NBA Stars Pull Guns On Each Other! You Gotta Love It!

2 Jan

gilWho Who says 2010 won’t be a great year!  I just came  across what probably will be the greatest sports story of the year and possibly the decade.

Washington Wizards teammates Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton may have pulled guns on each other in the Wizards’ locker room.  According to the report I read on, the incident either happened on December 21 or December 24.   Nice way to celebrate the holidays, guys!

Anyway, according to the reports I read, Crittenton was upset over some gambling debts  he felt Arenas owed him.  When Crittenton confronted Arenas, Gilbert was reported to pull his gun on him.

The response?  Crittenton pulled his gun on Arenas.  For whatever else you may think about Arenas, clearly this guy is no pro with a gun.  Isn’t the whole point of pulling  a gun on someone to make sure they don’t pull one on you?

I’ve watched a lot of movies and even read some books, so I’m pretty sure that if I pulled a gun on someone I’d mention something to them about “freezing”.  Like, you know, staying where I can see you so that you CAN NOT pull a gun on me.

Apparently, Arenas missed that lesson.  Maybe he was busy practicing his jump shot or gambling.

Whatever.  The NBA will be dealing with a whole host of questions here.  Like, how did either of these idiots get a gun into an NBA locker room?

To me the bigger question is why would Arenas, who makes gazillions not just pay Crittenton the money he owed him? 

All that will be answered in time, but for now recently deceased owner Abe Pollin must be in the afterlife somewhere disappointed that two of his Wizards are living up to the old team nickname that he changed due to worries about gun violence in DC.

Guess you can take The Bullets out of DC, but you can’t take The Bullets out of The Wizards…

PS – reportedly, Arenas has even been tweeting about in on Twitter.  Nothing beter than self-incrimination to start off the new year!

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