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Come On, Illinois Voters! The Hair Was All You Needed To Know!

11 Dec

This is a quick public service announcement to the voters of the great state of Illinois. (Those of you in other states might do well to learn from this too, so keep reading.)

What give, Illinois?  We all know Chicago politics is legendarily corrupt.  After all, isn’t that part of Chi-Town’s charm?

But, Illinois, this is going too far.  Your current governor is about to go to jail for trying to sell Barack Obama’s soon to be empty Senate seat.  Perhaps, he can visit his predecessor who is already behind bars serving time for his misdeeds.  I smell sitcom!

In any case, two governors in a row going from the State House to the Big House.  That’s impressive no matter which way you slice it.

But it didn’t have to be this way.

In the future, Illinois, please remember that if someone’s hair looks like this:

Or like this:

See full size image




Or this:

See full size image





The hair was a major tip off that something was NOT RIGHT with this guy.

Illinois, you have only yourself to blame.

Josh Childress Loss Will Hurt Atlanta. But It Will Hurt The NBA More!

24 Jul
No question about it.  Josh Childress leaving the Atlanta Hawks for Europe of all places is clearing going to hurt them.  After a good playoff run that finally got Atlanta energized about their Hawks, the team has been unable to keep the good times rolling this off season.  They have yet to sign bigger star free agent Josh Smith and now have lost the second best Josh on the team, who was a significant contributor to the Hawk’s progress this year.

Gone are Childress’ twelve points and five rebounds per game.  Gone is the good vibe around Atlanta.

Still, the argument can be made that the NBA lost most of all.  With Childress going to Europe, the NBA is losing one of its best hair do’s.

Check out Josh and his fabulous hair below!

Josh Childress

Now, that’s a head of hair.  Growing up in the 70s, to me, this is what basketball players are supposed to look like.

Now, if we could only get guys to wear old time sweat socks again…

My Favorite NFL Draft Pick Happened In The Second Round!

27 Apr

I’m no Mel Kiper Jr.  For one, my hair is better.  But, more importantly, Mel knows college football.  I know about college football what Mel Kiper Jr. says or writes about college football.

So, that’s my disclaimer.  If you’re brave read on…

I LOVE Green Bay’s pick up of Louisville’s Brian Brohm in the second round today.  I’m thrilled with it and I’m not even a Packer fan.

Replacing a legend is never an easy thing.  Replacing a legend with a guy who’s never started an NFL football game or played much more than a couple of quarters is a huge gamble. 

Don’t get me wrong.  Aaron Rogers looked great against the Cowboys last season, but he’s given you little else to make you feel like he’s capable of steping into #4’s shoes.  Not saying he can’t, but if I’m running things for The Pack and the future of the franchise (let alone my mortgage) is on the line, I’m looking for some fall back options.

When Brian Brohm was still available in the second round.  Packer fans and the team’s executives and coaches must have been besides themselves with joy.  Even I, who as mentioned at the top knows little about college ball, knows that Brohm was the top rated quarterback at the beginning of the college season.  There was talk he was coming out after his junior season too.  So, people have been high on Brohm for a while.  Unfortunately, a less than stellar senior season dropped Brohm to the second round.

Some day, other teams may regret letting Brohm drop so far. 

Today, Pack fans all across America have to be rejoicing.  They’ve got two young quarterbacks set to compete to take over for the guy who let Michael Strahan break the single season sack record.  If I’m a Green Bay fan, I’m liking the odds that one of them will at least turn out to be competent.

Competent isn’t sexy.  Competent isn’t hall of fame.  But, competency at quarterback can help a team with strengths at other positions win a super bowl.

Don’t believe me?  Consider this.  In the new millennium, the NFL has played nine super bowls.  In about half of those, the guy at the switches was mearly solid.  Sure you’ve got the 2000 version of Kurt Warner, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning quarterbacking their teams to glory.  On the flip side, the rest of the field includes Trent Dilfer, Brad Johnson, Ben Roethlisberger and Peyton’s little brother.

The verdict???

Green Bay’s got a shot at a winning season with either Aaron Rogers or Brian Brohm at QB.  All one of them has to be is solid.