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No One Wants To Face It, But America Isn’t As Racist As She Used To Be (Despite What Al Sharpton Thinks)!

3 Jul

I was listening to a recent broadcast of Al Sharpton’s radio show.  He was speaking with a guest and during the conversation the topic turned to racism.  I’m not a frequent listener of Rev. Sharpton, but I’m guessing racism coming up was not a completely unusual event on his show.

Regardless, the conversation got pretty interesting.  It went something like this.  Basically, with Barack Obama standing a good chance of being America’s next President and at minimum having made it to the top of a major party ticket, it was stated that many people would take that as a sign of progress on racial tolerance and attitudes.

I think it was Sharpton or his guest (not totally sure) who then advanced the idea that if Sharpton and other activists weren’t making their efforts, that society would backslide.  Basically, the point was that it’s not so much that American attitudes have changed, but that activists have made those assumed ugly attitudes less acceptable for public expression.

Sharpton’s assumption based on his statements is that America is as racist as ever just more politically correct.  The thinking is  the hate is still as deep, but people now know not to express it in “mixed company”.  It was a great window into his thought process as well as a proposal that deserved some serious consideration.

So, America, I considered the question.  No need to thank me.  After all, America, you’ve given me and my family a lot.

Anyway, here’s what I think.

I think Sharpton is wrong and right – mostly wrong.  Here’s where he’s right.  Everyone has biases.  We probably (for better or worse) wouldn’t be human without them.  And he’s right that there’s still a lot of racism and still a lot of progress yet to be made.

Where Sharpton is very wrong is that progress has been made.  Significant progress.  So much so that people haven’t been able to adjust their world views yet to what’s really changed.  Yes, you have your racists who now know not to be so public about it.

But, guess what?  You also have a ton of people who really don’t on a conscience level subscribe to or believe in racist (or for that matter sexist) theories.  The immediate proof IS in fact the success of both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in this campaign season.

The pundits, the men on the street, many of them said early on that in America in 2008 a woman or an African American COULD NOT be elected president.  They are dead wrong.  They were wrong then.  And they are wrong now.

I, happily for myself & society (there I go again thinking about you, America), have been 100% right on the question from day one.  I have consistently maintained either an African American or a woman could be our next president, but it had to be the right African American or right woman.  Just like it takes the right Caucasian male to get elected president.  Not any pale, penis owner can win the presidency.  You’ve got to have all the goods.

In my judgement, Hillary didn’t have the goods.  I felt Barack did.  Whether he will win or not, I don’t know.  Surely, his race will play a role for some people when choosing whether to either vote for or against him.  I’m not saying we’ve cured the problem.

What I am saying is that America is a lot further along than any of us might have dared to believe.  This is a great thing.  It just take a little while for everyone’s world views to catch up.

After all, in my opinion, for Reverend Sharpton at least the status quo is doing OK by him.  He’s got a radio show, a secure (and priviledged) place in society and I’m thinking some decent bucks.

So, why would he be in a hurry to accept change?

Ask yourself that, America, as you check out the bonus Sharpton pic below.  May James Brown rest in peace.



Monica Crowley Is An Easily Excitable Woman! (About Politics – You Have A Dirty Mind)!!

24 Jun

How is it I always end up listening to Monica Crowley on the weekends?  Aren’t the weekends supposed to be fun?  Why do I torture myself?

For you, America.  Someone has to point out the problems with the baloney she spews.

This past Friday night, I was coming home to start my weekend when I got Ms. Crowley on the radio.  She was, in her usual breathless style, going on about Barack Obama.  The topic was his name change.

According to Ms. Crowley, at some point in his younger years, Barack Obama went from going by the name Barry Obama to his actual birth name of Barack Obama.  She also felt it very important to drop in his given middle name, which is the unfortunately timed Hussein according to Ms. Crowley.

Crowley’s point was that when people change their names from say Cassius Clay to a Muslim name like Muhammad Ali that they are signaling their Muslim beliefs.  She then listed numerous examples of people doing just that from Malcolm X to Mike Tyson.

 She might have mentioned Tim Conway as well or I could be making that up for a cheap joke… (FULL DISCLOSURE – the Tim Conway reference is in fact a cheap joke for those of you without a sense of humor)

Are you in a lather yet thinking that we’re about to elect a radical Muslim as President?  Well, settle down Sally and Steve, or whoever you are!

Here’s the point Crowley missed.  Barack Obama was always Barack Obama.  It’s his given name.  It’s not Barack who changed, it’s society.

Think about it. Barack is in his forties.  When he was growing up, it was all about the melting pot in America.  Geraldo Rivera was Jerry Rivers.  Everyone was trying to American-ize.  I’m not saying it’s right or wrong, but that’s just how it was.  Given that, it makes all the sense in the world that Barack was Barry way back when.

But, that’s not the world we live in anymore.  Somewhere along the way (and again I’m not arguing in this post whether it’s wrong or right), we started to celebrate diversity.  Jerry Rivers became Geraldo Rivera.  And, I suspect at that point, Barry became Barack.  He embraced his given name and decided to make his life with that as his name.

Monica Crowley knows that’s the case I’m sure.  But, she knows that panicking people about a very un-radical move is a great way to make a case for voters not to go for Barry, I mean, Barack Obama.

Still scared, Jenny or Jim?  Let me give you one more example. 

I had a friend growing up (and I’m about as old as Barack Obama but much sexier) who went by the name Paul when we were in elementary school together. I kind of lost track of him after high school, but saw Paul again after college.  Guess what he was going by then?  Paolo! 

Yup, that’s right.  As Paul was growing up he never went by his given Italian name.  Heck, I didn’t even know what it was.  He was Paul to me.  Then, somewhere in college he decided to go with the name his parent’s had given him at birth and goes by Paolo to this day.

Is he some kind of radical Italian fascist or communist?  Ms.  Crowley might have you think so.  To me, he’s an insurance executive and a dad living in the suburbs.  Maybe that’s just his cover.

I’ll have to ask Monica Crowley…

Hillary Took Sniper Fire. The Proof Is Here!

29 Mar

Credit barelypolitical.com for proving that Hillary Clinton was not exaggerating her claims about risking her life while fulfilling her duties as first lady.

The “Smoking” Gun on Barack Obama! (Courtesy of Monica Crowley)

4 Mar

Go to fullsize imageSo, I’m busy cleaning my bathroom this weekend and decide to put on the radio to help pass the time while I scrub the toilet.  As is often the case with me,  the radio is tuned to one of those conservative talk radio stations that conservatives like to pretend don’t exist when they make claims about liberals controlling the media.  I guess I just like to get my blood boiling.

Go to fullsize imageAny, on the radio that particular morning is breathless conservative radio host Monica Crowley.  In fairness, I don’t know the woman at all, but from hearing her rushed and paranoid sounding delivery, I’m not too surprised that she worked for Nixon in the 90s.  Frankly, she always sounds just a slight bit crazy.   But that’s neither here nor there.

It’s soon apparent that I’ve caught Crowley midway through her show opening rant.  Again not surprisingly, she’s taking the tack that the media hasn’t really examined Barack Obama fully.  Perhaps there is some truth to that.   According to Crowley, it’s of course due to the liberal media bias.  My perspective is that it may have something more to do with a certain compassionate conservative politician. To me, it’s not a stretch to think that the current president has bungled things so badly that many Americans need to believe there’s something or someone who can finally steer us in the right direction again.

Crowley being the great journalist that she is tells her audience that if the media isn’t going to probe Obama’s background fully than she and her show are going to do it.  Somewhere the Obama campaign is huddled together in fear…

I brace myself. I realize I’m about to hear radio history.  Monica Crowley is about to cripple Barack Obama’s candidacy.  Crowley is about to do what all of Hillary Clinton’s millions and years of experience could not.  I stop scrubbing and get closer to the speaker.And before I’ve had time to blink or think, it’s hit me.  Crowley breaks the story.  Obama smokes.  I could go on with my sarcastic tone, but I think you get the drift.

I go back to scrubbing the toilet and think if “smoking” is the worst the conservatives can hit Barack Obama with, boy are they in trouble.  Something tells me somewhere in her heart, Monica Crowley and her ilk are hoping Hillary Clinton pulls off a big surprise tomorrow.

Barack vs. Hillary – The Final Showdown!

27 Feb

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Senators Obama and Clinton faced off for the last time in this long campaign tonight.  The result?  Boredom and a tiny bit of learning.  Despite the anchors best attempts to play gotcha, both of these seasoned pros fended off efforts to answer any questions that might come back to bite them later on.

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We learned that Obama doesn’t feel that Clinton has to do anything to prove to America that she would be a worthy candidate to lead the Democrats this Fall.  OK.  That must be why she’s lost ten straight primaries/caucuses.  Seems like voters need a little more convincing to me.

We learned that Clinton is really busy.  She’s working day and night (she “hardly has time to sleep”) to get her current tax returns and travel schedule as First Lady released.  Somehow it sounded like we should not hold our collective breath.

Go to fullsize imageWe learned that Obama was in a very tough place with Farrakhan’s endorsement.  He repudiated Farrakhan’s message.  But didn’t go so far as to renounce his support.  No reason to alienate the Farrakhan constituency after all.  I guess they throw a great “after party”.

We learned that Hillary Clinton feels it’s been an honor campaigning against Barack Obama.  But, in her closing answer to the final question, we also learned that she couldn’t quite bring herself to return Obama’s compliment that Hillary Clinton didn’t have to prove her worthiness as the potential Democratic Nominee.

Go to fullsize imageWe learned that Hillary Clinton has a hard time pronouncing the future president of Russia’s name.  Can’t really fault her there.  And she is tired.

We assume that Barack Obama was really glad he didn’t get asked the question about what he knew about Russia’s next president first.  His answer, which was not too far from “what she said” brought back high school memories of slacker kids echoing answers of kids who actually bothered to study a little.

Finally, I think we found out that this debate didn’t help Hillary Clinton.  She was fine.  Fine isn’t going to be good enough.  Tonight was her shot and nothing that she said tonight is likely to change the momentum flowing in Barack Obama’s direction.  

Go to fullsize imageSenator Clinton is now down to hoping that the Obama Campaign hurts itself somehow. From inevitable to hoping Michele Obama says something crazy again soon, what a strange ride this has been for Hillary Clinton.

Ralph Nader. Political C#ck Blocker?

26 Feb

Go to fullsize imageRalph Nader declared his candidacy after keeping almost none of us on the edge of our seats.  Apparently the one time consumer advocate, wants to cement his legacy as the ultimate political c#ck blocker.  Sorry for the course term, but nothing else really fit quite so well.  I was going to do a joke about how Nader, a sixties icon, was still on some kind of contact high, but frankly it wasn’t a fair charge or as funny.

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, a “c#ck blocker” is someone who gets in the way of a guy closing the deal with a woman he’s pursuing.  It could be a wingman who overstays his welcome.  Or it could an ex-wife who keeps violating the restraining order you have out against her.  But no matter what’s the case, a “c#ck blocker” is someone who just doesn’t get that their mere presence is holding things up.

Go to fullsize imageThis is Nader’s third consecutive long shot bid for the White House.  Back in 2000, when some say he was at the height of his “c#ck blocking” skills, Nader’s presence on the Florida ballot may have been the thing that stopped Al Gore from becoming president.  And, in the process, gave us George W. Bush.  Thanks so much for that, Mr. Nader. 

In 2004, Nader was once again on the ballot but didn’t draw nearly as much support as Americans had seemingly wised up.  The truth is no one can blame Nader for ruining Kerry’s chances for the presidency, the senator did that all by himself.  It will always be a mystery how a candidate would let one of his biggest strengths (Kerry’s honorable military service) be called into question by people working for a ticket comprised of a president and vice president who quite clearly avoided the very same service that he provided his country.  Something tells me that John McCain might have responded in a whole different way to swiftboat attacks and rightfully so.  Final thought on 2004, chickens should never question those that risk their lives.  And I say that as a confirmed chicken.

Anyway, back to Nader, so he’s in again.  I just can’t figure it.  It’s got to be about ego.  The man has no chance to win.  From his positions, you have to believe that he knows that he’d be more likely to hurt a Democrat’s chances, and yet the Democrat he hurts will have positions closer to his own than the Republican candidate.  Doesn’t Nader want to see his own agenda have a better chance to move forward?  Apparently not.