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Proof That College Football Sucks! Cincinnati V. Florida!

2 Jan

I love football.  Just not the kind they play in college.  I like the real football where teammates pull guns on each other (oh wait that’s the NBA), where the quarterbacks CAN actually pass the ball, and where we get a definitive champion each and every year.

Take this year.  Could college football’s bowl system possibly be worse??

All we heard after the bowl picks were announced were complaints over how some teams had gotten big time shafted.  Cincinnati, in particular, was one of those singled out as a great example of a team that didn’t get a chance to win all it on the field.

Nevertheless, they did get a chance to make a huge statement.  After an undefeated season, Cincy got paired up with Florida, the school that’s ruled college football in recent years (apologies to Pete Carroll) in the Sugar Bowl.

Oh, and a quick detour here.  Pete Carroll is another reason college football sucks.  He couldn’t hack it as a pro coach.  So, what happens?  He becomes absolutely dominant on the college (aka minor league) level.  You know sooner or later, he’ll decide to leave USC in order to try to prove himself in the real football league again. 

Remember these words.  It will be a disaster.

Back to Cincy.  So, they get this chance to show that they can really pay (Freudian slip – meant to type PLAY) with the biggest of the big boys.  Only their coach deserts them for the greener pastures of Notre Dame.  The players are largely outraged.

Then, they get a break.  Urban Meyer loses his mind.  He resigns the Florida gig one day only to come back the next.  Yeah, but he also announces he will take a leave of absence after the bowl to fix himself, or pay attention to his family or something.  College football sucks, like I said.

Anyway, so there’s Cincinnati screwed over by the BCS, dumped for a hotter school by their coach who many players feel lied to them in the process of leaving, and set to play Florida just days after Meyer rocked the Gators’ world.

This being college football, you know what happened.

Halftime score? 30-3 in favor of Florida.  As I type this #5 ranked Florida is up on #4 Cincinnati 51-23 with about 3 minutes  to go.  Can you say “whupping?”

Three minutes.  That’s what the Bearcats have left to shock the world and prove they were worthy of a #4 ranking or higher, but it will never happen.

And that’s one of the many reasons that college football sucks.

PS – what exactly is a bearcat anyway??

Would You Throw Your Life Away for 1K?

14 May

First of all, congratulations to young OJ Mayo for his fine NBA rookie season.  Mayo ended up second in the Rookie of the Year voting.

Secondly, let’s put it out there that many people have a sense that Mayo’s one year stint at USC must have come along with some shady dealing.   This week, part of that shady dealing may have seen the light of day.

Reports have come out that USC Basketball Coach Tim Floyd may have given one of Mayo’s associates the whopping sum of $1,000 to help steer the b-ball prodigy to Team Trojan.

If true, for the life of me, I don’t understand the risks either guy took.  Why would Tim Floyd risk his livelihood, career, reputation, etc over $1,000?  Clearly Mayo was worth way more than that, so how could Floyd rationalize paying such a small sum and taking such a big risk when he had to know if cash was the issue it was going to take a lot more that ten 100 bills to land Mayo.

As for Mayo’s associate, talk about short term thinking.  I’m assuming this is a guy in OJ’s inner circle.  With Mayo one year from an NBA contract and the talent to earn many more big money NBA contracts over the next decade or more, I don’t see why Mayo’s associate would risk breaking their bond of trust over 1K.

Again if true, it seems to me each guy was taking a stupid risk with very little upside.  Now, Floyd is in hot water.  And Mayo’s associate may have burned his bridge with the NBA star.  The end of the ride is always a tough thing.  Even more so when you’ve exiting due to your own extreme stupidity.  Haven’t we all been there, after all?

We see this all the time  in the human animal.  Almost every day in your local paper (if it’s still in business) you find an article about some small town business manager or clerk who scammed the town’s petty cash or education fund or whatever for $5,000 or $10,000 or way less.  Why do people take these risks?  I will never never understand.

I tell myself that I have good morals and I really think I do, although I’m clearly far from perfect.  Ask my wife, co-workers or friends to be sure…

I like to believe and I do believe that I couldn’t be tempted by greed for such a small amount of reward.

I like to think that I could only be pulled into some corrupt enterprise if it was on the level of an Oceans 11 movie.  You know, a real caper.  A scam so brilliant and audacious that you’re set up for life (if you don’t get caught).  You end up living on the beach in Brazil or the Caribbean enjoying the good life and not signing up for any sequels.  Straight and narrow after the one big score, you know…

The reality I like to believe is that if some George Clooney-like character ever did offer me a part in a big time con, my first move would be to involuntarily wet my pants.  Sometimes fear protects you from your own stupidity and greed.

If the allegations are true, it’s just too bad Tim Floyd and OJ Mayo’s associate didn’t  have the intelligence to have bladder problems…

Palin? Obama? Or Matt Cassel? Who’s Most Ready?

10 Sep

Stepping into a big new job is always stressful.  Sarah Palin, Barack Obama and Matt Cassel are all trying to fill some big shoes, but who is the most ready?  Good question!

Since this blog is focused squarely on politics, sports and (my favorite) nonsense, who better positioned to answer the question than Full Contact? Answer – nobody!  Now, on with the show!

As you likely know Sarah Palin is the GOP’s VP nominee, Barack Obama is the Democrat’s Presidential Nominee and Matt Cassel is filling in for wonder boy QB Tom Brady beginning this Sunday.


Sarah Palin – Hockey Mom, Mayor of a small town in Alaska, Served on Alaska’s Oil & Gas Conservation Commission, Two Years as Governor of Alaska

Barack Obama – The dreaded position of community organizer, one time media darling (prior to Palin), seven years in the Illinois State Senate, Liked the job so much he became a US Senator serving since 2004

Matt Cassel – Starting high school quarterback, back up quarterback at highly regarded USC to two Heisman Trophy Winner that he cheered on, 39 or so pro passes to date with no NFL starts prior to taking over for an injured Brady in game one this season.

The Debate

When looking at all three the question is who’s past will best prepare them for the challenges each will face.  Let’s start with Palin.  Does her time as a small town Alaska Mayor or a Gas Commissioner really prep her in any way shape or form for the VP spot?  Answer, no.  But that’s not all that’s on her resume.  She’s got a whole two years (that’s over 24 months) as governor of one of our sparest states.  Does that make her worthy of VP consideration?  These days, yes.  But the first duty of the VP is to be up to the challenge of replacing the president.

Given that her running mate is 72 years young, a survivor of multiple cancers and five years of torture at the hands of America’s enemies, I believe it’s very fair game to ask if she’s ready for the top job.  So, for the purposes of this comparison, we’ll grade her heavily on that factor and spend our time prayer for John McCain’s continued well being.

What about Barack Obama?  After picking Palin, John McCain doesn’t seem so bothered by his limited political experience anymore.  And it is limited indeed.  Obama has been like a rocket rising through the Democrat ranks surging past people like Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden on the way to the nomination.  Setting aside his time as a community organizer, which the GOP convention praised (McCain in fact implored people to become community organizers) and mostly denigrated (Palin), Obama has liked the title senator.  He’s been a state senator for seven years in a very big and influential state and then he moved up to the US Senate four years ago.  Does that qualify him to be president?

Interesting question and always one that I found odd.  Jack Kennedy seemed to do fine with about the same level of experience.  For that matter, George Bush who hasn’t done all that well, didn’t carry a huge resume into the White House either and yet there didn’t seem to be the same obsession with his readiness on the GOP side.  Maybe they realize how that worked out and have learned from it??

The reality is that Barack Obama is about as ready as anyone to be president.  Not only is there his time in the state and US Senate, but the proof is in the pudding.  The man has been at the head of one of the largest and most complicated yet successful campaigns of all time.  If all of that doesn’t add up to a readiness to be president, than I don’t know where the line should be.

Matt Cassel, as mentioned above, hasn’t started a game since high school.  Think about that, the keys to the Patriot’s kingdom are being turned over to a guy who did NOT make the first team in college.  It’s a strange world.  In addition to cheerleading the guys in front of him for four years at powerhouse USC,  Cassel has spent the last three seasons prior to this one cheering on and learning from Tom Brady and Belichick’s NFL coaching staff.  So, unlike both Obama and Palin, Cassel has actually had on the job training since 2005.

And as I said above, the proof is in the pudding.  Last weekend, when Brady went down, Cassel stepped in and delivered.  The Pats, with Cassel at the controls, started the year off as they usually do, with a win.


Cassel.  And this wasn’t even close.  When you add it up, Cassel’s got three years of on the job training and has already showed he could step up when called upon.  As he transitions to the starting role, Cassel will have Bill Belichick in his corner all the way.  Something tells me that Belichick will make sure he’s ready.

Here’s hoping Sarah Palin and Barack Obama have a Bill Belichick in their corner too…

Just Let the Kids Play!

13 May

The world was less than shocked recently when it was alleged USC college basketball star OJ Mayo has been receiving cash, gifts and a car from agents intent on getting him to sign on as a client.  Is anybody truly surprised?

You know who’s really to blame here?  Mayo?  USC?  No.  It’s the rule that says that kids can’t jump straight from high school ball to the pros.  Instead, the misguided rule forces basketball prodigies with no real interest in higher education to attend college for one year before turning pro.

Who is this rule helping?  It’s not helping the colleges that have to deal with one year wonders who aren’t at college for the purest of reasons.   Meanwhile the kid goes off the pros and his millions and college coaches are left to deal with the negative impact a rent-a-player has on a program.  With the very big exception of Carmelo Anthony, have any of these guys ever delivered in a major way for a university?  Anybody remember Tim Thomas at Villanova?

The one year of college rule isn’t helping the kids much either.  We’re not talking about ball players who might actually realize they could do more with their life by chasing an education rather than pursuing a major league career with minor league talent if exposed to college.  We’re talking about basketball prodegies.  If some kid is forced to go to college for just one year and knows a major payday is coming from the NBA at the end of that year, what are the odds he’s cracking the books in a serious way?  Zero!  And what does that lead to?  Temptation and a mess.  A mess like the OJ Mayo situation. 

Someone should remind both the NBA and NFL that this is still a free market economy.  If a kid thinks he’s got the talent to go pro, he should get that chance.

If he fails, he can always pay or work his way through college like the rest of us.


Pete Carroll to Atlanta? What’s Arthur Blank thinking?

10 Jan

Having been spurned and burned by a college coach about three minutes ago, Atlanta Falcon’s owner Arthur Blank is apparently hot on the trail of yet another megastar college coach. The latest word is that Blank is chasing USC’s Pete Carroll to fill the head coaching vacancy in Atlanta.

Will neither of them ever learn?  Blank is better off with a pro assistant.  Carroll is not a great or even good pro coach.  He belongs in college and at USC, where he’ll continue to rack up championships into old age.

As a public service to both men, let’s recap today’s lesson with pictures. 

This is Pete Carroll as a college coach:

 Go to fullsize image

And THIS is Pete Carroll as a pro coach: 


 Any questions?