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Am I A Bad Person For Being Happy That Someone Died?

14 Apr

When I heard the news today that the pirates who were holding an American captain hostage had been killed by U.S. Navy snipers, I felt happy.  I know in a god and Jesus view, this probably wasn’t my finest hour.

Yet, the news that the captain was freed and the threat vanquished was just what the doctor ordered for us all.  First off, perhaps because of the success of the Johnny Depp movies, someone didn’t get the message that piracy went out of fashion hundreds of years ago.  It was high time that this message was delivered clearly.

Second, it was such a tidy ending.  Life is so complicated these days.  And here was a movie scripted ending for all of us Americans (and many other nation’s citizens who have also been victimized by these thugs) to cheer on.

It was also a great beginning for President Obama.  Joe Biden said he’d be tested.  And, while it wasn’t done for the purpose of challenging Obama, it was the President’s first foreign policy test.  Consider him as passed with flying colors.  Here was a anti-Iraq War candidate not hesitating to use force when appropriate.  I suspect any terrorists or thugs with anti-American agendas took note. 

But it really is just a beginning.  My hope is that nations working together can find a way to solve the problem of piracy.  Perhaps installing a working government in Somalia would be a good first step.

Finally, there is definitely a skit or at least a funny movie scene in the fate of the fourth pirate.  The way I read it the fourth pirate didn’t die with his comrades because he was on board a Navy vessel negotiating with the U.S. military.  Can’t you just see the scene where the Navy guys get the news that all the pirates have been shot dead and the last pirate is oblivious to his absolute loss of leverage and still demanding things?  Talk about being Punk’d!

Of course, laughing at the loss of any human life is not a good thing.  The three dead men probably had people who cared for them and for the religiously inclined, souls as well.  It’s a tragedy it ever got to where it got to.  That said, I simply don’t think the President or military had much other choice.  And those signing up to pirate have seen confirmation that when you play with fire, sometimes you will get burned.