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Obama’s Grandmother Has Died – In Your Face, Michael Savage!

4 Nov

I apologize for the crass nature of this post’s headline.  My condolences to Barack Obama’s family on the recent passing of his grandmother.  May she rest in peace.

That said, I must take this opportunity to take a well earned shot at radio host Michael Savage.  Mr. Savage who hosts a syndicated right wing talk radio show that lives up to its title of THE SAVAGE NATION, was on my radio dial recently.  I was on the way home and searching for something to listen to.  Unfortunately, I got Savage.  As it turned out, my timing was actually fortunate as it allowed me to write the post you are reading right now.

You see, as fate would have it, Senator Obama was on his way to Hawaii that night to visit his dying grandmother.  Obama, having missed out on being near his mother when she passed, didn’t want to have history repeat.  So, he cut back on campaigning and headed out to Hawaii to exhibit the kind of family values the right wing is so fond of talking about (although not as equally fond of actually putting into practice).

Only, as I listened to Mr. Savage that night, it was clear that he wasn’t having any of it.  Savage’s theory and on air rant that night were about casting doubt on the true reason for Obama’s Hawaii trip.  Savage suggested that Obama’s visit to his sick grandmother was a cover.  According to Savage, Obama was traveling to Hawaii to continue to work to suppress the truth about his birth certificate.

Nevermind that the birth certificate rumor had been debunked months ago in not one, not two, but three ways.  First, the original birth certificate was examined and found to have an authentic raised seal.  Second, Hawaii had a copy of the original birth certificate in its files.  And finally, the local papers from the time of Obama’s birth included a birth announcement of little Barack that sync up with the date on his birth certificate.

Savage must have missed all of that evidence or, more likely, simply chose to disregard it while continuing to spread falsehood and rumors or as some of us call them – lies.  On the night I listened, Savage pulled a “two fer”.  Not only was he spreading the birth certificate rumor.  He was spreading lies about Obama’s visit to his sickly grandmother to further advance the birth certificate BS.

Now, of course, Obama’s grandmother has passed away after losing a fight against cancer.  So, it seems beyond reason that Senator Obama WAS in Hawaii for the reason he gave.  To visit with his ailing grandmother. 

I wonder what Savage is saying tonight.

My guess is given his lack of class and willingness to cross any line to advance his own barely thought out positions, he’s probably saying something about Obama’s grandmother’s passing being part of some larger conspiracy.

It’s one thing to disagree with someone and argue against their positions forcefully.  It’s another to attack someone’s motive’s regarding their family and using complete lies to do so.

But that’s how we roll in this savage nation.  So, in your face, Michael Savage.

And how about trusting your beliefs enough in the future to actually argue on the merits of them next time?

Just a thought…