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Lady Gaga, Among Other Things, Has This 60s Music Icon Twisted!

26 Jun

Chubby Checker:

If you love awkward moments not involving you as much as I do, then do I have a great heads up for you!  

Here it is.  If you ever and I mean EVER get a chance to watch or listen to 60’s dance craze icon Chubby Checker do an interview, do it!  Stop whatever you’re doing and just pay attention to everyone Chubby says.  The man is verifiably delusional and bitter as lemons in winter time.

Last night, I had nothing to do and nothing was on and I stumbled across Chubby doing a TV interview on some random local cable channel. 

Here are the highlights:

Chubby is angry at Dick Clark.  People say Dick Clark discovered Chubby.  He sees it the other way around.  His point is that Bandstand became a huge hit once Chubby started performing his massive hit on it.  I think he has a point.  But, he also thinks Dick Clark should always have him at any event he produces – any event!  Bottom line is that Chubby expected Dick Clark to keep having him on Bandstand in the 70s and 80s and on despite musical tastes changing.  I value loyalty too, but just not realistic here…

Chubby is pissed at Muhammad Ali and is willing to go there even though the man is struggling with Parkinson’s.  Gutsy move, Chubby!  Chubby claims that in the early 60s a young Ali, still know as Cassius Clay then, came to see Chubby for advice.  Chubby says he encouraged Ali to make predictions about what round he’d knock people out in AND to brag that he was the greatest of all time to get more attention.  Ali did both and the rest is history.  Of course, Chubby got no credit as Ali, according to Chubby, never gave him any.  Somehow I’m not believing Ali needed that much of a push to be outspoken and outrageous.

Chubby’s hair.  It’s what he SHOULD be bitter about.  It’s either (A) he’s still styling his hair with the same products from back in the early 60s OR (B) it’s the worst wig known to mankind.  Either way, it’s fascinating!

Chubby has put the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame on notice.  If they don’t elect him soon, he’s not making it to the induction ceremony if he feels he’s too old.  Actually, I’m with him on this one.  He should be in.  The Twist was the biggest dance craze ever and only song to chart #1 twice in two different years, plus he had several other hits that went on to be dance sensations too, like The Pony.  Remember that one?

See full size imageSpeaking of dancing… When the host asked Chubby to tell him what he thought were the differences between his music and today’s.  He told him NONE.  Chubby said that when he see’s people dancing to Lady Gaga and the rest he sees them dancing to Chubby.  Basically, he feels that he invented modern dance.  Nice!  Now I know who to blame.  I thought it was Michael Jackson.

Chubby can’t get any respect from DJs.  He doesn’t understand why Top 40 stations won’t play him.  I do.  He’s almost 70 and kids are listening!

Other cool Chubby facts.  He’s been married to a former Miss World for over 40 years.  Somewhere in there, he fathered a daughter out of another relationship who now plays in the WNBA and HE managed to STAY married.   That’s a talent!

He had  a #1 hit on the Billboard Dance Chart in 2008.  Who knew?

And he’s launched a chocolate bar, The Checker Bar, in Europe.  Of course, he’s bitter that no one in the US will distribute it yet.  You knew there had to be a twist!

Sorry To Bring The Party Down, But Let Al Sharpton Have His Kids Share A Bed With Michael Jackson! And other MJ Thoughts!

8 Jul

Today, we said goodbye to Michael Jackson.  Again. 

Yes, the coverage has been nonstop and I do mean it that way.  But, also, I think in a sense we said goodbye to Michael Jackson a looooooong time ago. 

Despite what Al Sharpton thinks or what we’re told he endured, Michael Jackson was odd.  Long ago his behavior verved off into the kind of territory that all his friends at today’s memorial should have challenged.

Leaving aside the very real possibility that Michael Jackson hurt kids, at the very least, by his own admission, Jackson engaged in conduct that was indefensible.  Can you think of another adult male that people would actually bother trying to defend if he admitted to having other people’s kids routinely sleep in his bed?  I can’t.

The deification of Michael Jackson is of course ridiculous.  He was a terrific entertainer and a pop icon who will long be remembered.  He did not, however, save the world.  The closest he got was writing “Man In The Mirror” in which he urged us to look inward to bring change to this planet. 

Good advice.  He should have heeded it more strongly too.

I understand that people are hurting and some of them actually even knew Michael Jackson.  I wish nothing but peace and comfort to his children, family and friends, I really do.

Still, I can’t help but point out some of the hypocrisy at today’s ceremony. 

First off, Al Sharpton.  I think his telling Jackson’s kids that there was nothing strange about their daddy was understandable if he was only trying to make them feel better.  But come on.  Jackson was strange.  He did strange things.  There’s simply no disputing that.  Would Al Sharpton let his kids have a sleepover at Jackson’s house were he still alive?  I’m guessing not.

A lot of the tone of people’s comments had to do with ALL that he endured.  First off, once Michael Jackson was an adult, he brought ALL of that on himself.  Nothing bothers me more than people who are driven to seek fame only to complain about its  horrible downside.

It’s not like Michael pulled a Greta Garbo.  He didn’t leave the spotlight.  His own friends will tell you he was a genius at self-promotion.  Just before he died, in fact, we all know he was rehearsing for a 50 night stand in London.

So which is it?  Did Michael want to be famous or was it all too much for him?  I’m betting on the first option.

Finally, people speak about Jackson’s childhood and how much he had to go through that a kid just should have to deal with.  I don’t dispute any of that.  From what we hear, Jackson did have a pretty crummy childhood and was forced to grow up way too soon.  So, what would that lead us to believe?

Hmmmm…. Perhaps children are best left out of the spotlight.  Jackson, in his own wacky way, seemed to understand that keeping his own kids out of the public eye by having them wear masks.

So, who do you get to sing at the memorial?  Some 12 year old singing sensation from the UK. 

And the cycle goes on…

Shocking Footage Of Reporter Beating Michael Jackson Fan!

3 Jul

Is it me or was reporter Steve Ryan the aggressor here?

And what was he thinking?  The guy he’s pushing around was one big boy!