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Joe Torre Proves He’s A Fraud Too!

25 Jan

According to early newspaper reports on Joe Torre’s upcoming book, the former Yankee skipper says A-Rod’s Yankee teammates referred to him as A-Fraud.  Torre also reveals that A-Rod has a Jeter obsession and takes some shots at GM Brian Cashman and King George along the way.

All of the above may be true and well deserved commentary.  Here’s the thing though, this book is going to change people’s perceptions of Torre rather than his targets.  Long regarded as a class act, a book like this is going to take Joe Torre’s good reputation down more than a few pegs.

For the life of me, I don’t understand this move by Joe Torre.  I’m not a Yankee fan, but many of my friends and c0-workers are.  From what I’ve seen most were ready for a regime change.  But, it wasn’t that Yankee fans no longer liked Joe Torre, in fact it was quite the opposite.  New York fans are sophisticated and realized that like anything else Torre’s run simply had run its course.  The team just needed to hear a new voice after so many year’s of Torre’s.

When the Yankees forced Torre out by offering a contract they knew was way below what he was expecting, most Yankee fans were not happy to see Joe leave the organization.  Many expected him to no longer manage but to stay part of the Yankee family.  They were disappointed when Torre fled for the bright lights of L.A., but they understood and most sided with Torre over Cashman and the Steinbrenners.

Why?  Cause they thought he was a class act.

I wonder what Yankee fans are thinking now? 

Anyway, back to what I’m thinking.  I can’t understand why Torre would do it.  It can’t be for the money.  He’s making a seriously nice salary with the Dodgers.  So, it’s got to be that Joe Torre is majorly ticked off at the Yankees.

We’ve all been there.  It could be directed at your boss, a good friend or your wife.  You are just too angry or hurt and end up saying something that you know will end up hurting you more than the person you’re trashing. 

Today was Joe Torre’s turn to say something dumb and prove that Saint Joe is merely human.

Mission accomplished…

Joba, Barack, Palin, Oh My!! WARNING! Don’t Waste Your Time Reading This!!

3 Sep

Alright, so I’m back.  Break out the champagne or your beverage of choice.  Summer is over and here are some quick thoughts on the news that I would have blogged about if I’d been able to blog during the past week or so.

Joba Chamberlain 

Wow!  Did the Yankees mess up on him this year.  And for the record, I’ve been right about him all this year.  I warned against moving him to the starting rotation.  Despite my dire warnings, that’s just what they did.  The result?  A few nice starts followed by a stint on the DL and now a return as a reliever.

I’m not against Joba as a starter.  By why they were dead set against delaying it until he could have a full training camp as a starter I’ll never know.  Even more incredulous, I heard Brian Cashman said today that Joba might begin next year as a reliever again before being converted to starting in season. 

Just plain stupid.  I’m so divided on whether Brian Cashman is really good or really bad at his job.  But, that’s a topic for another day.

The AL East Race

Full disclosure.  I’m a Red Sox fan and hater of the Yankees.  Remember them?  They used to be the Evil Empire.  But, this year they may finally miss the playoffs.  Given their long history of comebacks, I’m not about to write them off although it’s getting tougher for them everyday.

As an example, tonight the Yankees have a 6-2 lead at Tampa Bay over the surprising division leaders as I write this.  However, up at Fenway, the Red Sox have a 13-1 lead over the Orioles.  So a win tonight does them no good and helps their arch rivals.

The Rays were a cute and inspiring story.  Now, they’re a serious thorn in the side for my hopes of the Red Sox defending their title.  I was kind of rooting for the Rays to get into the playoffs with the wild card.  Now, I’m trying to stay confident that Sox will make the playoffs as the wild card.

Best case for me is for the Sox to win the Division, the Rays to get the wild card and the Yankees to go home.  Even after two recent championships, the long suffering Sox fan inside me just can’t give up on the idea of seeing the Yankees’ playoff streak finally come to an end.  That might be a little pathetic, but if the tables were turned, I’m sure the Bronx fans would feel the same way about the BoSox.  And that’s what makes it such a great rivalry.

Joe Biden

Good pick for Obama, despite the overly long hair in the back.  It’s as if he’s making up for the thinning at the front.  Note to Joe Biden.  Your hair is thinning and we know.

That aside, Biden helps on foreign policy of course, experience and it doesn’t hurt that he’s got Pennsylvania roots.  Also, he seems prepared as possible to be a heartbeat away…

My gut tells me, though, that somewhere along the way Biden’s mouth is going to get him in trouble.

If you’re Obama, you’re just hoping that the damage won’t outweigh the good that he brings in terms of all I mentioned above and his willingness to go on the attack for the ticket.

Sarah Palin or Tina Fay – You Decide!


Well, she’s definitely not some recycled boring old white guy (Joe Lieberman, Mitt Romney you out there?).

When I heard the pick, I was completely shocked.  I’d heard some brief mention of her, but it always seems like a very minor possibility.

I’m still wrapping my head all around it.  Like many others have said, it could prove to be genius or his dumbest mistake.  Right now, I’m leaning toward NOT genius.

On the plus side, it was a surprising pick and it absolutely made news, which seems to have been a big requirement as they were calculating who to chose.  Her gender helps offer out the possibility of something extraordinary happening on the Republican side this year and may offset some of the excitement about the first African American potentially elected Commander In Chief.  Further, her gender may lure some of Hillary Clinton’s former supporters. Palin’s got very solid conservative credits, which oddly enough seem to have only been enhanced by the revelation that her teenage daughter is pregnant (because like in the Madonna song “she’s keeping my baby”.  And really I think this is where she’ll help McCain the most – sureing up the base.  Evangelicals are saying she’s walking the walk when it comes to being commited to her anti-abortion rights views.

On the negative side, despite being “fully vetted”, she’s under investigation in Alaska for trying to get her ex-brother-in-law fired from his job as a State Trooper, her daughter is pregnant at 17 , her husband had a drunk driving conviction decades ago, it seems she was a member of a political party advocating Alaska bolting from the United States and of course there’s the experience thing.  Plus, realisically, is a woman against abortion rights REALLY gonna steal many of Clinton’s supporters away??

Live by the sword and die by the sword they say.  McCain’s most effective weapon against Barack Obama was pressing the experience question.  Now, with the choice of Sarah Palin, it seems out the window to me.  McCain is 72 and has survived multiple cancers.  He was a POW for a very long time and brutally tortured.  I sincerly wish Senator McCain many more years, but how are we not to factor all of this in when we realize that his VP is basically the mayor of a town smaller than a lot of us grew up in?

Whether Sarah Palin was fully vetted or not, we’ll never really know.  But, the reality is that I don’t think many presidential candidates would’ve signed her on if they’d known all the baggage she’d bring along.  Worse yet, the press and bloggers aren’t going to stop speculating about how fully she was vetted.  It brings into question Senator McCain’s judgement.

McCain, claims he’s a different kind of politician.  He’s a maverick.  With his VP pick, he proved that for sure.  Now, his greatest appeal, his very maverick-ness, may come back to bite him in the @ss.

As for me, I’m officially staying undecided, but I have to admit I’m swaying in Barack Obama’s direction…

Hank Steinbrenner loses his mind. It’s good to be a Red Sox fan!

22 Apr

Showing himself to be more like his dad with every passing explosion, Little Steinbrenner went off recently about Yanks Phenom Joba Chamberlain.  In a season in which, so far, the young Yankee pitching (they resisted trading for Johan Santana) has let them down, Hank could take no more.  It was time for the chip off the old block to pull one of his dad’s favorite moves.  Pointing the finger of blame squarely at somebody else.

Hank has just come out in favor of Chamberlain joining the Yankees starting rotation as soon as possible.  But, that wasn’t enough for him.  He had to get to the root of the problem.  He needed someone to blame.  It was Joe Torre or maybe it was Brian Cashman, but it was NOT him.  That much was VERY clear.  According to Hank, Joba was handled the wrong way last year.  Rather than being used as a set up man, Hank thinks Chamberlain should have been put straight into the Yankee rotation.

If Ian Kennedy and Phil Hughes keep pitching like Ted Kennedy and the late Howard Hughes (ok, that was an admitted stretch…) respectively, then The Little Stein will soon get his wish.

And how will Joba do in the starter’s role this year?  Not as good as Hank may think.  First off, kiss a few miles off of his fastball.  If Chamberlain’s going five plus innings, he’ll have to pace himself.  Secondly, while he has two fantastic pitches, his other two are not as stellar.  Major league hitters will exploit that relative weakness when he’s forced to throw them more.  And lastly, how exactly is he getting tuned up to be a starter?  Do you send him down to the minors for a while in the middle of a pennant race and give up your eighth inning lights out set up guy?

As a Red Sox fan, I certainly hope so.  I’d love to see Joba only once in a seven game series rather than three or more times. 

Bring it on Hank!