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A Dream Ticket!?

3 Apr

Barack Obama let it slip recently.  For those of you still dreaming, their is hope of a dream ticket after all!  Only it won’t be Obama-Clinton.It may be Obama-Gore.

Yes, you remember Al Gore.  When last you saw him he was claiming an Oscar or a Nobel Peace Prize or maybe the number one song on the dance charts.  Whatever your last memory of Al Gore, there’s no doubt the man is a rock star.

After not losing to our current president in 2000, Gore’s gracious decision to step aside following the Supreme Court’s ruling began the transformation of Al Gore.  Since 2000, he’s made himself a lot of money, won a lot of praise and awards, and gained a respect from the general populace that he’d never had during his politician days.

Barack Obama, being a rock star in his own right, hinted that Gore could be a potential running mate.  The combination would make sense for so many reasons.  They’d have star power.  They are from different parts of the nation.  They would appeal to different voters. 

Then, there’s the experience question…

Worried about Obama getting that 3AM phone call on day 17 of his presidency?  With Al Gore on hand, there’d be nothing to fear.  Obama would have a strong bench coach to get council from.  Kind of like Torre and Zimmer during the dreaded Yankee Dynasty of the mid-Nineties.

Would Al Gore do it?  Probably not.  What’s he got to gain from it?  Nothing, unless Obama gives him “super” VP powers.

I remember when Reagan was looking for a running mate that there was flirtation with the idea of bringing former President Gerald Ford on in a kind of super VP role. 

It was intriguing then and it’s intriguing now.  Some day such an arrangement will happen.  Perhaps, sooner than we think, if the Democratic Nominating process gets really ugly this summer. 

A Dream Ticket may be the Democrats only chance of defeating John McCain this November.