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Shocker! When Baseball Legends Have to Beg!

30 Dec

The Baseball Hall of Fame voting process sucks.  We all know that.

Somehow Alan Trammell will never get a sniff of Cooperstown while Ozzie Smith makes it in on the first ballot.  Yet, for a good part of their careers, many a GM would’ve gladly traded light hitting Ozzie for a shortstop like Trammell who (for his time) was a slugger at the position and not a horrible fielder.

I’ve always wondered why athletes tend to avoid talking up their own hall of fame-worthiness beyond clichés like “I know what I did” or “if God wants me in” or “my numbers stack up against my contemporaries”.  And now I know why.

Bert Blyleven, who I’ve been back and forth on myself until recently, is now an online columnist for NBC Sports.  Either he or his employers decided it would be a good idea for him to do a column touting his worthiness.

Here’s the link:

Bert did a good job trying to stay classy and he makes some good points, but somehow it just feels like a wrong move.  An understandable one given the idiotic way baseball voters evaluate who is or isn’t a Hall of Famer, but still wrong.

What Blyleven should have done was let others do his dirty work.  Here’s a link to a recent Joe Posnanski column that convinced me once and for all that Blyleven is in fact a Hall of Famer:

If I were Blyleven, I’d have my fan club president print out the Posnanski column, laminate it (do people still do that?) and send it off to every Hall of Fame voter along with a nice gift.

Read Posnanski’s column and I dare you to make a compelling case that Bert doesn’t belong in the Hall of Fame.

Besides, he’s my second favorite Burt/Bert of the 70s.  He’s just below Burt Reynolds and just above the Baltimore Colts’ Bert Jones.  

See full size image

For that, he surely deserves to be forgiven for not getting 13 more wins to make his Cooperstown case air tight.