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Are The Pistons Crafting a Brave Legacy?

15 May

At first blush, you might think that the NBA’s Detroit Pistons and MLB’s Atlanta Braves have nothing in common.  You’d, of course, be wrong.

The Pistons and Braves have success in common.  Long term success.  We all know the Braves’ story.  Something like 14 straight division titles.  All they’ve done since the 90s is win, win and win some more.

It might have slipped past you, but that’s all Detroit’s done for this Millennium.  After eliminating Orlando recently, Motown’s Bad Boys earned their (are you sitting for this?) SIXTH straight Eastern Conference Finals appearance.  Sure the East has been down in quality for a while, but you’ve got to give it to Detroit for their consistency and success.  Six straight anything is not an easy thing.

Here’s the catch.  There’s a dark side to this tale of accomplishment.  During Atlanta’s winning run, they made won exactly one World Series.  Think about that.  Smoltz, Glavine, Maddux, not to mention the Jones boys added up to exactly one world series title.  Unlike say the Buffalo Bills in the NFL, the Braves actually did break through to win one.  Still, the Braves lack of championships puts a damper on almost twenty straight years of phenomenal regular seasons.

Back to Detroit.  Six straight conference titles later and how many NBA titles do they own?  One.  And after that one, they still couldn’t keep Larry Brown from leaving town.  Detroit needs to step it up title wise or they’ll soon have their legacy tainted by thoughts of what could of been like the Braves.

What are their chances this year?  Who knows? 

They’ll either face LeBron and Co or a Boston team that ripped through the regular season only to struggle on the road during the playoffs.  The Pistons beating either wouldn’t be the greatest upset ever. 

Following that, they’d rep the East against one of this quartet:  New Orleans, Utah, LA or San Antonio.  There’s no easy road here.  Chris Paul is killing everyone he’s been up against.  Utah has the biggest home court advantage in the league.  LA’s got Kobe playing like an MVP, even if Chris Paul should have gotten the trophy.  And, well, San Antonio is the flip side of the Pistons.  They’ve made the most of their playoff runs.

If the Pistons can somehow break through, they’ll have earned the right to no longer be compared to the Braves as well as a proud legacy all of their own.

Me and Maddux are betting against them.


Quick Hits on NBA Coaching Hires

10 May

Mike D’Antonini to the Knicks – If you’ve been reading this space, then you know how I feel about this one.  Cheesy mustache aside, you’ve got to be impressed by his record in Phoenix.  The regular season.  Never has figured out that defense wins come crunch time.  Worth mentioning too that his teams were stocked in Phoenix.  Welcome to New York, Mr. D’Antonini.  I think you’ll find the cupboard is a bit more bare in the big apple.  Good luck with Marbury, Curry and the rest of the Knicks group of professional losers.  Figure D’Antonini won’t last through the end of his contract & I don’t even know how long that is!  Knicks coaches never do and he’s NOT the the right fit for this job.

Rick Carlisle to the Mavericks – Was pretty impressed with Carlisle in Detroit and thought he was done wrong when they dumped him for NBA vagabond Larry Brown.  Less impressed with his tenure in Indiana on the whole.  I’m no longer sure this guy is a really good coach.  Guess Mavericks gig will seal the verdict on him.  I’m guessing he’ll be found guilty of not being a great one.  Think this is another bad coaching hire.

 As the merry go round continues to spin, guess the question now is who’ll get the Chicago & Phoenix gigs.  Whoever they are, they got to be better matches than the Knicks and Mavericks have found.

Or I could be completely wrong…