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The NFL’s Biggest Fraud Revealed! You’ll Want To Write This Down!

8 Sep

As those of you who read this site may have figured out I’m a Giants’ fan.  When you’re a Giants’ fan in the tri-state area, you usually don’t hate the Jets.  Giants-Jets isn’t some big sports rivalry.  For most Giants’ fans, the Jets are a team they wouldn’t mind seeing doing well so long as it didn’t come at Big Blue’s expense.

The good news for the Jets’ organization and their fan base, is that Giants’ fans aren’t feeling so charitable anymore.   The Jets have become flat out annoying.  Have they taken over the market yet?  No, not really.  After all, they still last won a Super Bowl over 40 years ago.  But, the Jets are drawing notice.  Due to a combination of their participation in HBO’s Hard Knocks, Rex Ryan’s take no prisoners persona and their on the field achievements, things are looking up for the Jets.

Unfortunately, they’re also the NFL’s biggest fraud.

It’s absolutely amazing to me how many people think they’re Super Bowl bound.  Please write this down so you remember you read it here.  THE JETS ARE NOT MAKING THE SUPER BOWL.

For those “experts” who disagree, let’s point out a few problems with the idea of the Jets being good enough to win the whole thing this year.  First, they barely even made the playoffs last year.  If not for a few playoff clinched teams laying down to avoid injuries, the Jets probably wouldn’t have made last year’s post season.  Now, granted, they did a nice job when they got there, but not enough to have me over-value their Super Bowl potential this year.

Why?  We’ll that’s reason number two.  Mark Sanchez.   Does anyone remember that he wasn’t super last year?  Does anyone believe he’ll be that much better in year two?   With rare exceptions, quarterbacks struggle during their development.  Sanchez will be no different.

I hear some of you out there now.  You’re thinking (yes, I can read your minds) that the Super Bowl Champ doesn’t need a quarterback to be much more than a good game manager if he’s got a great supporting cast around him.  After all, Trent Dilfer won a Super Bowl.

True, but don’t forget that Dilfer tasted victory about 30 years ago (ok, if just feels that way, but it’s still a long time ago).  Take a look at who’s QB-ed Super Bowl Champs over the last decade.  There’s an awful lot of great quarterbacks up there.  Not too many stiffs.  Wherever Sanchez ends up on the quarterback scale, it’s a lot of pressure to put on a second year player.

So, if the quarterback is suspect, then at least they’ll be able to run the ball right?  Well, not so fast there.  They let Thomas Jones leave and have gotten some critism for it, but I think that will ultimately be proven to be the right call.  Jones had a nice Jets career, but he’s a senior citizen in running back terms and was coming off of heavy usage these last few years.  Frankly, he was already showing signs of retirement being not so far away by the end of last season.

So, the Super Bowl Bound Jets are now depending on Shonn Greene to be the kind of consistent runner Thomas Jones was.  Maybe he’ll be just that, but there’s a very small body of evidence to go off of, so that’s no given.

Should Greene falter who do you depend on?  LaDainian Tomlinson?  Maybe five years ago.  I’m an LT fan despite feeling that there’s only one true LT (Lawrence Taylor, of course, even with his current legal troubles!).  Tomlinson seems like a decent guy who’s come in with the right attitude.  So, personally, I’m hoping he has a nice bounce back year.  That’s the emotional side of my fandom coming out, but the reality is that Tomlinson like Jones is pretty old for a running back  and also come with the damage that a whole lot of NFL carries will do to a man.  He’s simply not going to be the season long answer at running back.

So, give the Jets credit for upping their profile and for putting together a terrific defense.  These days though, offense has a lot to say about who wins the Super Bowl.  When your quarterback and running backs are question marks, there’s a lot that needs to go right for you to win a Lombardi Trophy.

THE JETS WILL NOT BEAT THOSE ODDS.  Again, please write it down and remember you read it here first.

PS – Didn’t even mention they play in a seriously tough division.  That’s not going to help the march to glory.

PPS – I’d like bonus points for not going with the very tempting but ultimately lame argument that “after all they’re still the Jets”.

Santa Selects His Favorite NFL Stars!

20 Dec

See full size image

Santa is a big fat guy who sits around most of the year.  Winter is his favorite season.  He’s clearly a big football fan.

It got me thinking.  What if Santa went with his favorite NFL stars past and present to pull his sleigh this Christmas rather than reindeer?  After all, NFL players are much stronger than tiny reindeer and the reindeer could probably use a break.  He’d just have to use his Santa magic to give the NFL guys the power of flight and then they’d be off to the races.

Being  around so long Santa’s seen a lot of ball.  So, who would Santa pick to sub in for his team of nine?

Here’s my best guess:

Dasher – Bullet Bob Hayes.   This former Cowboy is the only man to win an Olympic Gold Medal and Super Bowl ring.  He averaged a mind blowing 20 yards per catch in his career and more than earned his place on Santa’s team.

Dancer – Billy “White Shoes” Johnson.  If you watched football in the ’70s and ’80s like Santa, there’s no way you missed this guy.  He started the end zone dance craze and was an amazing return man.  Made the NFL 75 Year Anniversary Team as its punt returner & now takes his place on Santa’s squad as well.

Prancer – Gale Sayers.  Who better to take over the Prancer role than Sayers?  His career was cut short but he gave us some of the most beautiful runs of all time.

Vixen – Jessica Simpson.  This one would be a tough pick as few NFL stars would be up for playing the Vixen role.  Santa calls an audible and goes with Jessica Simpson for her news making role as Tony Romo’s Yoko-like distraction. (Georgia Frontiere, Madame Ram, is the runner up here)

Comet – Kurt Warner.  Comets only come by every few years but shine brightly when they do.  Comets are worth the wait and so are great years from Warner.  He may not be consistent but his flashes have been great football to watch.  And after all, he’s been a Ram already…

Cupid – Joe Namath.  Free love era QB legend is a slam dunk for this pick.  If Santa went with NBA players, this role goes to Wilt “The Stilt” Chamberlain of course…

Donder – Sebastian Janikowski.  Yes, the right name of this reindeer is Donder not “Donner” as so many of us sing.  Looking for another unpronounceable name, Santa goes with the Raider’s place kicker.

Blitzen – LT.  Lawrence Taylor not LaDanien.  Sure the original LT was a little naughty, but Santa would forgive that.  After all, you’ve got to be a little nasty to be the blitz king.

Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer – Joe Montana.  Just like Rudolph, Montana came out of college and wasn’t wanted.  He didn’t look the typical NFL QB.  Like Rudolph, he may not have looked the part, but he sure could lead a team and both are true winners.  Besides, red is definitely Montana’s best color…

Happy Holidays everyone!