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Tonight, My DVR Killed The Red Sox!

11 Aug

Yes, I’m a Red Sox fan.  Yes, getting swept in the Bronx this past weekend was pretty hard to take, but my DVR made it even worse tonight.

Earlier this evening, I was watching a show called “Baseball Seasons” on one of the many sports channels my TV package includes.  My seven year old son, who all of a sudden is getting very into baseball, loves this show.  He’s very into history too and this show combines them both.  Each episode tells the story of one season in baseball history.

The episode we watched tonight highlighted 1993, in which the Toronto Blue Jays became the first repeat World Series Champions since the late 70’s Yankees.

Anyway, there I was happily watching the show with my seven year old when I start seeing scores at the bottom of the screen.  I forget that I’m watching a show recorded days earlier on my DVR.  I see the Red Sox losing to Roy Halladay and this year’s version of the Blue Jays.  To my horror, I also see the Yankees picking up a win.

I have no idea these scores aren’t live.  I think the Red Sox have now fallen 7 1/2 games behind the hated Yankees.  I pray that my son doesn’t notice the results as they’ll break his little heart.  Luckily, he doesn’t notice a thing, but asks lots of questions about 1993.

I answer all of his questions, put him and his sister to bed, hang out with my wife, and then it’s not til just a few minutes ago that I see that the Red Sox situation is in fact exactly the opposite of what I thought it was.

Tonight, the Sox in actuality bounced back against the Tigers, while the Yankees played and lost to those same Blue Jays I thought the BoSox had lost to.  All of a sudden, the Sox are only five and a half behind the Yankees rather than 7 1/2 out.

Hope springs a new.  And that’s what’s great about baseball.  It’s a cliche, but it’s true.  The baseball season is a marathon, not a sprint.

In fact, the show I watched tonight reminded me of that.  In 1993, the Braves trailed the Giants by almost double figures at one point in their race for the NL West title.  With the addition of Fred McGriff, great pitching and some luck, Atlanta ended up catching San Fran and winning the division title by one game.  104 wins to 103.  (In those days, there was no wildcard, so the Giants just got to go home despite winning 103 ball games.  Ouch!)

Anyway, here’s the point.  The DVR could not kill my Red Sox.  There is a wildcard and there’s about 50 games left.  The Yankees and the Red Sox have a lot of games left.  The Sox have been injured and are beginning to heal.  The Yanks have been relatively healthy, but are an old team.

You see where I’m going with this.  Yes, Yankee fans should be very pleased with their team.  The Bombers are going to be in the playoffs.  They’ll probably win the division.

But, they’re probably not done with the Red Sox.  And that’s what’s great about this rivalry.

This Just In… The Giants Won’t Defend Their Super Bowl Title!

13 Jun

If the New York Giants prove me wrong and become two time Super Bowl Champs, that will be a way bigger upset than the one they pulled over New England last February.  Know what?  I won’t be losing any sleep. It’s just not gonna happen.

Winning two Super Bowls in a row is a truly difficult thing.  It was difficult back when Pittsburgh seemed to be doing it every few years.  It’s a lot tougher now.  Free agency, the salary cap and bigger money have all made it less likely for a Super Bowl Winner to go back to back.

The Giants are finding out how difficult defending your title is right now.  They’ve got a superstar (pain in the buttocks) tight end in Jeremy Shockey who wasn’t part of their title run but still feels entitled to keep making waves.  If you’re The Giants and want to repeat, then Shockey can’t be traded soon enough. For some reason Big Blue is hesitating. 

Not hesitating at all is the team’s great wide receiver Plaxico Burress, who is refusing to practice until his contract is torn up and replaced with a better one.  Keep in mind this is despite the fact that he’s got three years left on his current deal.  Call me crazy, but so far the Giants’ air attack isn’t looking very focused…

Of course, the Defense is solid.  Oh, except for the fact that future Hall of Famer Michael Strahan has called it quits after 15 years.  While you’ve got to admire him for going out on top, you have to believe that even with their good depth on the D-line, Strahan’s departure has to end up hurting the Giants’ defense.

Another year.  Another Super Bowl Champ.  That’s how life is now in Roger Goodell’s league. 

The NFL wouldn’t have it any other way…