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Eli Manning – Not Too Shabby

21 Jan

So Eli Manning and the road warrior Giants managed to beat the legendary Brett Favre and his Pack in Lambeau Field, where the weather was somewhere below zero.  And in do so, Eli has clearly shown his detractors that he’s taken the next step in his fulfilling his potential. 

Eli still isn’t Peyton.  Heck, he never will be.  But, young Eli has the Giants back in the Super Bowl in just his fourth season in the NFL.  By comparison, Peyton took nine long years to get the Colts to the biggest game of them all.  Think back to the kind of talent that surrounded Peyton in Indy during all those non-Super years and little bro’s achievement becomes even more impressive.

In taking out Brett Favre and company, Eli outplayed the future hall of famer.  He threw for more yards and most importantly despite playing in enemy territory never turned the ball over while Favre was picked twice.  Take away that one 90 yard pass play, which frankly was kind of a fluke, and Favre’s numbers look even worse.

Week after week, Eli Manning is playing in the biggest game of his life on the road against better teams than his.  Yet, week after week, the Giants are advancing and Eli is growing into a really good starting quarterback.

Next, he’ll get to prove he’s the kind of quarterback that can win a Super Bowl.  I’m not betting against him or the Giants.

Brett Favre Proves He’s Not The Best Quarterback Ever

21 Jan

In a year in which he’s smashed most of the biggest career records for quarterbacks, Brett Favre also proved he’s the absolutely not the best quarterback of all time.  That honor still goes to Joe Montana or Tom Brady or Johnny Unitas or maybe Dan Marino, despite his zero Super Bowl victories.

No question Favre has had a magical career.  17 years, all the career records that matter, the consecutive games streak, 2 Super Bowls and the one win.  And this season was going to be the icing on the cake.  Favre at the twilight of his football playing days was set to return Green Bay to Super Bowl glory once more.  Inhuman weather conditions, a distinct home field advantage and a huge comparative advantage between Eli Manning and himself, all pointed to a Green Bay victory that would secure Favre’s legacy as the greatest their ever was.

Only one small problem.  Green Bay didn’t win.  And Favre did what he does more often than some of his fans would care to admit.  In a big spot, he took too much on himself and forced things that aren’t there.  He turned the ball over twice and was lucky that the first pick didn’t end up costing him more when McQuarters coughed it right back up to Green Bay.

Certainly Brett Favre is in the conversation of the top five NFL QBs of all time.  He just isn’t number one.  For the simple reason that when it comes down to crunch time he’s about as likely to win the game for you as throw it away.  He’s a gunslinger.  Gunslingers live and die by taking big risks.  And today he was a little slower on the draw than Eli Manning and the New York Giant’s D.