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Next Coach Of NJ Nets Wins College Championship And Won’t Let Door Hit Him On The Way Out!

6 Apr

Coach K just claimed his 8,004th college basketball championship.  Ho hummm…

Earlier today, we heard Mike Krzyzewki say “nyet” again to the rumors that the Russian tycoon soon to own the NJ (aka Brooklyn) Nets would lure him to the NBA with an offer of up to $15 Million dollars per year.

Months ago, we heard Andy Reid say Donovon McNabb would be back with the Eagles next season.  We all know how that turned out.

So.  Don’t be too surprised if good old Coach K ends up in Newark and/or Brooklyn before too long.

Here’s why.  He’s up there in basketball years.  He’s 63.  He’s done it all on the college level.  Duke hadn’t been to a national title game in something like six years.  But, the Blue Devils are back on top now. 

What better time than now to leave.  He’d leave as a winner.  He’d end up with a contract that would take him into retirement with a literal fortune.

Most important and seductive.  Coach K would get a shot at finding out if he can do it on the very highest level the game has to offer.

And that, my readers, will be the thing that ultimately drives him to leave Duke.

Mark my words. It will never be easier or more tempting than RIGHT NOW…

Damn You, Geno Auriemma! My Terrifying Commute From Hell!

10 Mar

This morning I left for work never realizing I’d soon be in hell….

For ten minutes straight the two sports talk stations in town (ESPN & The Fan) were talking Connecticut woman’s basketball at exactly the same time.  Seriously ten minutes.  How is that even possible?  And it was timed perfectly so I was stuck in traffic to boot.

Damn you, Geno Auriemma!

There’s only so much time in my life and I already spend too much of it on sports.  There’s no way I’m getting interested in women’s college basketball.

There are two exceptions to this.  Either, A, my daughter will go on to play college basketball, in which case I will become the game’s biggest fan.  (PS – I see her as a heady point guard, tougher than she looks, usually more concerned about getting her teammates involved, but not afraid to take the big shot)

Or, B, I’m offered a head coaching job at a division one woman’s basketball program.  Two words on that.  Not. Likely.

So That’s What He Meant By A “Wow Hire”!

7 Apr

First Memphis loses John Calipari to Kentucky and now this!  In the aftermath of Calipari’s defection, Memphis AD R. C. Johnson vowed to make a “wow hire” to replace him.

When I hear the words “wow hire” applied to college basketball, I start thinking bringing old legends back (IE-Bob Knight) or stealing a rising coach from another top school (IE – Mark Few) or maybe even a wild card like bringing in a big name from the NBA.

What I didn’t expect was for Johnson to hire Josh Pastner, a current Memphis assistant and former player & assistant at Arizona.  Pastner, who shares the same first name as the Denver Broncos new head coach as well as his early thirties age, is a baby-faced guy who Memphis had better hope starts off better than McDaniels did in Denver.

Josh Pastner

What’s left to say other than Johnson kept his word.  This is one real “wow hire” even if it’s for the wrong reasons.

Good luck, Memphis Fans and just be happy Jay Cutler isn’t your point guard right now!