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Brett Favre & The Economy Have One Thing In Common!

19 Aug

Brett Favre, Minnesota’s new starting quarterback and the United States economy have one thing in common.  They’re both not worth following on a day by day basis.

Will Brett play another year?  Will it be for Minnesota?  Will he stay retired?  Who knows, until it happens.

The same is true with the economy.  Each morning on the bus ride into work, I busy myself reading the news headlines on the Blackberry I’m addicted to.  And each morning I look for signs on which way Bush/Obama’s economy is going.  Every day, there are different clues.  Housing starts are up, oh, but wait luxury homes can’t be sold.  GM is increasing production, but consumer spending goes down.  Cash for clunkers is a hit.  No wait, it’s a bomb.   Hold on, it’s a hit again.

You know what?  I’m through with trying to anticipate Brett Favre or the economy.  How will it work out with the Vikings?  How long will he play for?  When will we have a solid recovery and what will it look like?  How much longer until my 401k recoups most of its losses?

Who knows!

It’ll happen when it happens, stupid…

What A Week! I Was Right About Favre AND Elton!

12 Jul

I’m on fire!  It’s been one heck of a week.  First, Elton Brand reads my post and takes my very sound advice to get out of LA while he has the chance.

Now, Brett Favre has asked the Packers for his release.  Brett is coming back.  There’s no doubt.

For some of you this is news.  For those of you who are regular readers of this blog it NOT!

Check out this post from way back in April:


Thanks to both my regular readers and you new folks.  Please spread the word and come on back!

You Heard It Here First… Favre is Coming Back!

10 Apr

Ok, so Mr. Brett Favre has been retired for what?  A couple of weeks, tops.  In that time, we’ve heard that his agent has been checking if there are contending teams that are willing to trade for the future Hall of Famer.  Of course, both Favre and his agent denied the trade rumors. 

Now, comes word from Favre himself that if his replacement, young Aaron Rogers, gets injured and The Pack called begging him to come back, that it’d be “enticing”.

Here’s the truth.  Favre is bound to come back.  Maybe it will be because he regrets retiring in reaction to the Packers inability to land wide receiver Randy Moss for the second straight year.  Or maybe it will be because Favre will realize he’s a player and players play until they can’t.

Whatever the reason, I’m guaranteeing they’ll be a Brett Comeback.  Chances are it’ll be ugly.  Most of them are.  But, the more I hear and see Brett Favre struggle with the concept of retirement, I’m convinced the only was Favre is leaving the NFL for good is if he’s knocked out.

Just remember, you heard it here first when you’re watching them carry the great one off the field…

She’s Back And I’m Liking Here Better Than Ever!

3 Apr

Kathie Lee Gifford is back and I’m liking her better than ever! 

NBC announced the return to Daytime TV of KLG recently and a strange thing happened to me.  When I heard Kathy Lee was coming back to co-host the fourth hour of The Today Show, I realized I was an American through and through. 

Let me explain.

There is almost no one alive who found Kathy Lee to be as insufferable as I did back in her heyday, except of course Regis himself.  Maybe it’s because I’m a man or I’m not in her target demo or because I have good taste, but I could never stand Kathy Lee.

Then, Frank cheated on her.  He was publicly caught asking for kinky sex from someone other than his world famous wife.  It all played out in public and it was ugly.

Kathy Lee quickly exacted her revenge.  She hit the interview shows and recorded a whole record album dedicated to recounting her suffering over Frank’s betrayal.  To be honest, I was not moved. 

I was probably more sympathetic to Frank.  I think I felt that if I was married to her, I might be wandering too.  It was also clear to me that by having to stand by as his  wife publicly exposed how badly he hurt her that she’d evened the scored at minimum and possibly hurt him more than he originally hurt her with the affair.

Think about it, how would you like your spouse to record an entire CD about your public failings?  Then on top of it all, how would you like your spouse expecting you to stay married to them?

Advantage: Kathy Lee

So why am I liking KLG better than ever?  What does that have to do with my American-ness?

When I heard she was coming back, I was glad for her.  Whether my cup of tea or not, Kathy Lee was a very successful daytime personality and after her time out of the public spotlight, I felt she deserved another shot.

It’s what America and Americans are all about.  Second chances.  Re-invention.  We love to knock you down, but it’s also ingrained in us to cheer you when you have the guts to get back up.

So, congrats to Kathy Lee!  May her new gig turn out well for her.

Of course, if it does, you know I’ll be rooting against her again…