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Come on. Admit it. This Guy’s A Great Coach!

15 May

When you think of those great Laker Showtime teams of the 80s, who do you think of?  Magic? Kareem? Worthy?  Right.  And then somewhere down the line you remember Byron Scott.  All the guy does is be smack dab in the middle of winning basketball teams.

Now that he’s a coach, it’s much the same.  When I say “NBA genius head coach”, who pops to mind?  Riley? Jackson? Popovich (not really but he’s got lots of rings so I felt like I had to include him)? Brown?  Maybe even Nelson (more for his experiences and long term regular season success than his startling lack of championships)?

No matter who you answered.  Chances are it wasn’t Byron Scott.

Now, I’ve got another question for you  What’s wrong with you?

Maybe you haven’t been paying attention, but Scott’s pulled off a feat none of the other guys I mentioned above would ever dream of.  To begin with, he took, and I want to emphasize he accepted these jobs, they were not punishment doled out by the league, two of the scariest head coaching posts in the league.  Byron Scott agreed of his own free will to coach the Nets and Hornets.  He actually believed he could win where countless others had failed in New Jersey and New Orleans/Charlotte.

Turns out, Byron Scott was right. 

Scott lead a NJ franchise that had had almost no NBA success since it foolishly traded Dr. J upon entering the league to not one, but two Eastern Conference Championships.  Sure, they got demolished in the finals two years straight, but most folks in the Garden State hadn’t been that excited since a rare Springsteen/Bon Jovi double bill in ’93.

Once NJ returned to its losing senses, it quickly kicked Byron Scott to the curb.  Scott left the Nets with rumors about his work ethic and basketball smarts.  Maybe that made him less attractive to other teams, but clearly the rest of the league missed out on a great coach.  Despite a very shakey home court situation, Scott has his Hornets poised to take out the playoff tested Spurs.

If he does that, then the Lakers could be up next in the Western Conference Finals.  Anyone want to bet he can’t beat his old team?


Quick Hits on NBA Coaching Hires

10 May

Mike D’Antonini to the Knicks – If you’ve been reading this space, then you know how I feel about this one.  Cheesy mustache aside, you’ve got to be impressed by his record in Phoenix.  The regular season.  Never has figured out that defense wins come crunch time.  Worth mentioning too that his teams were stocked in Phoenix.  Welcome to New York, Mr. D’Antonini.  I think you’ll find the cupboard is a bit more bare in the big apple.  Good luck with Marbury, Curry and the rest of the Knicks group of professional losers.  Figure D’Antonini won’t last through the end of his contract & I don’t even know how long that is!  Knicks coaches never do and he’s NOT the the right fit for this job.

Rick Carlisle to the Mavericks – Was pretty impressed with Carlisle in Detroit and thought he was done wrong when they dumped him for NBA vagabond Larry Brown.  Less impressed with his tenure in Indiana on the whole.  I’m no longer sure this guy is a really good coach.  Guess Mavericks gig will seal the verdict on him.  I’m guessing he’ll be found guilty of not being a great one.  Think this is another bad coaching hire.

 As the merry go round continues to spin, guess the question now is who’ll get the Chicago & Phoenix gigs.  Whoever they are, they got to be better matches than the Knicks and Mavericks have found.

Or I could be completely wrong…