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Cowboys, Giants And More Government Aid Than You Can Shake A Stick At!

15 Oct

It’s been crazy at work, so I , thought I’d just jot down some quick thoughts that have hit me over the head lately…

Being a Cowboys Fan is like being a soap opera fan – Myself, I hate hate hate the ‘Boys.  But even I can see that this week, has been one crazy ride for the Dallas faithful.  Losing to the Cardinals the way they did, only to suffer a bigger loss with Romo going out for a month or more.  Pac gets into a fight.  Jerry Jones chickens out of doing anything about it only to have the NFL banish Pac yet again.  And then, Roy Williams comes gift wrapped courtesy of the Detroit Lions.  Oh, and the Phillips guy is still your coach.  If I was a Cowboys fan I wouldn’t know whether to laugh or cry…

The Giants Loss Is A Good Thing – I AM a Giants fan (and now you know why I hate hate hate the ‘Boys).  Never like to lose, but I think this loss will serve them and their fans well.  A respected NY area columnist actually wrote before the loss that the Giants were one of a precious few legitimate Super Bowl contenders.  I hope he’s right, but the football guy inside me tells me that there’s a good chance they got on a fantastic role last year and that Eli is not better than his bro just yet (which a lot of locals are claiming…).  Time for Big Blue to stop worrying about defending their crown and just get back to play good team ball.

Manny & The Sox – The Sox got rocked again tonight and now face big odds in their fight to banish the upstart Rays.  That series against the Yankees in ’04 not withstanding, it’s REAL tough to come back from 3-1.  And last time I checked Manny and his Dodgers were in the same hole as his former team.  Why is it that people don’t realize when a breakup will mean bad things for both?  Manny and Sox remind me of countless bands and a few romantic couples who just can’t seem to realize that when they’re together they’re magic and when they’re not, they are something less.

As a big time Sox fan, I want to believe that we got a great younger & cheaper player in Jason Bay who will ultimately prove less of a clubhouse distraction than Manny and allow the Sox to use some of the Manny money in other needed places.  Tonight, my faith is a little shaken, but I’ll still be rooting for a miracle in this series.

Parenting – what a great job.  And what a tough job.  My kids are great.  I love them.  And I don’t think I’ll ever stop worrying about them.  I’m sure many of you feel the same way.  No new news there.

The Bail Outs – As a center left kind of guy, it’s amazing to me how quickly so many free market Republicans have quickly become socialists.  How is it that their unending faith in the power of free markets has crumbled so fast?

I, like John McCain says, don’t know that much about the economy.  But, I do know this…  While it’s probably true that not addressing it would’ve eventually effected a lot of us on “main street”, it’s interesting to see politicians only move fast when the fate of millionaires in on the line.  Maybe that’s cause that’s who is really paying their salaries.  As I said, I’m for the buy out, but I’m distressed that rather than just talking about temporary measures on taxes, the discussion isn’t focusing much (as far as I can tell) on putting back in a few “dreaded” regulations to make sure this doesn’t happen again.  And who out there doesn’t believe there’s some people getting mighty rich off of this?

John McCain – another day and another promise.  To be fair, Obama is going at about the same rate.  Now, McCain is going to guarantee “all savings” for six months once he gets in office.  This is after, he buys up a ton of bad mortgages and god only knows what else.  We can’t afford all this from him or Barack Obama.  Where’s the straight talk?

Bail Out – Part Deux – As a guy feeling the pinch like many of you, I do have sympathy for people about to lose their homes.  That said, while I do think predatory lenders had a lot to do with getting people into houses they couldn’t afford, I can’t quite shake the feeling that when we bail out individuals on their mortgages, we will certainly be bailing out some people who clearly took advantage of the broken system.  I can’t help but think, what about me and millions like me and my wife?  We struggle to pay the mortgage each month, when do we see a rate reduction??

Grammer – mine is bad so late at night.  Deal with it!

Good night to all!

Tidewater J

Brett Favre Could Learn A Thing Or Two From Cindy McCain!

6 Aug

Here’s an angle on the endless Brett Favre drama that you haven’t heard before!  Promise or this blog is free!

Earlier today, John McCain volunteered his wife Cindy for a topless beauty pageant in front of thousands of cheering and one can safely assume buzzed motorcycle enthusiasts.  Cindy McCain, being the team player that she is, stood there politely as the crowd hooted, hollered and whistled at her.  See?  I’m telling you buzzed.

Anyway, the point being Cindy McCain knows how to take one for the team.  Being married to a powerful man, it’s quite likely this isn’t the first time she’s had to put up with a bit of silliness to further his career agenda.  Cindy McCain doesn’t hold grudges.  And… she isn’t a potential campaign liability like Michelle Obama.  She’s not opening her mouth and handing her husband’s opponents talking points.  Nope, through it all, Cindy McCain holds on and holds John McCain’s hand.

Contrast that with the most over-hyped quarterback ever, Brett Favre.  I won’t bore you with all the back and forth.  I know you’re well versed on all of Favre’s flip flopping.  Today, after marathon discussions with Packer brass, Favre came right out and admitted that he’s just too hurt by what he perceives as slights by the organization to ever make things right.

Brett Favre, who’s won a grand total of exactly one Super Bowl (putting him up there with all timers like Eli Manning, Brad Johnson and Trent Dilfer) has a bruised ego that HE just won’t let heal.  Don’t let any of the recent back and forth fool you.  It was made chrystal clear today by Favre’s comments that he absolutely never intended or desired to come back to Green Bay.  All of this drama is about Brett Favre getting what he wants rather than doing what’s best for the team (and by the way, his own legacy).

Brett Favre could learn about being a true team player from Cindy McCain. Sure, the Packers moved on.  Of course, it had to hurt.  But given his waffling, what were they to do?

Now, he’s come back and the team has welcomed him back to an open competition.  But, that’s not good enough for Favre and he let the whole world know it today.  Cindy McCain wouldn’t do that.  If John McCain has ever put her in a questionable position, Cindy McCain it seems to me realizes that’s what good for McCain’s political career is good for her ambitions as well.  Cindy McCain isn’t all about herself.  Cindy McCain is all about Team McCain.  Cindy McCain knows that for Team McCain it’s best she sometimes remains quite.

Brett Favre plays only on his team of personal self interest.  Lately, Favre reminds me of that one girlfriend (or boyfriend) everyone’s had that you can never win with.  Heck, I’m sure some of you poor bast#rds actually went ahead and married a guy or girl like that.

You know the type.  You did something wrong.  Could be something small like say… jetting off to a Caribbean Island for three days with a dancer named Kit Kat that you met at your best buddy’s bachelor party.  After sobering up on the way back through customs, you know you’re in the wrong.  You finally return your girlfriend’s 817 calls to your cellphone and you beg and plead for forgiveness.  Three years, four months and 17 days later, you’re still with your girlfriend faithfully and yet somehow she can’t seem to ever get over your three day disappearance.  Some people can never be happy.

Brett Favre is like that.

My Favorite NFL Draft Pick Happened In The Second Round!

27 Apr

I’m no Mel Kiper Jr.  For one, my hair is better.  But, more importantly, Mel knows college football.  I know about college football what Mel Kiper Jr. says or writes about college football.

So, that’s my disclaimer.  If you’re brave read on…

I LOVE Green Bay’s pick up of Louisville’s Brian Brohm in the second round today.  I’m thrilled with it and I’m not even a Packer fan.

Replacing a legend is never an easy thing.  Replacing a legend with a guy who’s never started an NFL football game or played much more than a couple of quarters is a huge gamble. 

Don’t get me wrong.  Aaron Rogers looked great against the Cowboys last season, but he’s given you little else to make you feel like he’s capable of steping into #4’s shoes.  Not saying he can’t, but if I’m running things for The Pack and the future of the franchise (let alone my mortgage) is on the line, I’m looking for some fall back options.

When Brian Brohm was still available in the second round.  Packer fans and the team’s executives and coaches must have been besides themselves with joy.  Even I, who as mentioned at the top knows little about college ball, knows that Brohm was the top rated quarterback at the beginning of the college season.  There was talk he was coming out after his junior season too.  So, people have been high on Brohm for a while.  Unfortunately, a less than stellar senior season dropped Brohm to the second round.

Some day, other teams may regret letting Brohm drop so far. 

Today, Pack fans all across America have to be rejoicing.  They’ve got two young quarterbacks set to compete to take over for the guy who let Michael Strahan break the single season sack record.  If I’m a Green Bay fan, I’m liking the odds that one of them will at least turn out to be competent.

Competent isn’t sexy.  Competent isn’t hall of fame.  But, competency at quarterback can help a team with strengths at other positions win a super bowl.

Don’t believe me?  Consider this.  In the new millennium, the NFL has played nine super bowls.  In about half of those, the guy at the switches was mearly solid.  Sure you’ve got the 2000 version of Kurt Warner, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning quarterbacking their teams to glory.  On the flip side, the rest of the field includes Trent Dilfer, Brad Johnson, Ben Roethlisberger and Peyton’s little brother.

The verdict???

Green Bay’s got a shot at a winning season with either Aaron Rogers or Brian Brohm at QB.  All one of them has to be is solid.

Some Tough Love For New Jersey’s NFL Teams!

24 Apr

As the draft approaches, here’s two quick bits of advice for New Jersey’s NFL franchises, The Giants and Jets.

Hey Big Blue, what’s the hesitation, trade Jeremy Shockey already!  Rumor has it the Giants have turned down an offer of a second round draft pick for the tight end.  Here’s hoping that it’s only because they believe they can get more.

It’s time to trade Shockey.  The Giants won a Super Bowl without him.  What more proof does the team need?  Is it any coincidence that Eli Manning’s sudden maturation came only after Shockey was out of the huddle and locker room?  No, it’s not.  It’s proof the Giants no longer need number 80 and in fact he’ll only help the team regress in 2008.

I can hear some of you asking “how can you trade such a talented tight end?”.  It’s true Shockey has talent and gifts some others who play his position simply don’t have.  If you look closely at his performance you’ll notice how he rarely makes a tough catch and that for such a tough guy he drops balls pretty easily when a little contact is involved.  Did we mention he tends to get injured a lot? 

Eli Manning won’t say this, but it has to be said… Add it all up and the Giants give themselves a better shot at a second straight championship by dealing Mr. Shockey for the highest offer.  By the way, at least three teams are said to be pursuing Shockey so that ought to help Big Blue get closer to equal value.  Come on, Jerry Reese, make it happen!

Now let’s talk Jets.  Rumor has it they’re trying to move up in Saturday’s NFL Draft to grab Arkansas star RB Darren McFadden.  The Jets have way more needs than one star running back will ever be able to cure.  They also seem to be the only NFL franchise not to learn that quality running backs are gettable at much lower picks. 

So, Jets, if you’re moving up, why not do it because you believe QB Matt Ryan is a real deal franchise quarterback?  QBs are worth moving up for.  Running backs just aren’t.  Don’t move up unless Ryan’s the guy!


Eli Manning Vs. Joe Namath

6 Feb

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First, we had all the ’72 Dolphins versus the Perfect Patriots debate.  Of course, that’s gone pretty much silent now in the stunning aftermath of the Giants’ upset of New England’s finest.

Go to fullsize imageSo, let’s talk about the next great debate.  Manning Vs. Namath.  It wouldn’t be fare to compare the younger Manning one on one to the legendary Broadway Joe at this point in Eli’s career.  But we can compare which signature upset was bigger.

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I think this will be the great debate that divides generations.  If you are like me and 40ish, then you either saw or grew up in the aftermath of the AFL Jets’ shocking victory over the heavily favored Baltimore Colts.  For us, I think that game will always be (as Saddam Hussein might have said) “the mother of all upsets.”

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Go to fullsize imageIf on the other hand, you are say 30 or younger, then I bet your closest memory or association with that game is Joe Namath embarrassing himself on Monday Night Football’s sidelines a few years back.  For you, this past Sunday brought you the biggest shocker of all time.

So where does the truth lie?  Were the Giants or Jets the bigger underdog?  Here’s my reasoning and I’m trying to be objective despite being 40ish:

Point Spread

Jets were something like 19 point underdogs.

Giants started out being about 12 point dogs.

Edge: Jets – They were dogs by a full touchdown more than the Giants.

Recent Past

Jets had never played Colts.  AFL and NFL didn’t meet up until Super Bowl in those days.

Giants took on New England in the final week of the regular season and more than held their own.  That game jump-started their belief in themselves and their season.

Edge: Jets – Giants knew they could compete against New England.

Deeper Meaning

Go to fullsize imageJets – Upstart Jets prove that the AFL brand of football is on par with the established NFL.  Joe Willie becomes a star, giving us the pantyhose commercial, the movie CC Ryder and of course the MNF incident.  Getting back to football, it leads to the merger of the two leagues and results in the mega-success of today’s NFL.

Giants – Giants prove that “on any given Sunday…”, which we kind of knew already.  What we don’t know yet, is whether this game will prove that Bill Belichick is simply mortal without the help of his videomen.  What we do know now, is that Tom Brady looks awfully ordinary if you pound him over and over.

Edge: Jets – Giants win was shocking but no one doubted they belong in the same league as the Pats.

Three strikes and you’re out.  In some sports anyway…

Verdict:  Biggest Super Bowl Upset is clearly the Jets in Super Bowl III.  It was and will remain the perfect upset.

Eli Manning Rocks! And I told you first!

5 Feb

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I realize this is coming out late and is blatantly obvious at this point, but Eli Manning is a heck of a quarterback.  Being a Giants fan, I hope you’ll forgive my getting to the Eli after-party late.  I’ve just spent the last 24 hours in a state of shock and bliss.Still, if you are among the handful of loyal readers of Full Contact, then you know I was telling everybody about this weeks ago.  Here’s the proof:


You’ll notice I didn’t call the Super Bowl,but Eli had clearly begun to win me over. 

 Scrambling out of the Patriots’ clutches to hit Tyree on that miracle helmet catch was the final straw.  I’m a full fledged Eli supporter and room’s getting pretty scare in this club…

Eli Manning – Not Too Shabby

21 Jan

So Eli Manning and the road warrior Giants managed to beat the legendary Brett Favre and his Pack in Lambeau Field, where the weather was somewhere below zero.  And in do so, Eli has clearly shown his detractors that he’s taken the next step in his fulfilling his potential. 

Eli still isn’t Peyton.  Heck, he never will be.  But, young Eli has the Giants back in the Super Bowl in just his fourth season in the NFL.  By comparison, Peyton took nine long years to get the Colts to the biggest game of them all.  Think back to the kind of talent that surrounded Peyton in Indy during all those non-Super years and little bro’s achievement becomes even more impressive.

In taking out Brett Favre and company, Eli outplayed the future hall of famer.  He threw for more yards and most importantly despite playing in enemy territory never turned the ball over while Favre was picked twice.  Take away that one 90 yard pass play, which frankly was kind of a fluke, and Favre’s numbers look even worse.

Week after week, Eli Manning is playing in the biggest game of his life on the road against better teams than his.  Yet, week after week, the Giants are advancing and Eli is growing into a really good starting quarterback.

Next, he’ll get to prove he’s the kind of quarterback that can win a Super Bowl.  I’m not betting against him or the Giants.

Brett Favre Proves He’s Not The Best Quarterback Ever

21 Jan

In a year in which he’s smashed most of the biggest career records for quarterbacks, Brett Favre also proved he’s the absolutely not the best quarterback of all time.  That honor still goes to Joe Montana or Tom Brady or Johnny Unitas or maybe Dan Marino, despite his zero Super Bowl victories.

No question Favre has had a magical career.  17 years, all the career records that matter, the consecutive games streak, 2 Super Bowls and the one win.  And this season was going to be the icing on the cake.  Favre at the twilight of his football playing days was set to return Green Bay to Super Bowl glory once more.  Inhuman weather conditions, a distinct home field advantage and a huge comparative advantage between Eli Manning and himself, all pointed to a Green Bay victory that would secure Favre’s legacy as the greatest their ever was.

Only one small problem.  Green Bay didn’t win.  And Favre did what he does more often than some of his fans would care to admit.  In a big spot, he took too much on himself and forced things that aren’t there.  He turned the ball over twice and was lucky that the first pick didn’t end up costing him more when McQuarters coughed it right back up to Green Bay.

Certainly Brett Favre is in the conversation of the top five NFL QBs of all time.  He just isn’t number one.  For the simple reason that when it comes down to crunch time he’s about as likely to win the game for you as throw it away.  He’s a gunslinger.  Gunslingers live and die by taking big risks.  And today he was a little slower on the draw than Eli Manning and the New York Giant’s D.

More Eli Manning Evidence of Decentness

15 Jan

Go to fullsize imageI’m not saying he’s an all time great, but the facts are piling up that Eli Manning is a pretty decent young quarterback. Consider the following:

– He’s taken the Giants to the playoffs for at least 3 straight years. Believe that’s a first for the franchise.

– He hung 7 on Dallas with only :53 to go before halftime in a hostile environment under playoff pressure. That drive was the game changer.

– He and the Giants have won 9 straight games on the road. Including the Tampa Bay win. By the way, I think 9 straight road wins is an NFL record. Not even the Pats have done that (yet).

– Speaking of the Pats, he and the Giants played them tougher than anyone this year. The D couldn’t stop Brady & Co. That loss wasn’t due to the Giant’s offense.

– At 26, he’s been a starter for 3.5 years. In that time he’s thrown for over 3,000 yards in a season three times and for 20+ TDs three times.

– Finally, in my lifetime, besides Phil Simms,  Giants starting QBs have included: Joe Pisarcik (shown here blowing a game against Philly), Jerry Goldstein, Craig Morton, Scott Brunner and Dave Brown. During that same time Dallas has seen Roger Staubach, Danny White, Troy Aikman and now Tony Romo.

So you can see how as a Giants fan, I might think Eli is pretty decent.

Now onto Green Bay!

What Cha Think About Eli Now, Boys?

14 Jan

Who didn’t decide to take some time out from football to vacation with Jessica Simpson?

Who just solidified his place as at least the third best quarterback in his own family?

Who just took the Giants to the NFC Championship game while overcoming season long doubts from fans and the media?

Go to fullsize imageIf you answered, Eli Manning, to any of the three questions above then you might have watched some playoff football today.

You might also be asking back, who was the quarterback who stayed composed throughout the game despite playing in hostile territory?

It wasn’t the much hyped Tony Romo.  That’s for sure.  The Boys couldn’t stop the Giants’ pass rush from roughing up their star quarterback.  In the end, Romo looked disoriented and confused.  The great and mighty T.O. managed zero catches in the second half despite the Giants’ secondary being manned by 3rd stringers.  And the Cowpokes season is over despite two regular season wins over these very same Giants.

The Wade Phillips legacy in Dallas is (for now) all about extending their streak of playoff futility.   It’s been something like 12 glorious years since Big D managed to get a big W in a playoff game.  Here’s hoping Jerry & his boys keep it going.

And while we’re on the topic of keeping it going.  I’ve never been a big believer in momentum, but I’ve come around to believing that Eli’s performance against the Pat’s may turn out to be a defining moment in his development.  That game against the undefeated Patriots took a lot of heat off Eli and the team.  Both fans and media members alike were impressed by how tough the Giant’s fought against Belichick and company. Perhaps, Eli and his teammates, were most affected by that game.  Perhaps, they began to believe.

Go to fullsize imagePerhaps or perhaps not, but believe this much.  Eli is the only Manning left in this year’s playoffs.  And maybe he just stepped out of his big brother’s shadow.   We’ll know for sure next weekend if he cashes in on his chance to get to the Super Bowl much sooner than  brother Peyton ever did.

Either way, Archie has reason to be proud.