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Dammit!! I Miss The Old Days When Politicians Just Cheated And Didn’t Say Sorry!

3 Jul

Bill Clinton got spiritual counseling.  Eliot Spitzer dragged his poor shell shocked wife to the podium with him as he let the world know he’d been spending time and money with call girls.  Jim McGreevey decided he was a gay American.

And now South Carolina’s sometimes absent Governor Mark Sanford is taking it all to a new level.  First, he’s caught in a more dramatic way than anyone before him.  But that’s nothing compared to when he got started talking!

Here’s just a bit of what we’ve learned so far.  The affair in question was no run of the mill booty call.  No.  This was a love story.  I’m sure his wife was glad to hear that.  Then, he referred to his mistress as his soul mate.  Again, not thrilling for Sanford’s wife to hear. 

Sanford admitting trying to break off the affair multiple times, but he just couldn’t.  You know, cause this was his soul mate after all.  Soon after coming out with all those beauties, the governor admitted crossing the line (but NOT SEX) with other women.  That was restricted to the soul mate, who was not his wife.

And now, just moments ago, I saw a web headline stating that Sanford is saying he thinks it’s possible that his wife might forgive the affair.  Perhaps she’s coming around to understanding that what this is is indeed a tragic love story in which the gov just could resist pursuing his one true love?  Seems like a long shot to me.  But what do I know about their marriage?

I try really hard not to attack people’s personal lives, but Sanford is making it trulyimpossible to avoid commenting.  His behavior is unbelievable.  At minimum, he’s showing a true disregard for his wife and family by continuing to talk and reveal personal  business in a misguided attempt to save his political future.

On the other hand, his strategy seems so ill advised that it’s got me thinking the goal isn’t to repair his future prospects so much as to get his wife to dump him.  Maybe he’s a romantic after all and just does want to be with his Argentinian lover.

Whatever the case may be, I’m fed up with cheating politicians who feel they must apologize and share details with the public that the public has little right to know. 

Kennedy never apologized.  Sure the press was different back then, but the point’s the same.  Kennedy, for whatever his flaws, was a man who stood by his decisions and actions.

Just once I’d like to hear a politician say “you know what, I did it and it’s none of your business why”  or if he/she had to reveal info than I’d like it go more like this:

“I cheated cause my partner and I are done.  Our marriage is a shell.  There’s no more sex between so went looking elsewhere in a misguided attempt to find affection”


“You know what?  Sex with one person for the rest of my life just wasn’t my bag, man.”


“No freaking comment!”

Now THAT would be refreshing.

Among Democrats When It Comes To Being a Player, Kennedy Trumps Edwards & Clinton!

10 Aug

American politicians have taught us so many things over the years.  This week, they reminded us that  when it comes to cheating, for cheaters it’s CLEARLY a lot about opportunity.

Example:  She’s kinda cute (sort of – not my taste).  But, you’d think if you’re a potential VP or potential future President and looking to cheat, you might be able to do a little better.   And when I say a little better I really mean A LOT BETTER.  Ask yourself this, is she she worth giving up that kind of future for? 

john edwards rielle hunter

And then there’s this couple…  Beyond a shadow of a doubt a sitting President of the United States coulda, shoulda and woulda done better than this…  But, again it’s all about the opportunity.  With the eyes of the media upon him 24/7, it’s not like Bill Clinton was free to cruise bars.  Guess an intern playing around in the oval office seemed like the safest bet at the time.  Still, would you risk facing your wife’s wrath over Monica Lewinsky?  Now ask yourself the same question, but this time imagine that your wife is Hillary Clinton…  Bill Clinton liked to live on the edge, no doubt!













Way back in JFK’s day, the press was in on the party so that allowed Jack Kennedy to score many of the hottest ladies of his day and of course the legendary Marilyn Monroe.  Take a look at this picture, this was back when it was still good to be the king.  There’s a reason the man looks so happy.









And to me, if you’re going to cheat, risk causing your family pain and potentially torpedo your political career than you should at least hook up with someone on the level of a Marilyn Monroe.   If you’re kinkier, I’m thinking a lost weekend at Camp David with the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders would be a good way to go…

Is that too much to ask of our leaders?

America, we can be great again!

John Edwards Is More Clinton-Like Than We Knew! (AKA Penis Takes Out Another VP Candidate!)

8 Aug

I’ll admit it.  I’m a John Edwards fan.  I thought his message during the Democratic primary season was the one that offered up the most hope for the largest group of Americans – those of us stuck somewhere in the middle.  Edwards’ message, which to me always echoed Bill Clinton’s campaign themes, was that he actually cared about average Americans who played by the rules and worked for a living.

These days, government is funded by and in the pocket of major corporations and the mega-rich, so they of course get taken care of. (Edwards himself took every opportunity to hammer this home and I admired him for it)  The poor get some, but probably not enough attention and in between the rest of us struggle to tread water economically.  This was Edwards message.  I think I’m not exagerrating when I say this was clearly his passion.

Although he ended up not winning the nomination, I do think his campaign could rightly claim that he’d greatly influenced the messages coming out of the Clinton and Obama campaign juggernauts.

Unfortunately, today we found out that John Edwards has some other similarities with Bill Clinton and it involves a whole ‘nother kind of passion.  Personally, I’ve always taken more of a European view on politicians and their sex life.  My feeling is I’m not voting for them for their marital skills.  I’ll take a cheating spouse who’s an effective leader over a faithful spouse who can’t get things done on behalf of the people he or she represents.  Basically, I feel cheating is between a politician and his wife unless either me or my wife is somehow involved personally (which so far we’ve happily managed to avoid).

That ALL said, cheating on your wife while she battles cancer is pretty tacky.  Bill Clinton was and remains a once in a lifetime American politician.  Clinton, through his charisma, determination and it saddens me to say a certain lack of shame, was able to survive admitting to multiple affairs.  For all their similarities, John Edwards is NO Bill Clinton.  The cancer factor, the fact that he’s a lawyer and most people are skeptical of them to begin with and his non-Clintonesqe lack of charisma add up to John Edwards being done.

John Edwards will not be a VP candidate this year.  John Edwards will never be president.

Based on his message and passion, Edwards cheated not only his wife, but America out of the good he could have done.  Remember, just because the guy turns out to be a creep doesn’t mean his message is automatically wrong.

Everyone deserves a second chance and here’s hoping that John Edwards is smart enought to make the most of his.  He can start by sparing his wife and us the spectacle of further admitions with his shell shocked wife at his side…

Here’s a link to a post I wrote about Edwards during the primaries for those interested: