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I Don’t Love Sports That Much!

29 Jul

I love sports.  Basketball, football, baseball, hockey, you name it.  If it’s a true sport (and in my opinion that doesn’t include golf, NASCAR or the WNBA), than I’ve got big opinions about it.  I love to watch sports.  I love to talk sports.  And as must be obvious from this blog, I love to write about sports.

I love the history of sports. I love the pointless and (happily) endless arguments about who was better than who and why or why not. Sports has added so much to my life.  I enjoyed playing them so much in my younger years and have always and continue to enjoy watching them.  Frankly, my brain is probably way too filled up with sports trivia.

I’m married to a wonderful woman who likes sports.  While I never want to force them to do things they have no interest in, I hope to share my love of sports with my kids.  I believe that either by following sports or playing them, that sports will add to the quality of my children’s lives.  I believe sports (on a good day) teaches great lessons.

So, all that said, I found out over the weekend what the line is for me.

This is a true story.  There I am driving around town running errands listening to what?  Sports talk radio.  A caller calls in to complain about the price the New York Jets are charging for “private seat licenses”.

For those of you that don’t know, the Jets and Giants will soon be moving into a new stadium.  Both teams have decided to charge all current season ticket holders a “private seat license” fee.  Basically, it’s blackmail.  If you want to keep your seat in the new stadium, then you must cough up a one time fee for the privilege.  In other words, in the Jets’ fan’s case, it’s not enough that he’s been a loyal season ticket holder for years and has had to endure years of bad football and no championship since 1969, now he’s going to have to write the Jets a check for just the right to hold onto his seat.

It’s a really sucky move by both franchises, but that’s not the point.

The point is that the caller in question went on to say that now that he’s heard the Jets might acquire Brett Favre, he’s going to pay the “private seat license”.  After all, he doesn’t want to miss out on the Favre months.  Ok, still not that amazing right?  I mean why blog about this?

Here’s the amazing part.  This caller said that in order to pay the Jets’ seat fee he was going to dip into his 401K.  And there was my line.

I love sports.  But, not that much.

My parents always taught me that if you want to go out, then you should be prepared to pay for your fun times whether it’s the movies, a restaurant or a vacation.  Fun costs money and so does running with the big boys.  They also taught me that sometimes you’ve got to stay home, especially when you can’t afford the price of your fun.  You stay home when you can’t afford to run with the big boys.

Now, I know we Americans love our debt.  But, I can’t believe someone would chose to dip into their 401K to pay for Jets’ season tickets.  Talk about bad priorities.

Call me crazy or not sports crazy enough, but why not just watch the Jets on TV and have a nice retirement?

I guess the caller preferred the prospect of working on the fry line at McDonald’s at the age of 80 while muttering to himself about how the Jets coulda won it all if only Favre hadn’t thrown that last second interception in the divisional playoffs…

Whatever.  Hopefully while he’s doing that, I’ll be warm and snug at my fully paid off home talking with my wife about the times we saw the Giants win the Super Bowl at home on our TV.

What A Week! I Was Right About Favre AND Elton!

12 Jul

I’m on fire!  It’s been one heck of a week.  First, Elton Brand reads my post and takes my very sound advice to get out of LA while he has the chance.

Now, Brett Favre has asked the Packers for his release.  Brett is coming back.  There’s no doubt.

For some of you this is news.  For those of you who are regular readers of this blog it NOT!

Check out this post from way back in April:


Thanks to both my regular readers and you new folks.  Please spread the word and come on back!

Even If You’re A Conservative… Life Lessons Your Children Need To Learn From The Clintons!

4 May

The latest polls show that Hillary Clinton is far from done.  Barack Obama has repeatedly had his chance to put her campaign away.  He’s failed to do so.  The Clinton campaign is alive and well.  Give credit to Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s recent tendency to shoot himself in the foot and the famous Clinton never say die drive.

Years ago, the first President Bush (remember him fondly now? Me too!) was riding high as he headed for reelection.  Bush I’s approval ratings were the exact opposite of Bush II’s.  Daddy Bush was getting something like a 90 plus percent approval rating following the Gulf War victory.

Mario Cuomo was the nationally known eloquent spokesman of the Democratic Party as well as the well regarded governor of a big important state.  Cuomo had presidential aspirations.  Democrats were enthusiastic for a Cuomo candidacy.  Yet, Cuomo hesitated.  He hemmed and hawed and never got into the race.  He’ll never know what might have been.

Bill Clinton was the little known governor of a state that let’s charitably say wasn’t at the top of most lists you’d want your state to be at the top of.  However, Clinton was young, ambitious and charismatic.  He didn’t hesitate.  Clinton jumped in.  Bush 90 percent approval rating be damned.

We all know what happened.  Clinton won and George Bush went home a one term president.

Regardless of your politic persuasion, what should your children learn from the above?  Glad you asked!

First, let’s take Hillary’s ’08 Campaign.  She has been knocked down and counted out over and over in this campaign.  Yet, she’s still out there fighting day after day.  Momentum even seems to have turned her way.  Ask yourself, when’s the last time the Obama Campaign got some good news?  Guam victory?  I don’t see Senator Obama writing home about that one…  “Dear Michelle,  Hey Honey, I think I got this thing sewed up now that Guam is in my court!!”

The point that’s valuable for kids is that everyone gets knocked out.  None of us wins all the time.  Not even Derek Jeter or Brett Favre, despite reports to the contrary.  Often, it seems like the world is in a hurry to count us out. 

Hillary’s campaign teaches us so many things.  Belief in yourself for one.  Never counting yourself out.  Fighting on against the odds.  Most importantly, getting back up when you’ve been knocked down.  The world is going to floor your kids.  As parents, our biggest job is to teach them to get up.  We need to ingrain in them that carrying on after suffering a set back or disappointment is the mark of a true champion.

Now, onto Bill.  Clearly, Bill Clinton is a risk taker.  Sometimes those risks are reckless and damaging to himself, his family and our country.  Lewinsky, anyone?  Other times, as with his decision to get in the race in ’92, his belief in himself and his risk embracing nature won him the presidency and in my opinion (at least) gave our country a very good though flawed president.

What should your kids learn?  Clinton proves you’ve got to be in it to win it whether it’s the lottery or running for the most powerful job in the world.  Bill Clinton lives life like this is his one shot at it.  Do you?  Not many of us do, but many of us wish we did. 

Do you want your kids to completely fulfill their potential?  Of course you do.  Then, you’ve got to teach the Clinton lesson.  Kids have to go out into the world and take chances.

And for you conservatives, here’s the Bill Clinton lesson for your kids that even you’ll agree with.  Kids need to learn the difference between a good risk and a bad risk.  Even as a Clinton fan, I acknowledge that he had trouble with that one.  Ultimately, it’s what kept him from being a great president rather than a very good one.

PS – Conservatives, I don’t expect you agree with my presidential rating of Bill Clinton, but hope you’ll get the underlying point.  Can’t we all agree to get along for our kids?

My Favorite NFL Draft Pick Happened In The Second Round!

27 Apr

I’m no Mel Kiper Jr.  For one, my hair is better.  But, more importantly, Mel knows college football.  I know about college football what Mel Kiper Jr. says or writes about college football.

So, that’s my disclaimer.  If you’re brave read on…

I LOVE Green Bay’s pick up of Louisville’s Brian Brohm in the second round today.  I’m thrilled with it and I’m not even a Packer fan.

Replacing a legend is never an easy thing.  Replacing a legend with a guy who’s never started an NFL football game or played much more than a couple of quarters is a huge gamble. 

Don’t get me wrong.  Aaron Rogers looked great against the Cowboys last season, but he’s given you little else to make you feel like he’s capable of steping into #4’s shoes.  Not saying he can’t, but if I’m running things for The Pack and the future of the franchise (let alone my mortgage) is on the line, I’m looking for some fall back options.

When Brian Brohm was still available in the second round.  Packer fans and the team’s executives and coaches must have been besides themselves with joy.  Even I, who as mentioned at the top knows little about college ball, knows that Brohm was the top rated quarterback at the beginning of the college season.  There was talk he was coming out after his junior season too.  So, people have been high on Brohm for a while.  Unfortunately, a less than stellar senior season dropped Brohm to the second round.

Some day, other teams may regret letting Brohm drop so far. 

Today, Pack fans all across America have to be rejoicing.  They’ve got two young quarterbacks set to compete to take over for the guy who let Michael Strahan break the single season sack record.  If I’m a Green Bay fan, I’m liking the odds that one of them will at least turn out to be competent.

Competent isn’t sexy.  Competent isn’t hall of fame.  But, competency at quarterback can help a team with strengths at other positions win a super bowl.

Don’t believe me?  Consider this.  In the new millennium, the NFL has played nine super bowls.  In about half of those, the guy at the switches was mearly solid.  Sure you’ve got the 2000 version of Kurt Warner, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning quarterbacking their teams to glory.  On the flip side, the rest of the field includes Trent Dilfer, Brad Johnson, Ben Roethlisberger and Peyton’s little brother.

The verdict???

Green Bay’s got a shot at a winning season with either Aaron Rogers or Brian Brohm at QB.  All one of them has to be is solid.

My Absolute Final Brett Favre Post Ever! (AKA How Come These Packers’ Numbers Aren’t Retired?)

23 Apr

Come September 8th, Brett Favre’s number 4 will be officially retired by the Green Bay Packers.  The honor is much deserved and will come during the Packs’ season opener against their hated rivals the Minnesota Vikings. 

Favre will be just the sixth player to be so honored.  The others are WR Don Hutson, FB Tony Canadeo, QB Bart Starr, LB Ray Nitschke and DE Reggie White.  In all honesty, I haven’t heard of Mr. Canadeo but the rest are all no brainers for Green Bay. 

Here’s the question.  Why so few?  What’s wrong with these guys:

Willie Wood – Hall of Fame Safety.  9 Times All NFL, 8 Pro Bowls, 3 Time NFL Champion, 2 Time Super Bowl Champ, Played for the team during its glory years and was named to the Sixties All Decade Team

JIm Taylor – Hall of Fame RB, Only guy to lead the league in rushing other than Jim Brown during Jim Brown’s career, Career Pack Rushing Yards leader, Held the Packers single season mark for many years, 1962 AP NFL MVP, Super Bowl Champion, Three Time NFL Champ

Sterling Sharpe – 5 Time All Pro WR, Career cut short by injuries, Led NFL in receptions three times and receiving TDs three times

Jim Ringo – Hall of Fame Center – Played 10 years for Green Bay, 10 Time Pro Bowler, 2 Time NFL Champion, Named to the Sixties All Decade Team

James Lofton – Not a fan of Sharpe’s?  How about Hall of Fame WR James Lofton?  Played for the Pack from 78-86 making 7 Pro Bowls and being named to the Eighties All Decade Team

Jerry Kramer – Should Be Hall of Famer Guard, Five Time All Pro, Named to the NFL’s 50th Anniversary team and the Sixties All Decade Team.  It’s not enough the NFL Hall of Fame snubs him, but the Pack has to rub it in by not retiring his number.  Football is a cruel game indeed…

Paul Hornung – Do I really have to make the case for the golden boy?

At this point, I could go on (do the names Herb Adderley, Forrest Gregg or Willie Davis ring a bell?), but I’m boring myself.


Fact is the Packers have one heck of a football tradition.  For some reason they’ve decided to cheat some of it by being really stingy when it comes to retiring numbers…

You Heard It Here First… Favre is Coming Back!

10 Apr

Ok, so Mr. Brett Favre has been retired for what?  A couple of weeks, tops.  In that time, we’ve heard that his agent has been checking if there are contending teams that are willing to trade for the future Hall of Famer.  Of course, both Favre and his agent denied the trade rumors. 

Now, comes word from Favre himself that if his replacement, young Aaron Rogers, gets injured and The Pack called begging him to come back, that it’d be “enticing”.

Here’s the truth.  Favre is bound to come back.  Maybe it will be because he regrets retiring in reaction to the Packers inability to land wide receiver Randy Moss for the second straight year.  Or maybe it will be because Favre will realize he’s a player and players play until they can’t.

Whatever the reason, I’m guaranteeing they’ll be a Brett Comeback.  Chances are it’ll be ugly.  Most of them are.  But, the more I hear and see Brett Favre struggle with the concept of retirement, I’m convinced the only was Favre is leaving the NFL for good is if he’s knocked out.

Just remember, you heard it here first when you’re watching them carry the great one off the field…

Brett Favre Retires. It’s about time!

5 Mar

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I was so shocked yet so happy to hear Brett Favre decided to pack it in after 17 glorious NFL seasons.  Let’s cover the shocked part first, like the rest of you I figured that with the great season he and Green Bay had that this year there would be no flirtation with retirement.  Favre had to come back.  He played great this past season and had a good team waiting for him next season, so why quit now, I thought. 

What none of us could ever know is how mentally tired Favre was.  Turns out he was just done and decided to go out on a high note.And that’s where the happiness comes in.  It’s good to see Favre go out if not on top, then not to far from it.  Too many athletes go out on their backs.  Brett Favre deserved better than that.

But happiness springs from many places.  So, I was also happy because once and for all we are done with the annual speculation on whether or not he’d play another season.  The highlight of which, was Favre calling a press conference to announce he had nothing to say.  We’re all busy, Brett.  If you’ve got nothing to say, do us all a favor, keep it to yourself.

Finally, I’m happy because maybe just maybe this will force Frank Caliendo to come up with another line or two for his “Brett Favre” obsessed John Madden character.  How many times can Madden referring to Favre still be funny?  Now we’ll really find out.Go to fullsize image

PS – Here’s a bonus link to another recent post about Favre: