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Why I’ll Never Root For The Bengals Again!

20 Aug

Despite being a committed Giants fan, I’ve always had a soft spot for the Cincinnati Bengals.  I mean I even thought the striped helmets and uniforms were cool when everyone else found them silly and tacky.  Whatever…

My affinity for the Bengals goes way back to the Ken Anderson days.  I rooted for Anderson, who should get more consideration for Football’s Hall of Fame, as he almost delivered Super Bowl glory before falling to the 49ers as they began their rise to glory.  A few years later and with Boomer Esiason at the helm and Ickey Woods doing his shuffle, I once again rooted for the Bengals to upend the Niners.  They missed it by thismuch…

Since that near miss, it’s been almost all down hill for the Bengals.  Their fans have been forever stuck with a clueless and cheap ownership led by Mike Brown, the son of all time legend and team founder Paul Brown.  A few years back, Mike Brown hired Marvin Lewis and things headed in the right direction.  Mediocrity under Lewis has after all been a true improvement over the other post-Sam Wyche coaching regimes.  Anyone remember David Shula??

Under Lewis, things have looked up.  Carson Palmer even fell into their laps.  I’m pretty sure the Bengals even got a top notch new stadium, which was probably paid for by the taxes levied on their long suffering fans.  All seemed good in Bengal Land.

Then, came the arrests.  Something like 10 Bengals in 14 months or vice versa got arrested.  The team took steps, cut some players and made big statements.

One of those statements was that wide receiver Chris Henry would never again play for the organization.  Of course, that was all before their two starting wide receivers got hurt this spring training.  Now comes word that Chris Henry is back.  And presumably better than ever, but the question is at what?

Chris Henry has been suspended by the league at least twice and will have to sit out four games before being able to suit up this year for Cincy.  He’s also been arrested about five times during his Bengal tenure.  Way back in July, Marvin Lewis put his chances of returning to the team at basically zero.

Guess we ought to give the Bengals credit for trying hard to clean up their act.  It lasted for about a month.

For all their problems, the Bengals are a talented team and Lewis is a talented coach.  What the organization hasn’t really accepted, however, is that their players’ problems with the law are keeping the team from fulfilling its potential on the field.  With Henry back, the Bengals are embracing mediocrity.  They should have passed on Henry and let him go on to be some other team’s problem.

Look, this is America.  Everyone deserves a second chance and we love to give them.  All told, thanks to Cincinnati, Chris Henry has had about five of them.

And now the Bengals have one less fan.