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Are We Americans Simply War Crazed?

7 Apr

I saw a headline today that found that something like 51% of Americans polled say they favor some kind of military action against North Korea.  If true, that’s shocking and appalling all in one shot.

At a time in which we are still heavily involved in Iraq and ramping back up in Afghanistan,  I can not believe so many people would favor opening up another front.  For one thing, if the lives lost don’t phase you, than I don’t know how you can ignore the economic damage our foreign entanglements are doing to us.

Maybe it’s just ignorance.  Maybe some Americans aren’t aware that we already fought a hard war against the North Korea.  Maybe people don’t realize how heavily armed they are or that they have nuclear capability.  I’m betting most who responded in favor of military action don’t have a son or daughter among the many U.S. Troops stationed in South Korea.

Mostly I’m betting that people search for easy answers and don’t really think when they answer poll questions.  I don’t want to believe the alternative which is that Americans like war.

My vision of America is a strong country that fights only when it must and views war as a last resort.  You know, kind of like the one that stopped Adolf Hitler.

Sarah Palin Doesn’t Know Where The U.S. Is At War!

2 Nov

Either she’s easily confused, simply misspoke because she’s so tired, or is projecting the future with a war against Iran as a key part of the McCain/Palin Plan…

If McCain pulls out a win on Tuesday, I’m hoping for the middle option.