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Obama Learns A Lesson! Never Say You’re A Fan Unless You Actually Can Name A Player On Your Favorite Team!

8 Apr

I love this video.  You get at least three things out of it.  First, the president may prove to be a better president than his predecessor, but clearly he’s NOT the better pitcher.

Second, President Obama learns a key lesson.  If you’re going to represent yourself as a “southside kid” and a Chicago White Sox fan, good to have your staff brief you on some names of actually Sox players first!

Finally, I like the president, but this video proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that he’s in fact a politician.  Look no further than him wearing a Nationals jacket, but putting on a White Sox hat.  You know, the team that’s his favorite, but he can’t remember any players…   Typical politician, trying to have it both ways.

Here’s Why The Baseball Draft Sucks!

10 Jun

The lowly Washington Nationals took Stephen Strasburg as the number one pick in baseball’s draft today.  The guy is clearly a phenom.  He was the best pitcher by far in college this year.   The San Diego State star had a 13-1 record, with an ERA just over one.  And did I mention he struck out guys at a god-like rate?

Whoop-dee-damn do to paraphrase the legendary Derrick Coleman.

Why am I so not excited?  Because baseball’s draft sucks.  Baseball talent is really hard to judge and young pitching is especially difficult.  I’ve always known that, but the point really came home earlier today.  I was reading about the past twenty five years of baseball draft classes.  According to SI.com, over the last twenty five drafts the best pitchers to be drafted number one are….

Are you ready?  Are you excited?  Are you trying to figure out which future or current Hall of Famers were number one picks?  Here’s the answer:

Floyd Bannister and Andy Benes.  Both of those guys had their moments and certainly making the bigs is a tremendous achievement, but neither of those guys are getting a sniff of Cooperstown unless they pay their way in.  And those are the best two careers for number one pitchers in the last 20 years.

Roger Clemens is the highest pick to have major success in the same time frame and he wasn’t even picked til about 18 or 20 if my memory serves.

Contrast that with the NBA.  Since 1984, here are some of the guys who’ve been drafted number one:  Hakeem Olajuwon, Patrick Ewing, David Robinson, Derrick Coleman (who merits inclusion mostly for the great quote above), Shaq, AI, Tim Duncan, Yao Ming, LeBron, Dwight Howard.

The NBA guys are all stars, champions, some are even Hall of Famers and some placed on the NBA’s All Time 50 Greatest Team.

Looking at the NFL since 1984, you’ve got Bruce Smith, Bo Jackson, Vinny Testaverde, Troy Aikman, Peyton Manning, Carson Palmer and Eli Manning.  Three Super Bowl Champion quarterbacks, a Hall of Fame defender, the phenomena that was “Bo Knows”, the longevity of Vinny T and the promise of Palmer.

Bottom line is that there is a very good reason that the attention paid to the baseball draft is so much less than the NBA’s or NFL’s. 

It simple doesn’t matter as much.

So good luck to the Nats on signing Stephen Strasburg.  And let’s hope for all our sakes that he turns out to be at least as good as Floyd Bannister.

No disrespect intended, Mr. Bannister!