Why Facebook Sucks!

21 Jul

Facebook is amazing.

Facebook sucks.

This past weekend my lovely wife joined Facebook.  So, she sent me a friend request and it got me too.  Hard to turn down the wife after all.

 OK, the truth is I eagerly asked her to send me a friend request. 

As embarrassed as I am to admit it, I was excited and confident.  I’m a fairly adaptable guy.  I write this blog.  I get the internets…

Anyway, I went through the sign up process.  There is no orientation.  Nothing.  Just confusion.  I’ve got a wall.  I’ve got a home page.  Which can people see?  You got me.

As the Facebook software guided me through the sign up process, it became very clear that the only thing Facebook really cares about is getting me to invite as many people as I know to use their service.  They’re not even subtle about it.  I’m guessing this is all about eye balls for advertisers, which is fine, but at least pay some mind to basic customer service first.

Everywhere I clicked, there was another prompt to look up people I know. Facebook can search my high school, college, company and even my address book, if I let them.  Wonderful!

Now can they please spend a few moments telling me how to use the service and what people will and won’t be able to see?

The other reason Ive discovered that Facebook sucks is shocking.  The service proves that people clearly don’t see the genius that is me and my amazing personality.

I’ve been on Facebook for just about 24 hours and NO ONE has asked me to be their friend.  Contrast this with the daily requests I used to get from complete strangers to be their friend on Facebook.

Down right odd!

I was under the grand illusion that the moment I set foot in the Facebook party, people would come out of every nook and cranny of my past to be my friend again.  Guess I’m not as magnetic a personality as I think I am.

And then it hit me.  Facebook is work.  If I want to amass a ton of friends and I’m again embarrassed to admit I do.  I’m going to have to work at it. 

Facebook is amazing.  It’s never been so easy to keep in touch.  And I’ve never been so tired.

Hey!  You seem nice?  Wanna be my friend?

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