Ronald Reagan was a terrific president and he was a terrible actor.

Sarah Palin’s Big Advantage Over Joe Biden!

3 Sep

When I first heard about the surprise GOP VP pick, I quickly read as much as possible about her and the pick on the web.  One major news site had some analysis up that basically said that Joe Biden would likely wipe the floor with her during the their debate this fall.  Especially, the commentary went on, in the arena of foreign affairs.

For the record, I think that Sarah Palin has a big advantage in the VP Debate.  Does anyone remember the chatter prior to the Bush-Gore debates?  The basic conceit was that frankly George W. Bush wasn’t the same caliber egghead as Al Gore.  So, it was reasoned, it would be perfectly understandable if Gore did better.  So long as George W didn’t come off as completely unprepared to be president, he’d end up with a winning grade in a lot of people’s books.  And, indeed, he did.

Anyone can be super smart.  Not just anyone can get people to believe they should be president or vice president. The Gore-Bush debates proved that political debates are about way more than intellect.   This is especially true when you’re doing it live in front of millions of people.  Suddenly, the ability to connect, the ability to impress as someone viewers and voters feel comfortable with, humor and luck all come into play.  Not to mention the candidates looks.

My suspecion is that a similar line of thinking will play out in the run up to the Veep debate this fall.  Unless Palin is damaged goods at that point due to the various issues hanging over her candidacy, I think people will just need to see her be OK.

Furthermore, there’s the man woman thing.  Given Washington’s old boy culture and Biden’s long time membership in it, he simply can’t be seen as being dismissive or mean-spirited towards Governor Palin.  For Senator Biden, it’s going to be all about the tone. He has to press his points aggressively but not go over those lines.

Oh, and by the way, Joe Biden can’t mess up in the debate.  The whole reason he’s on the ticket is to bring experience.  Should he blow a response, it will be remembered.  He’s got to be perfect.

That’s not the case on the GOP side.  If Sarah Palin messes up, she’ll just be graded on a curve.

WTF?? What’s Up Barack Obama’s VP Sleeve?!

22 Aug


So big news broke yesterday that Barack Obama has made up his mind on his VP choice.  The rumors are that he’s going to campaign with the lucky guy or gal on Saturday.  And… he’s supposed to announce his big pick via text message to those who bothered to sign up for it some time before then.   For the record, I’m not on his text message send list.

When Obama was asked the follow up question about who he actually picked, he refused to answer keeping the collective nation on the proverbial edge of our seat.

The big question is why?  Why taunt us, Senator Obama?  Why let it get out you’ve made your pick if you’re not ready to spill it?  Why not just go ahead and tell us?  We’ve been waiting a while to hear after all.

And really is it going to be such a big surprise?  Are you really going to pull a Hillary Clinton out of your hat?  Or even more shocking someone like an Al Gore?

Not bloody likely from what I hear.  The common wisdom is that it will likely be Joe Biden and if not him then Tim Kaine or Evan Bayh or maybe the female governor of Kansas whose name I’m too lazy to google this early in the AM.

So, we know who all the most likely players are.  Can’t we just get this over with?  I think by being coy and making us wait it out that Barack Obama risks coming off as self-important and in love with his own celebrity.  That’s not exactly a good image for him at the moment his opponent is busy accusing him of just exactly that.

If Obama is going to make us wait, then by all means it better be worth waiting for.  To make it really worth the wait, he ought to go with a real big surprise like a Clinton, Gore or a GOP type like Chuck Hagel.  Failing that, I think we’re all going to be wondering why the big wait to announce someone like Joe Biden.

If he does go the expected route with his pick, there’s still a way he can make the wait worth it.  A stunt with a big reveal!  After all, Democrats are often accused of being in bed with Hollywood.  I say exploit that connection!

Let’s say the pick is Joe Biden.  The Obama Campaign should arrange for him to sky dive into Saturday’s campaign event to join Barack Obama on the stump.  The parachute could read Obama/Biden ’08 or perhaps “McCain Sucks” if they want to get really aggressive.  Better yet, the parachute could be on fire!!

The text message would be released just as Biden’s feet touch the ground and he pulls off his goggles to show his face.  It would be awesome and unconventional to say the least.  A little over the top?  Yes, but watercooler?  Absolutely.  It’d have everyone talking and spread across the Internet virally so fast it would make John McCain’s head spin.

Then and only then would the waiting make sense and be truly worth it.

As Tom Petty often sings “the waiting is the hardest part”.  Make it worth it, Senator Obama!

Among Democrats When It Comes To Being a Player, Kennedy Trumps Edwards & Clinton!

10 Aug

American politicians have taught us so many things over the years.  This week, they reminded us that  when it comes to cheating, for cheaters it’s CLEARLY a lot about opportunity.

Example:  She’s kinda cute (sort of – not my taste).  But, you’d think if you’re a potential VP or potential future President and looking to cheat, you might be able to do a little better.   And when I say a little better I really mean A LOT BETTER.  Ask yourself this, is she she worth giving up that kind of future for? 

john edwards rielle hunter

And then there’s this couple…  Beyond a shadow of a doubt a sitting President of the United States coulda, shoulda and woulda done better than this…  But, again it’s all about the opportunity.  With the eyes of the media upon him 24/7, it’s not like Bill Clinton was free to cruise bars.  Guess an intern playing around in the oval office seemed like the safest bet at the time.  Still, would you risk facing your wife’s wrath over Monica Lewinsky?  Now ask yourself the same question, but this time imagine that your wife is Hillary Clinton…  Bill Clinton liked to live on the edge, no doubt!













Way back in JFK’s day, the press was in on the party so that allowed Jack Kennedy to score many of the hottest ladies of his day and of course the legendary Marilyn Monroe.  Take a look at this picture, this was back when it was still good to be the king.  There’s a reason the man looks so happy.









And to me, if you’re going to cheat, risk causing your family pain and potentially torpedo your political career than you should at least hook up with someone on the level of a Marilyn Monroe.   If you’re kinkier, I’m thinking a lost weekend at Camp David with the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders would be a good way to go…

Is that too much to ask of our leaders?

America, we can be great again!