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Coaching Conspirarcy! Dick Jauron Fired On Same Day NFL Coaching Veteran Frees Himself Up For Duty! (Let’s Draft Jerry!)

18 Nov

The Buffalo Bills are 3-6 and their ancient and so rightfully impatient owner can’t take it anymore.  Today, Dick Jauron got the axe in Buffalo.  Outside of criticizing an in season move, I don’t see how you can debate this one.  Three straight years of mediocrity and a disappointing season in what was supposed to be the break through year will get you fired.

The Bills ponied up the dough and the guts to sign Terrell Owens to give Jauron some ammo on offense.  For a lot of reasons, it hasn’t worked. 

At all.

However, Jauron didn’t help himself by firing his offensive coordinator just before the season started.  Alex Van Pelt, who was promoted into the spot hasn’t gotten things going and so far has made no one in Buffalo forget Turk Schonert.

So, Jauron had to go.  That much was clear.  Who’ll replace him?

Damned if I know.  Jon Gruden just re-upped with ESPN for another two years, so it looks like he’s out, but you never really know.  In the meantime, former Denver Coach For Life Mike Shanahan is available, as is Paul Holmgren and maybe Bill Cowher.

Still, those are all marquee names.  The kind of names that don’t usually end up in Buffalo.  So, figure the Bills to go with either a re-tread or on the rise coordinator.

There is a wildcard out there, though.

And his name is Jerry Glanville.  Turns out the same day as Jauron was axed, Glanville quit what was a disastrous reign Portland State.

Portland State what?  I know.  I had the same reaction.  I thought Jerry Glanville was dead.  And I’m not kidding.

It will never happen.  His recent body of work doesn’t suggest it SHOULD happen.  But, I think the NFL needs Jerry Glanville.  The man was flat out entertaining.  He could coach a little bit too.

If you agree, why not email the Bills.  It couldn’t hurt.

If they’re gonna be bad, they might as well be fun.

What Cha Think About Eli Now, Boys?

14 Jan

Who didn’t decide to take some time out from football to vacation with Jessica Simpson?

Who just solidified his place as at least the third best quarterback in his own family?

Who just took the Giants to the NFC Championship game while overcoming season long doubts from fans and the media?

Go to fullsize imageIf you answered, Eli Manning, to any of the three questions above then you might have watched some playoff football today.

You might also be asking back, who was the quarterback who stayed composed throughout the game despite playing in hostile territory?

It wasn’t the much hyped Tony Romo.  That’s for sure.  The Boys couldn’t stop the Giants’ pass rush from roughing up their star quarterback.  In the end, Romo looked disoriented and confused.  The great and mighty T.O. managed zero catches in the second half despite the Giants’ secondary being manned by 3rd stringers.  And the Cowpokes season is over despite two regular season wins over these very same Giants.

The Wade Phillips legacy in Dallas is (for now) all about extending their streak of playoff futility.   It’s been something like 12 glorious years since Big D managed to get a big W in a playoff game.  Here’s hoping Jerry & his boys keep it going.

And while we’re on the topic of keeping it going.  I’ve never been a big believer in momentum, but I’ve come around to believing that Eli’s performance against the Pat’s may turn out to be a defining moment in his development.  That game against the undefeated Patriots took a lot of heat off Eli and the team.  Both fans and media members alike were impressed by how tough the Giant’s fought against Belichick and company. Perhaps, Eli and his teammates, were most affected by that game.  Perhaps, they began to believe.

Go to fullsize imagePerhaps or perhaps not, but believe this much.  Eli is the only Manning left in this year’s playoffs.  And maybe he just stepped out of his big brother’s shadow.   We’ll know for sure next weekend if he cashes in on his chance to get to the Super Bowl much sooner than  brother Peyton ever did.

Either way, Archie has reason to be proud.