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Coaching Conspirarcy! Dick Jauron Fired On Same Day NFL Coaching Veteran Frees Himself Up For Duty! (Let’s Draft Jerry!)

18 Nov

The Buffalo Bills are 3-6 and their ancient and so rightfully impatient owner can’t take it anymore.  Today, Dick Jauron got the axe in Buffalo.  Outside of criticizing an in season move, I don’t see how you can debate this one.  Three straight years of mediocrity and a disappointing season in what was supposed to be the break through year will get you fired.

The Bills ponied up the dough and the guts to sign Terrell Owens to give Jauron some ammo on offense.  For a lot of reasons, it hasn’t worked. 

At all.

However, Jauron didn’t help himself by firing his offensive coordinator just before the season started.  Alex Van Pelt, who was promoted into the spot hasn’t gotten things going and so far has made no one in Buffalo forget Turk Schonert.

So, Jauron had to go.  That much was clear.  Who’ll replace him?

Damned if I know.  Jon Gruden just re-upped with ESPN for another two years, so it looks like he’s out, but you never really know.  In the meantime, former Denver Coach For Life Mike Shanahan is available, as is Paul Holmgren and maybe Bill Cowher.

Still, those are all marquee names.  The kind of names that don’t usually end up in Buffalo.  So, figure the Bills to go with either a re-tread or on the rise coordinator.

There is a wildcard out there, though.

And his name is Jerry Glanville.  Turns out the same day as Jauron was axed, Glanville quit what was a disastrous reign Portland State.

Portland State what?  I know.  I had the same reaction.  I thought Jerry Glanville was dead.  And I’m not kidding.

It will never happen.  His recent body of work doesn’t suggest it SHOULD happen.  But, I think the NFL needs Jerry Glanville.  The man was flat out entertaining.  He could coach a little bit too.

If you agree, why not email the Bills.  It couldn’t hurt.

If they’re gonna be bad, they might as well be fun.

Mets And Omar Minaya Give Clinic On How Not To Fire Someone! (Just Two Easy Steps!)

28 Jul


Mets’ GM Omar Minaya let his Veep of Player Personnel Tony Bernazard go today and he did it poorly.  It’s not so much how he broke the actual news to Bernazard, who was let go after among other things recently challenging the Mets’ Double-A players to a fight. 

Bernazard even went so far as to take off his shirt in anticipation of one of the farmhands taking him up on his offer.  Always best to be shirtless when fighting a young ‘un I aways say!

If it helps to make the mental image any better, I read Bernazard at least still had on a T shirt when threatening the Mets’ prospects.  Imagine the surprise fifty-ish Bernazard would have had if one or more of the 20 year old players had accepted his invitation to brawl.  I’m thinking that’s not coming out too well for the former major leaguer.

Anyway, back to the firing…  As I wrote up top, I don’t know how Minaya delivered the news to Bernazard.  So, let’s just assume he did that as well as possible.

It’s what came next that was the problem.

First, Minaya says at the press conference that Bernazard was fired due to a series of complaints up & down the Mets’ organization.  Somehow he manages to completely sidestep his role or responsibility in either supervising his employee or deciding to let him go.  Nice work!

Then, Minaya goes and takes an already bad situation and makes it worse.  Better work! 

Minaya decides to implicate a Daily News writer as part of the plot to whack Bernazard job-wise.  Minaya stuns the assembled press by saying that News writer Adam Rubin has been trying to get in the Mets’ front office for years.  Minaya suggests that all the critical stories Rubin’s been writing about the Mets’ minor league operation (AKA mess) and Bernazard’s inappropriate behavior are part of some kind of plot designed to get Rubin into the Mets’ front office.

Rubin, for his part, admits to having asked Omar Minaya and other Mets’ execs for tips on how to break into a baseball front office.  If Rubin is to be believed, he says it was always asked in a generic way as opposed to in a way that would lead Minaya to believe he was lobbying for a job.

While I believe a writer (or for that matter many a fan) could easily feel as though they could do a better job than the Mets’ front office has lately, I don’t see how being so critical of the Mets leads to the Mets giving a writer a job.

It doesn’t make sense.

What I am starting to think is that if Omar Minaya can’t handle a simple responsibility like telling the press why he fired a guy who threatens to beat up minor leaguers without creating even a bigger storm, than maybe it’s Omar who is in over his head.

That, makes sense.

Jon Gruden Fired By Bucs! WTF? Chuckie’s Gone!!

17 Jan

And so the blood letting continues among the coaching ranks.  Biting the dust tonight?  None other than Chuckie himself, notorious bad sleeper Jon Gruden.

Gruden was done it, it seems, by the Buccaneers end of season collapse.  Tampa slid from 9-3 at one point to missing out on the playoffs completely.  For that sin, so ends the Gruden Era.  And for good measure, the Glazer family canned GM Bruce Allen too.

So there you go.  No internal power struggle in which ownership sided with someone other than their coach.  Pure and simple the Bucs decided that 9-7 just wasn’t good enough.

Part of me says good for them.  Sure, Jon Gruden won a Super Bowl with Tampa Bay and not that long ago. But, he’s been mediocre since.  Gruden’s records since his first glorious year in which he went 12-4 and won a title are as follows:  7-9, 5-11, 11-5, 4-12 and then back to back 9-7 records.  He’s gotten to the playoffs twice since winning it all and both times Tampa lost in their first and only game.  Last year, he seemed to make a serious error by resting his starters way too early in the regular season and dropping late season games and losing at home to the miracle Giants in round one of the playoffs. 

The other part of me says who the heck does Tampa Bay think they are?  Tony Dungy, who preceded Gruden, had guided the Bucs into respectability.  Four times in his six years in Florida, Tony Dungy got his Tampa teams into the playoffs.  They had talent.  They just never seemed to be able to put it all together for a sustained post-season run.  When Dungy went 9-7 in 2001 and got slaughtered in round one of the playoffs by the Eagles for the second straight year, the Glazers fired Tony Dungy.  Next, they ponied up a ton of cash and draft picks to bring boy genius Chuckie to town.

It worked.  I know I said it earlier in this post, but Gruden managed to win a Super Bowl in Tampa in year one.  It’s true that Dungy had handed him a winning organization and deserves a great deal of credit for Tampa’s title he didn’t get to see.  Still, it bears repeating Gruden won it all in Tampa Bay of all places.

And now he’s gone.  Only in his mid-40s, you get the feeling there’s a lot more football left in Jon Gruden.  It will be interesting to see how his availability changes any plans teams with coaching openings have.  For my money, the Rams and Jets could do a lot worse.  It’s fitting, of course, that Detroit just hired somebody and so won’t be in the hunt for Gruden, a guy who’s won in both Tampa and Oakland.  Who’s to say he couldn’t turn around Detroit?

As for Tampa, it’s a gutsy move on their part and tells us who they think they are.  The Glazer family wants their franchise to be one of the upper echelon teams and is signaling they won’t settle  for less.  The Glazers have always liked big names.  How many times, after all, did they woo Bill Parcells only to be left at the alter embarrassed and humiliated? 

Names like Cowher, Shanahan and Parcells (doesn’t he always find a way out of his deals?) are out there.  It will be interesting to see what big fish Tampa tries to reel in this time.

Ravens Coach & Noted Match Game Contestant Brian Billick Fired!

31 Dec


After 9 years, one Super Bowl victory and only one playoff win since then, the Baltimore Ravens finally fired their offensive “genius” head coach Brian Billick today.  (Yes – the quotation marks are a cliche but I  think they are fully warranted here)  Maybe I’m just snippy because his Super Bowl squad completely embarrassed my beloved Giants in Super Bowl Whatever not that long ago, but really what took so long?

Billick came to Baltimore with a reputation as an offensive genius and in his almost decade there has never been able to put together an offensive that could dominate a pee wee league let allow his NFL counterparts.  It makes me wonder how much he was responsible for that great defense and how much was a happy accident in his favor.  If it weren’t for that Ray Lewis led defense, Billick would have been toast long ago.

But let’s get back to that Super Bowl winning team.  The Baltimore defense was nothing short of tremendous.  In my lifetime, it’s the only defense to rival the ’85 Bears D that was loaded with Singletary, Hampton and of course The Fridge.  Unfortunately, watching that Ravens team was boring as all get out because as good as the D was the offense was horrendous.  You want proof?  It actually got significantly better when Trent Dilfer took over as quarterback.  Nothing more need be said.

And for those of you wondering about the headline on this post.  Yes, Brian Billick was on Match Game. 

Here’s your proof: