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Stop The Presses! Bush Vindicated By Uranium Discovery!! Or Maybe Not…

21 Aug
This past Sunday, I saw my best friend and his bride for dinner with me and my wife.  My best friend tends to be more on the conservative or at least Republican side of things, while I started our friendship over twenty years ago as a raging liberal and have gradually moved more to the center.  Aging, 9/11 and the realization that both parties have done precious little over the past twenty years to address our biggest problems will do that to a guy.
Anyway, I think it’s safe to say that politics tends to be my more bag than my best friend’s.  But, I do respect his opinion and value getting his POV as it often differs from mine and helps me check my own beliefs.
Over dinner, he rocked my world.  He busted out that he met some guy at a barbecue earlier in the day that told him all about 500 tons of Iraqi yellow cake uranium that had been discovered and was being moved out of Iraq.  According to my friend’s new friend and the blog (this will be important in a few moments) that he showed him on his laptop, this was all a shocking case of the often referenced “liberal media bias” in action.  The original story, according to the barbecue laptop guy, was reported in July, yet the media (who ever they are these days) hadn’t made a big deal about it.  My best pal asked me if I’d heard about it.  I had not.
Hmmmmm…. Here was the smoking gun.  They found weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and no one was reporting it.  Bush was vindicated.  The  Iraq War was justified.  Wow, maybe I owe our President a big apology I thought.
After drafting an apology letter to the president, I thought better of it and did some digging.  After a quick web search, I think the guy who told my pal about the 500 tons of uranium was off base on a few things.  The reason the media didn’t make this the top story of the year was twofold:
1 – it’s an old story.  The yellow cake uranium in question has been known to be in Saddam’s possession since the 1980s.  And none of it dates from after the First Gulf War.  So, it’s not the smoking gun that proves that Bush was right to invade Iraq.  Saddam had the stuff in his possession & we knew about it for over 20 years.  If it wasn’t dangerous enough for us to oust Saddam in the 80s or under the first and wiser President Bush, than what would make it a justification for the second Iraq War?
2 – The US wanted to keep the movement of the material as secret as possible.  Apparently, we were concerned that if it was widely known that we were moving it out of Iraq that extremists might target it.  The US Government didn’t want this to be a big story.
By searching the net, I found reporting on the material over the years.  So, the media has in fact been reporting it.  It just isn’t a big story cause of the two reasons listed above.  I know many people believe there’s a liberal media bias (despite the dominance of conservative talk radio & Fox News) but this just is not a case of liberal media bias.
In fact, the Bush Administration was trying to build the case that Saddam was trying to buy more uranium as a justification for the war.  That has to date not been proven.
Below is a link to a good article on the uranium in question from MSNBC and I also pasted the most relevant excerpt if you are pressed for time.
Totally cop to the charge that MSNBC is (as a business decision for their cable channel) featuring more and more liberal commentary (Keith Obermann, Rachel Maddow, etc).  But, I still take them to be credible for general reporting when it’s not commentary.  Keep in mind MSNBC is owned by GE & Microsoft not exactly bleeding heart liberal hippies…
Tuwaitha and an adjacent research facility were well known for decades as the centerpiece of Saddam’s nuclear efforts.Israeli warplanes bombed a reactor project at the site in 1981. Later, U.N. inspectors documented and safeguarded the yellowcake, which had been stored in aging drums and containers since before the 1991 Gulf War. There was no evidence of any yellowcake dating from after 1991, the official said.


If none of this convinces you that the guy at the barbecue was off base, then ask yourself this.  If this was such a big story & vindicated Bush for this war, than why isn’t he out there saying so?
I would have attached a link to the blog my friend saw at the barbecue, but I don’t know what it was.
On a related note, seems to me this blogosphere (if that’s what we blogging nerds are calling) is at once one of the greatest aids to democracy in the world and at the same time one of the greatest threats.  Fact is any yahoo can start a blog (like I did).  I make no claim to be an expert and try hard to let readers know when I’m guessing at or assuming something.  I am by no means perfect.  So, if you read this blog, PLEASE fact check me and let me know when I’m off base.  It’s the least we can do as modern day Americans.
It’s tough to know these days what’s fact and what’s some guy or gal’s wacked out opinion.  At least that’s my take…

Even If You’re A Conservative… Life Lessons Your Children Need To Learn From The Clintons!

4 May

The latest polls show that Hillary Clinton is far from done.  Barack Obama has repeatedly had his chance to put her campaign away.  He’s failed to do so.  The Clinton campaign is alive and well.  Give credit to Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s recent tendency to shoot himself in the foot and the famous Clinton never say die drive.

Years ago, the first President Bush (remember him fondly now? Me too!) was riding high as he headed for reelection.  Bush I’s approval ratings were the exact opposite of Bush II’s.  Daddy Bush was getting something like a 90 plus percent approval rating following the Gulf War victory.

Mario Cuomo was the nationally known eloquent spokesman of the Democratic Party as well as the well regarded governor of a big important state.  Cuomo had presidential aspirations.  Democrats were enthusiastic for a Cuomo candidacy.  Yet, Cuomo hesitated.  He hemmed and hawed and never got into the race.  He’ll never know what might have been.

Bill Clinton was the little known governor of a state that let’s charitably say wasn’t at the top of most lists you’d want your state to be at the top of.  However, Clinton was young, ambitious and charismatic.  He didn’t hesitate.  Clinton jumped in.  Bush 90 percent approval rating be damned.

We all know what happened.  Clinton won and George Bush went home a one term president.

Regardless of your politic persuasion, what should your children learn from the above?  Glad you asked!

First, let’s take Hillary’s ’08 Campaign.  She has been knocked down and counted out over and over in this campaign.  Yet, she’s still out there fighting day after day.  Momentum even seems to have turned her way.  Ask yourself, when’s the last time the Obama Campaign got some good news?  Guam victory?  I don’t see Senator Obama writing home about that one…  “Dear Michelle,  Hey Honey, I think I got this thing sewed up now that Guam is in my court!!”

The point that’s valuable for kids is that everyone gets knocked out.  None of us wins all the time.  Not even Derek Jeter or Brett Favre, despite reports to the contrary.  Often, it seems like the world is in a hurry to count us out. 

Hillary’s campaign teaches us so many things.  Belief in yourself for one.  Never counting yourself out.  Fighting on against the odds.  Most importantly, getting back up when you’ve been knocked down.  The world is going to floor your kids.  As parents, our biggest job is to teach them to get up.  We need to ingrain in them that carrying on after suffering a set back or disappointment is the mark of a true champion.

Now, onto Bill.  Clearly, Bill Clinton is a risk taker.  Sometimes those risks are reckless and damaging to himself, his family and our country.  Lewinsky, anyone?  Other times, as with his decision to get in the race in ’92, his belief in himself and his risk embracing nature won him the presidency and in my opinion (at least) gave our country a very good though flawed president.

What should your kids learn?  Clinton proves you’ve got to be in it to win it whether it’s the lottery or running for the most powerful job in the world.  Bill Clinton lives life like this is his one shot at it.  Do you?  Not many of us do, but many of us wish we did. 

Do you want your kids to completely fulfill their potential?  Of course you do.  Then, you’ve got to teach the Clinton lesson.  Kids have to go out into the world and take chances.

And for you conservatives, here’s the Bill Clinton lesson for your kids that even you’ll agree with.  Kids need to learn the difference between a good risk and a bad risk.  Even as a Clinton fan, I acknowledge that he had trouble with that one.  Ultimately, it’s what kept him from being a great president rather than a very good one.

PS – Conservatives, I don’t expect you agree with my presidential rating of Bill Clinton, but hope you’ll get the underlying point.  Can’t we all agree to get along for our kids?

It’s The Bush, Stupid!

1 May

Better political minds than mine are all up in arms about needing to settle the Clinton-Obama question as soon as possible.  Their worry is that Democrats are losing ground in the fight against Republican Nominee John McCain with every day that the primary battle isn’t resolved.

Yet, should Democrats nationwide be breaking out in streaks of perspiration?  I don’t think so.  Check the latest polls and you’ll find both Democrats running ahead of McCain.  Somehow the unsinkable Senator Clinton has almost a double digit lead over the Arizona Senator.  And for all the Reverend Wright flak coming his way, Senator Obama still leads John McCain by two points nationwide.  It’s anybodies game.

How can this be?  Simple answer really.  This year it’s the Bush, stupid.

No matter what Republicans do in this campaign they will be dogged by an eight year association with a failed or at least failing administration.  People want change pure and simple.

It’s going to be tough for McCain to sell that he’s the real new deal when he’s part of the same GOP as President Bush, not to mention that fairly or not people associate McCain with Bush’s Iraq strategy.  The surge may have helped security somewhat, but it’s become clear to everyone (except perhaps Senators Clinton & Obama) that we’re staying in Iraq for a good while longer.  Bottom line is McCain is stuck with Bush and Iraq.  Those associations aren’t going away no matter how nasty the Clinton-Obama battle becomes.

That’s the reason so many people are coming out to vote in the Democratic Primaries.  That’s the reason, Democratic should relax and let their nomination race play out fairly.  The emphasis here is on fairly.  Democrats, we all know are fully capable of shooting themselves in the foot.  If the eventual Democratic Nominee is selected in a way that seems not above board, then indeed all Democrats should start sweating.  The perception of an unfair playing field is the Democrat’s potential critical weakness.


Six Shocking Ways John McCain Can Lose My Vote!

12 Apr

Here’s my opinion.  America is going to be better off no matter who wins this presidential election.  I truly believe John McCain, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton would all be better at the whole “president-ing” thing than the current president.

I’m also one of those true independents, at least in this election.  I am more likely to vote Democratic to be 100% honest.  But, there is a realistic chance for John McCain to capture my vote.

Off the top of my head, here’s a few ways he can lose it:

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#6 – Make a bad VP choice.  If there’s a Huckabee on the ticket.  I’m outta there.

#5 – Surround himself with people tight with President George W. Bush.  My feeling is Bush and his crew have had their shot.  They’ve left us with the mess in Iraq.  If McCain has to go with Bush loyalists and wants my vote, he’d better go for the pragmatists that hung out with George W’s daddy.

#4 – Keep confusing Shiites and Sunnis.  When one of your key strengths is supposed to be foreign relations, it’s not good to keep making that error.  Once was enough, but it was plain embarrassing when it happened again in Congress this week.

#3 – Keep racking up endorsements from crackpot religious leaders like the infamous Reverend Hagee, who delights in calling the Catholic Church “a whore” among other things.  (PS – Barack Obama please read this paragraph closely)

#2 – Campaign using the usual Republican/Conservative playbook.  Demonizing and swiftboating isn’t gonna get this vote.

#1 – Keep lying about watching shows like “The Hills”.  It was unbelievable to begin with and so typical of a politician.  Not a good moment for the senator.

I’m sure there’s lots more, but for Senator McCain’s sake, here’s hoping he doesn’t find them.


You Are Safer Tonight Thanks To Candidate Romney and Other Lies!

8 Feb

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Mitt Romney went out of the 2008 Presidential Campaign the same way he got into it, lying.  Here’s what he said:

“In this time of war, I simply cannot let my campaign be a part of aiding a surrender to terror. This is not an easy decision. I hate to lose,”

“If this were only about me, I’d go on. But it’s never been only about me. I entered this race because I love America, and because I love America, in this time of war I feel I have to now stand aside for our party and for our country.”

Let’s analyze:

Big Lie #1 – anytime a politician claims it’s not about them, they are lying.  Romney wouldn’t be human if a big chunk of his desire to be president didn’t have a lot to do with his own ego.

Big Lie #2 – he’s getting out of the campaign as a sacrifice during a time of war.  Let’s be honest.  He’s getting out cause he blew about 40 million of his own fortune and realized he wasn’t getting the job he was chasing.  I would respect him more if he simply said “I’m getting out because my wife is uncomfortable with me spending any more of our money on a now clearly futile campaign for the White House”

Go to fullsize imageBiggest Lie of All– Hillary or Barack will be “surrendering to terror”.  I’m sure that’s at the top of each of their first day TO DO LISTS.    The American people wouldn’t stand for it.  Romney knows this, yet he tied his getting out to making sure America would be safer by increasing the chances of a Republican controlling the White House and continuing to wage the war against terror.  Does he really believe that if Clinton or Obama becomes President that we’ll stop our efforts against Al Qaeda?  Not likely.  But as we’ve seen with Romney, he’s not one to let a little truth get in the way of a good story.

Go to fullsize imageLet’s go back in history and ponder “what if Al Gore had been in the White House on 9/11”.  Here’s what I think would have happened for all of you wondering how a Democrat would have responded.  Our response would have been exactly the same. 

We would have demanded Bin Laden.  Given a timetable and then attacked the Taliban when they declined to turn him over.  In fact, I think the Bush Administration should get high marks for restraint and an appropriate and timely use of force in the immediate aftermath of 9/11. 

(PS – I’m sure the paragraph above is going to manage to tick off both Republicans and Democrats.  Deal with it.)

Where the Bush Administration faltered, and where Gore might not have, is they simply lost track of the plot.  Bin Laden went from “wanted dead or alive” to not being important enough anymore for us to worry about whether we’d captured him yet.  Bush couldn’t help himself from getting us involved in Iraq.  Now John McCain says we may be there a 100 years.  And still Bin Laden roams free.  Where’s the outrage over that?

If we hadn’t attacked Iraq, perhaps we’d have caught Bin Laden by now.  Perhaps we’d be safer.  We’ll never know. 

BGo to fullsize imageut the bottom line is that it’s a myth that Republicans are automatically better than Democrats on nationally security.  It really comes down to the judgement of a particular administration.  In Bush’s case, they blew it with Iraq.  Not because he was a Republican, but because George Bush has little intellectual curiosity and lacks judgement tempered by that and a knowledge of history.

Go to fullsize imageOn the other hand, he is by all accounts a great guy to grab a beer with.  Happily, now Romney has lots of time to join him. 

But please, make sure to buy the next round for Mitt.  He’s a bit tapped out right now.

PPS – I believe Mormons aren’t supposed to drink alcohol.  Didn’t mean literally that Romney should begin drinking.  I’m all about respecting people’s religious choices.

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