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On The Other, There’s Roy Halladay, An Old Guy Who’s Worth The Investment!

21 Jul

I just posted my absolutely correct opinion that the Phoenix Suns made a huge mistake signing 35 year old Steve Nash to a two year extension that will run out when he’s 38.  38, is 214 in point guard years, especially when you’ve played in the Phoenix speed it up offense.

So, why then do I think Roy Halladay at 32 is worth everything you can throw at Toronto to get him?

It’s simple.  Pitching is an elusive art and betting on pitcher development is complete crap shoot.  I grew up a Mets’ fan.  I’m in my 40s (although still super sexy).  I lived through Generation K.

For anyone younger and less sexy than me, Generation K was a nickname given to three can’t miss prospects of the Mets back in the long ago 1990s.  All three guys were supposed to be future aces and the future looked damn bright on the mound at Shea.  Only something happened on the way to glory.  Not one of the three made it as a big league starter.  Injuries and ineffectiveness doomed all their careers.

Jason Isringhausen went on to have the biggest career of the three, but it wasn’t as a starter.

Anyway, the point is that predicting how pitchers mature is next to impossible.  So, as much as I tend to always favor youth when my teams are looking to make personal changes, for pitching I tend to take a bit different view.  For ace pitchers in particular, I’ve got a whole other mindset.

When Johan Santana was available.  I couldn’t believe the hated Yankees didn’t go stronger after him.  The Yankees held onto their allegedly talented young pitchers rather than dealing for the 30 year old and far from done Minnesota ace.  Where did it get them?  Out of the playoffs last year.

And that’s why for a team in contention, Halladay at 32, is worth whatever Toronto can be persuaded to take for him.   Whether a team in contention is built just for today or for the long run, there should be no hesitation.

Roy Halladay is the real deal.  He’s going to be an effective pitcher for years who may be able to put you over the top now.

What about that amazing prospect or prospects you’ll have to give up?  Well, if they’re pitchers, I wouldn’t worry too much. 

After all, I’m a Mets’ fan and even I can’t recall the names of the other two members of Generation K….


PS – OK, yes I can.  I just wanted to make a point and end with something snappy.  Why am I cursed with such a memory for sports?!  The other members of Generation K were Bill Pulsipher and Paul Wilson.

Here’s a bonus picture of them in case you thought I was making it all up:

Doubting The Red Sox Rotation. Wake Up, Beantown!

28 Feb

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Let me start this out by saying flat out that I hope I’m wrong.  As a Red Sox fan, nothing would be easier or make me happier than to go along with a lot of “expert” (oops – just did the dreaded quotation mark thing) opinions and say that the Sox starting rotation is among the best in MLB.

The truth is that it is one of the top rotations, IF all breaks right.  Here’s my look on what’s in question:

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Josh Beckett- No question here.  ACE.  Only injuries will keep him from another strong year.Go to fullsize image

Dice-K– With a year of America and MLB under his belt, this is the season when we find out how well that 100 Mil was spent.  Is Dice-K what we got last year?  A good but not top of the rotation major leaguer.  Or will he challenge Beckett for the top dog?  I don’t think it’s a given that the latter is gonna happen.  We’ll see.

Curt Schilling – I was so excited to see him come back for one more year.  Hope it’s not all ruined by his shoulder problems.  Safe to say, that whatever happens, he’s going to miss a lot of time.

Go to fullsize imageTim Wakefield– Usually, this guy is the guy we are sure about.  By the end of the season, usually he’ll have an ERA just north of 4.50 along with 12-17 wins.  On some nights he’ll be unhittable and on others he won’t make it out of the second inning. Usually, he’s not coming back from surgery, though…

Jon Lester – You’ve got to love his comeback story and the way he pitched under pressure last year.  That said, he’s still young and has never pitched a full major league season.  So, who really knows.

Go to fullsize imageClay Buchholtz– Sure, he’s got a no hitter to his credit already in his very young career.  Let’s hope shutting him down early last year, will pay dividends this year.  But, again he’s another young guy.  Could be great.  Could be Paul Wilson from the Met’s Generation K fame.  Sorry to be a debbie downer.

Bartolo Colon – Signed to a minor league contract recently.  Click on the link below to take a look at his recent body shape and tell me you’re confident he’s going to contribute:


In summary, if it’s a magical year then most of my concerns won’t matter.  But, with this many question marks, it seems to me the Sox are going to need some magic.