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Senate Hijinks Sure To Ensue!

14 Apr

Al Franken just won a key court battle and is that much closer to becoming a real honest to goodness U.S. Senator.  His opponent, Norm Coleman, has already vowed to fight on but his options are getting fewer and he keeps losing all the fights along the way.

Franken’smight not be the most traveled road to the Senate, but to my way of thinking that’s a good thing.  The Senate could use some new schtick.  And Franken is a smart guy.  I’ve read several of his books and while they do make you laugh (unless you’re an arch-conservative 0f course), they are in fact well thought out. 

In one of Franken’s books he actually footnoted every statement he made so that he could show he was dealing in reported facts rather than blowhard opinioning so popular on talk radio and cable news shows.

Here’s hoping he finds some other ways to upset the status quo once he gets to D.C.