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Peyton Manning Needs To Put Up Or Shut Up!

27 May

I never thought I’d be writing this, but NFL superstar & seemingly all-round good guy Peyton Manning needs to put up or shut up.  I read today on MSNBC that Manning is upset over the situation with his now retired offensive coordinator Tom Moore.

Due to an upcoming change in the NFL union contract(s), a lot of older assistant coaches found that they’d be significantly better off  pension-wise retiring now rather than continuing on and retiring a few years down the road.  Two long time Colts coaches chose to hang them up.  That, and I’m assuming the change in head coach from Tony Dungy to Jim Caldwell, is too much change for P. Manning.

The Colts are in the middle of trying to bring back both retired coaches including the only offensive coordinator Peyton’s ever known as consultants.  But, the Colts are finding it tricky navigating the new rules so as not to jeopardize the coaches’ pensions.  It’s taking a little time.

Peyton isn’t liking it.  He recently spouted off about everyone not being on the same page and the internal communication not being good right now.  I get it.  Change is hard.

Peyton needs to give the Colts the benefit of the doubt.  After all, they’ve managed to put a pretty solid organization around him over the years.

More over, Peyton has the means to end this problem.  He could write a check.  If Peyton needs his Tom Moore back so badly, why couldn’t Peyton volunteer to make up the loss in pension his coordinator would be hit with?

After all, Peyton has got to have more money than he’ll ever need between his playing contract and his endorsements.  What could the difference in pension really be?  Let’s say it’s a million. 

First of all, that’s probably a drop in the bucket for Archie’s boy.  Second, even if it’s not, you have think Peyton could raise that kind of money quickly through a few more endorsement deals.  To his credit, he’s a good actor and usually a pretty good role model, not to mention funny on SNL.  Marketers consider him a dream.

I’m still a Peyton fan, but he needs a reality check.  If he’s so upset about the changes with the Colts, he’s got the means to solve it.  All he has to do is write a check. 

And that’s the reality…

PS – here’s a link to the MSNBC story: