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Andy Pettitte is a Liar & You Heard It Here First!

14 Feb

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Yes, today it was confirmed that while Andy Pettitte may be a Christian, he is in fact a liar nonetheless.Of course, if you’ve been stopping by Full Contact, then you knew this already because you’d read this post:

In my original post on Pettitte, I railed against the notion that just cause Andy comes off like a nice guy & claims to be religious that his admission of using HGH only twice should be unchallenged.  I could not have been more on the money.

It turns out that Pettitte admitted to Congress that he in fact had used HGH again in 2004.  And for good measure, he noted that he got the HGH from his sick father.  What a hero.  Not only is he a cheater, but now he’s taking his father down with him.

Go to fullsize imageFor his admission of being less than honest with the Mitchell Report investigators, what do you think Andy Pettitte’s reward was?  Praise.  It’s incredible.  John Gotti died in jail, but Andy Pettitte is still Teflon.  Everyone keeps falling for this nice guy defense.

Go to fullsize imageHenry Waxman, a Congressman investigating this mess and apparently not such a bright guy, went so far as to say “Mr. Pettitte’s consistency makes him a role model on and off the field”.

Which Mr. Pettitte was he talking about?  Maybe he meant Andy’s dad.  I can only hope so because so far the last thing that Andy Pettitte has been in this situation is consistent. Unless you’re talking about the lying.