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Favre-Watch! The New York Jets Are Destined To Be Suckers Again!

7 Aug

Do any of these look right to you?


Of course not!

For those who didn’t figure it out by themselves, from left to right that’s noted acquited murder suspect and Buffalo Bills icon OJ Simpson as a 49er, Patrick “I guarantee but have no rings” Ewing as one of the Orlando Magic and finally the Jets’ own Joe Willie Namath as a Los Angeles Ram.

The ending in sports is rarely pretty.  Few careers wrap up as John Elway’s did with back to back Super Bowl wins (thank you, Terrell Davis) and a ride off into the sunset.  Most end with a former star athlete taking one too many punches or falling down in center field while chasing a ball he might have easily caught in his prime.

Brett Favre is destined to go out the same way.  In fact, he kind of already did.  Last season, in what was supposed to be his last game ever, he threw a game clinching interception to the delight of Giants’ fans everywhere.  Maybe that’s part of the reason Favre is so determined to come back.  Of course, we know we’ll never really know.

What we do know is that with a lifer like Favre it won’t end pretty.  Whether it’s later this season or next year or the year after, sooner or later, Brett Favre’s skills will have deteriorated just enough to either get him benched for a much less accomplished QB or get him hurt.

Favre has a right to pursue his career as long as he wants.  There’s no doubt after last season and despite the way he ended his team’s playoff run with pick, that Favre still has something left in the tank.  Furthermore, with so much money on the line, there’s a huge financial upside to Brett risking his legacy.  So clearly there is method and some kind of reasoning behind his madness.

What I’ll never understand is why the Jets have any interest in Brett Favre.  Tampa, I get, they made the playoffs last year, their coach collects quarterbacks like others collect sports memorabilia, and maybe just maybe Favre with a lot of luck could put them over the top.

The Jets can NOT say the same thing.  Brett Favre is not going to take this team to the Super Bowl this year or next.  In fact, he may not be enough to take them to the playoffs.  So why jump in?

My only answer is tradition.

The Jets organization has been snake bitten for the most part since their amazing Super Bowl upset way back when I was too young to appreciate the magnitude of the moment.  Since then, of course, one bad decision has followed the other and fueled the team’s desperation to again taste glory.  Half my lifetime later, the Jets are still searching to recapture that one magical moment.  Now, as their coach and GM face the critical third year of their rebuilding scheme, the organization is going all out to gamble their resources on a quarterback who is clearly on borrowed time.

Maybe they figure that karma owes them something what with Joe Namath going out a Ram and all.

Mark my words. 

They are about to find out karma is a b#tch…

If Gale Sayers Is In The Hall of Fame, Why Isn’t Terrell Davis?

31 May

I love Gale Sayers as much as the next guy.  I’ve seen the movie.  I admire what he did for Brian Piccolo.  While I’m wayyyyy too young to have actually seen Sayers play during his brief but wondrous career, I have seen the highlights over and over thanks to cable television.  Sayers is a top notch act on and off the field.  Gale Sayers, Mr. Sayers to me, deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.

Question is…  If Sayers is in, how can you keep Terrell Davis out?

There are so many parallels between the two.  Both were brilliant running backs.  Both played only seven season in the NFL. Of their seven seasons, both were really factors in only four and half NFL campaigns. Both fought injury problems, which ended their careers prematurely and tied them together forever.  Spooky, right?

So with such short careers, how do we evaluate their hall worthiness?

Let’s start with Sayers, who was elected to the NFL’s Hall of Fame in 1977.  Given his career accomplishments, the highlight film, Brian’s Song, his legacy is clear.  There’s no serious debate Gale Sayers doesn’t belong in the Hall. 

In Sayer’s all too brief career, he made countless highlight plays.  He was a game changer out of the backfield or returning kicks.  He led the NFL three times in total yards.  His career rushing average clocks in at a gaudy 5.0 yards per attempt.  He was a four time Pro Bowl pick and made First Team All Pro five times.  He was a star in every sense of the word.

As for Terrell Davis, he was a Pro Bowl and All Pro pick three times.  His rushing average was a healthy 4.6 yards per attempt.  He led the entire NFL in rushing yards once while breaking the exclusive 2000 yard barrier in 1998.  He was second in rushing twice and went over 1,500 yards in three straight seasons.  Finally, Davis led the league in rushing touchdowns twice and in overall touchdowns once.  The man could flat out play.  He wasn’t nicknamed TD due to his initials…

Give Sayers the edge in yards per carry, breakaway ability and his return skills.  However, there’s a big category that Sayers trails TD in.  Sayers never played in a championship game.  Unfortunately, his Bear teams never even got close.  So, we never got to see what highlights Gale Sayers would have come up on the biggest stage of all.

As for TD, we know all about him and championships.  Remember that Hall of Fame quarterback John Elway?  You know, the guy who won back to back Super Bowls and then rode off into retirement?  Well, Elway won exactly ZERO championships before Terrell Davis showed up in the Broncos’ backfield.  Elway and the Broncos had done nothing but get killed in Super Bowls prior to TD’s time.

It’s clear that come crunch time Terrell was money.  He was the MVP of Super Bowl XXXII scoring three TDs, which no RB had ever done before.  Throughout the playoffs that year, he railed off four straight 100 yard games in a row helping Denver go from wild card entrants to Super Bowl Champs.

The following year, come playoff time, Davis was once again on top of his game.  In his second straight championship game, TD ran for over 100 yards while gaining another 50 or so through the air.  Along the way, Davis set the playoff record with seven straight games with 100 or more rushing yards. 

John Elway still sends TD thank you cards for giving him the story book ending to his great career.

As time has gone by, we’ve forgotten how big a factor Terrell Davis was.  His brief career leaves us asking how we judge him.  Should we go on what was or what could have been had he not been forced out of the game way too soon?  Looking back at his record of achievement during the regular season and playoffs, it’s clear Terrell Davis belongs in the Hall of Fame.

No slight intended at Mr. Sayers, but Terrell Davis would belong in the Hall of Fame even if Sayers hadn’t already gotten in.

He was that good.