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Quick Hits on NBA Coaching Hires

10 May

Mike D’Antonini to the Knicks – If you’ve been reading this space, then you know how I feel about this one.  Cheesy mustache aside, you’ve got to be impressed by his record in Phoenix.  The regular season.  Never has figured out that defense wins come crunch time.  Worth mentioning too that his teams were stocked in Phoenix.  Welcome to New York, Mr. D’Antonini.  I think you’ll find the cupboard is a bit more bare in the big apple.  Good luck with Marbury, Curry and the rest of the Knicks group of professional losers.  Figure D’Antonini won’t last through the end of his contract & I don’t even know how long that is!  Knicks coaches never do and he’s NOT the the right fit for this job.

Rick Carlisle to the Mavericks – Was pretty impressed with Carlisle in Detroit and thought he was done wrong when they dumped him for NBA vagabond Larry Brown.  Less impressed with his tenure in Indiana on the whole.  I’m no longer sure this guy is a really good coach.  Guess Mavericks gig will seal the verdict on him.  I’m guessing he’ll be found guilty of not being a great one.  Think this is another bad coaching hire.

 As the merry go round continues to spin, guess the question now is who’ll get the Chicago & Phoenix gigs.  Whoever they are, they got to be better matches than the Knicks and Mavericks have found.

Or I could be completely wrong…

You Heard It Hear First! Knicks Set For Another Mistake!

28 Mar

As reported here just yesterday, leave it to Jim Dolan to mess up a good thing.  The good thing is Dolan bringing in Donnie Walsh from Indiana to rejuvenate the Knicks.  The mess Dolan’s creating is his desire to keep Isiah Thomas on as coach. Why?

It’s certainly not Isiah’s coaching record.  In his two years on the Knicks bench his team has gone from bad (33-49) to much worse (20-51).  Even in his more success coaching stint in Indiana, Thomas had teams that were basically five hundred for his first two years.  He’s never been able to achieve even mediocrity in the Big Apple.  Thomas had his best year in his final year as the Pacer’s coach racking up 48 wins.  Yet, he still parted ways with the organization.  That should tell you something.

Just like the fact that Dolan owes Thomas another 21 mil or so over the next three years should tell you something about why he’s looking to keep Isiah in town.

Sit Down For This…Knicks Finally Make a Smart Move!

26 Mar

Yes, the Knicks are finally about to make a smart move.  By my count it’s their second in the Dolan era.  The first was something about upgrading the catering at the Garden.

Donnie Walsh, the current head poo-bah of the Indiana Pacers, is rumored to be New York bound.  While Indiana has been in a steady state of decline since the Pacers decided to duke it out with the fans a few years back, Walsh’s overall record in Indiana over more than twenty years is more than solid.

 While Walsh never got the Pacers that championship, he came close.  They lost in the 2000 Finals to a Shaq/Kobe/Phil Laker squad, which isn’t exactly a dishonorable thing.  On top of that they had the best record in the NBA in 2004, got to six conference finals and won four division titles on Walsh’s watch.

The guy know what he’s doing.  He knows how to run a basketball team.  So, this has to be a good thing for the Knicks, right?

Dolan being Dolan, you have to figure he’ll find a way to screw it up.  My guess is that Isiah Thomas, who’s owed something like 21 million more dollars over the next three years, will get to stay on as coach.

Thomas got an extension for exactly what last year?  I’m pretty sure I too could have guided the Knicks to a non-playoff season while embarrassing them and costing them tons of money in an employee harassment suit.  Although, unlike Thomas, I’m so not sure I would have been able to commit so much money to losing ballplayers that I’d hamstring the Knicks financially for years.

Remind me again why Walsh wants to come to New York?  I’m guessing it’s bucks, the new challenge and friction with Larry Legend in Indiana.

Let’s just hope it’s all that Walsh expects and that Dolan will let him do his job even if it means costing Isiah his.