Republican Announces Bid For Re-Election And Democrats Rejoice!

11 Dec

Here’s a scintillating video of Republican National Committee chairman Mike Duncan announcing his bid to keep running the RNC.

 Millions of Democrats are rejoicing.

Among his great nuggets are calling Republican wins in the Runoff Race for the Georgia Senate seat and special elections in Louisiana “a crushing blow to the Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and their liberal agenda.”

So, basically he’s putting a lot of stock about getting Republicans elected in Georgia and Louisiana.  And in a runoff race no less.  There’s no way that race should of been a runoff to begin with unless the GOP was having problems on a national scope.

In Georgia and Louisiana electing Republicans is business as usual, not something to trumpet.  That would be like a Democrat claiming that winning a seat in New England means conservatives are finished nationwide.

Continuing his faulty logic, Duncan goes on to assert that from these (expected) victories, “it’s clear that Republicans still know how to win elections as we build a solid foundation for the 2010 campaign”.

So, basically the lessens of the last two elections required just a couple of weeks to be digested and learned from.  Duncan is ready for 2010 already.

That’s either political posturing, cockiness or outright stupidity.

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